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She has been the Empress of the Opera for six decades and even as a happy widow she always makes Bella Figura in Vienna. Now the great Dagmar Kohler (82) is ending her career, she reveals to BILD am SONNTAG. And also why she wasn’t happy about it.

Bild am Sonntag: How are you?

Dagmar Kohler: “Oh, the world has been in shambles for two years. Not broken but completely confused. Everything changes every few weeks. My new motto is: I’m no longer afraid of missing out. My time is the most important thing to me.”

She is 83 years old. Is your time twice as long?

anger: “Yes of course. My time is the most valuable commodity to me. That’s why I have to take care of them and myself more now. I spoil myself a lot. I like good company. Unfortunately, I also often notice that people in general forget more and more respect for us.” We are old.”

They are certainly very well taken care of here in Vienna.

anger: “Maybe you can say that. I did a lot for her too. But the older I got, the more I realized: Friends are more important than lovers. I can cry for my friends. Certainly not with lovers.”

What are you complaining about?

anger: “Mostly about men.”


anger: “Of course!”

Aren’t you done with men?

anger: “But no! I’m still a woman. It doesn’t matter how old I am or how old I am. I’m still thrilled to be a courting man. Then I’ll be a little girl in love again.”

Is it only suitable for younger men? There aren’t many attractive 90-year-olds out there.

anger: “No. Men over 60 aren’t a good fit for me to flirt with. Unfortunately, not many under 60s are available. I can tell you the top ten. After that I don’t know anymore. my life “.

Is the relationship with her 39-year-old boyfriend Michael actually platonic?

anger: More platonic.

Dagmar Koller and Michael Palgaffe (43), her pulsing companion of six yearsFoto: ddp

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Dagmar Koller and Michael Palgaffe (43) have been their pulsing companion for six yearsPhoto: ddp

What does it mean rather? From Monday to Platonic Saturday and not Sunday?

anger: “I don’t have to tell you exactly that, do I? I think it would make a big difference—even at my age—if you still had a flutter in your stomach, because you know a man you love so much will come visit you in the afternoon. Then I hurry up in front of the mirror beforehand, And I dress so I look good for him, and do my nails. That’s part of him, and that’s what I live for. Partnership is very, very important. But finding a partner my age is almost impossible.”

How were you during Corona without social events and shows?

anger: “I had to save myself. I was at home a lot. Either here in Vienna or in Portugal. Then I started to say the words out loud to keep my voice from fading out. But I also have to admit: I lost my voice a lot. So all of a sudden I was afraid my career would be over.” It’s a degree to me. But there’s also a good side to this. Because of the pandemic, I didn’t have to suddenly become disillusioned with being old or going out or both. So I made my peace with it.”

The world situation made the decision to say goodbye to the stage for you?

anger: “You can put it this way, yes. Difficult but true.”

The Big Appearance: Dagmar Koller on the 1985 TV ShowFoto: United Archives via Getty Images

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The Big Appearance: Dagmar Koller on the 1985 TV ShowPhoto: United Archives via Getty Images

You can do a big farewell party, a tour.

anger: “No. I had it all. I can live well without applause. I always knew where my weaknesses were. And if you are over 80, they are very present. When you grow up you get tired.”

It is said that you shy away from external changes because you want people to recognize “die kohler” at first glance.

anger: “Yeah, that might be the case. I can’t change my hairstyle. And so is the personality. Fortunately, I’ve always been careful not to gain weight. And that’s really hard for women my age. Women my age like to eat. And that always ends up where they are.” You don’t want to see him.”

Was it all worth it later?

anger: “I also sometimes wonder if the price is too high. Was it worth living harshly on me? But my life, in general, was wonderful. And if I had visually evolved into a Mozartkugel, I would certainly not be happy. “

Everyone is beautiful these days whether they are fat or skinny, tall or short, beautiful or not.

anger: “I never thought I was particularly beautiful. I’m good middle class. I’m not number one, but I’m not the last either. However, I love the beauty around me. Today every week a new beautiful man is perhaps a bit unfair to people of my generation who They have idols and ideals. But at least I’m still ‘die kohler’.”

Dagmar Koehler invited BamS reporter Michael Schacht to her apartment in Vienna

Dagmar Koehler invited BamS reporter Michael Schacht to her apartment in Vienna

Is it tiring to be a “die kohler”?

anger: “Yes a lot. I am always sniffed by people. I expected to be fit and good-looking. However, I never wanted to live like Dietrich—for years behind dark curtains.”

What do you do when things don’t go the way you want them to?

anger: “I haven’t thought about that in a while yet. At least I didn’t make the mistake of chopping up my face. I’ve always been aware that I only belong in the front row if I’m better than anyone else. I’ve always been convinced that more must be done.”

Do you still have dreams?

anger: “Yes! If you have no desires or dreams, then leave yourself. That is out of the question for me. It helps me a lot that I am dying Kohler. I fulfill the image I have built for myself that is expected of me. To answer your question: I don’t know Scandinavia. I would like to travel there With a friend. But that’s only for two. I can no longer travel alone. And I have to stay healthy.”

Dagmar Koller on love: Men over sixty are out of the question
Photo: BUILD

Fits discipline and ballet

Dagmar Koller still does ballet exercises every day to keep fit. She also hangs herself from her drawer every morning to loosen up. This obviously pays off: the grand operetta lady has maintained her good figure over the decades.

Charmingly Hanging Out With Dagmar KollerFoto: Wolf Lux

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Charmingly Hanging Out With Dagmar KollerPhoto: Wolf Locks

Also useful: she basically gives the cake she bought for the date in her Vienna apartment to the BILD am SONNTAG reporter – and eats only a few teaspoons by herself.

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