Duisburg Traffic Office: the cornerstone of the future

Duisburg’s new traffic office on Theodor Heusstraße in Neumall should finally put the citizens at ease. Completion is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023. A modern work environment has been established on three floors. In the foreseeable future, citizens will be able to take care of different things in one place

The managing directors of Duisburg Infrastructure mbH (Dig), Professor Thomas Schleepkother and Mathias Balabis, along with Duisburg Mayor Søren Link, officially laid the foundation stone for the construction of the new road traffic office in North Duisburg.

The client of the new construction project is Immobilien-Management Duisburg (IMD). This Dig was officially commissioned to carry out construction work in November 2021.

“The laying of the foundation stone for the new road traffic office is a milestone in accommodating the various authorities in a common space once again. Lord Mayor Søren Link said at the event: “The residents of Duisburg can deal with their concerns quickly in one place and a new and enjoyable working environment is provided to our employees with equipment modern”.


When the first draft was reviewed, it was found that the actual space requirement was about 1,650 square meters larger than previously considered. As part of the constructive cooperation with all the officials, both in the management and in the IMD, Dig was able to improve the concept during the revision and save about 300 square meters of functional space again.

“Many cheaper alternatives can also be found in the so-called building specifications. In this way, it was possible to develop a future-oriented, variable and sustainable concept and run this at a more than justified overall price in the market, despite the very high building prices at the moment, as Says Managing Director Professor Thomas Schleichauther.

“In constructive cooperation based on trust with the client, management, planners and companies, as well as thanks to the quick and pragmatic decisions by all involved, we carried out the project from the idea stage to implementation. This is the right way, so that we can all build a piece of the future”, adds Matias Palapis .

energy resources

The new Traffic Office site has an area of ​​about 8,400 square meters. The three-storey building with a total floor area of ​​approximately 4,350 square meters is partially powered by renewable energy sources. A photovoltaic system will be installed on the green roof. Parking for 137 cars and 75 bikes is planned outside, with some parking spaces equipped with electronic charging stations.

A first draft of an exterior architect envisions a total floor area of ​​3,250 square metres. When this old draft was revised with new space requirements, including future epidemiological events, there is now 35 percent of the space required.

As a result, the total manufacturing costs approved at the Board meeting in December 2019 increased from €11 million to around €16.8 million in total. Considering the additional areas, the implementation of new legal regulations such as investment in ventilation technology and safety devices and the latest requirements from energy saving regulations as well as the currently high construction prices, this is a more than satisfactory result. Needless to say, all accessibility requirements will also be implemented in the new building.

outdoor facilities

The new building is supposed to be ready for occupancy in the third quarter of 2023. Then all road traffic office staff from the areas of the Registration Authority, Passenger and Cargo Traffic and Driver’s License Authority will work at the new location Theodor-Heuss-Strasse in Neumühl.

For Matthias Balabis, Managing Director of DIG, himself from Neumühler, a long-vacant plot with building and outdoor facilities suitable for parking is now on its way. This also means closing down an ugly vacant plot of land in Neumall.

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