How Eintracht achieved the dream of the European League: Saint-Germain-Frankfurt unit |

How did Eintracht Frankfurt beat himself to win the title? Searching for traces of Martin Hinterger’s visions, Sebastian Rudd’s eyes and coach’s tone.

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Eintracht Frankfurt: The team presents the cup

Kevin Trapp celebrates on the balcony

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Martin Hinter knew that. And the injured Austrian did not reach the final in Seville in civilian clothes, but in full uniform. It was not a sign that his injured thigh had not yet been grafted, but rather a sign of solidarity. Hinterger was clear before the match against Rangers that Eintracht would win the cup: “I knew from the start that this would be our evening. This story must end and today it is over.”

Sporting director Marcus Croce showed a similar instinct when, before the first leg of the big club Barcelona, ​​he issued the mantra that at first seemed fictitious: “We’ll go there and beat them.” Coach Oliver Glasner had already spoken internally after the Round of 16 victory over Betis that Eintracht would play in the final on May 18.

A team is greater than the sum of its parts

Such statements can be interpreted as a display of self-confidence, as a contribution to a “self-fulfilling prophecy”, but perhaps Hinteriger, Crouch and Glasner had one decisive advantage: they knew this team, which over the course of this turbulence season has become greater than the sum of their individual parts. Switch to SG Frankfurt unit.

When a German team last won the European Cup exactly 25 years ago, such a deviation was permissible, and Schalke coach Rudi Soar was also confident of victory before the duel with the overwhelming opponent Inter Milan: “I looked in the eyes of the players at breakfast and then after that we knew that we We will win.” So, if you look in the eyes of the grandchildren of Schalke “Eurofighter”, the players of Eintracht Frankfurt, you can come to the same conclusion.

Rod thinks of a fan falling in the middle of the lights

Captain Sebastian Rudd reported days before the final how wonderful it was to lift the trophy as a Hessen boy and then celebrate the win at home with his boys. Right before kick-off, when the cameras came out of the players, they of course grabbed Rudd, battered by injuries and setbacks, who was actually considered a backup pro, and who can’t believe himself at times, again this season to be at 100 percent. Right before this end, there was no despair on Rod’s face, nor fear of possible failure. Ride almost smiled. He said everything about him as best described in a British saying: bring it.

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‘A cup is more beautiful than sex’ – this is what the Europa League winner sounds like

Eintracht Cup Celebration

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On the evening after his title win, at the reception at Römer in Frankfurt, his eyes lit up more than the spendthrift Bengalis than his teammates and fans. Rod grabbed the microphone, the scar on his head still clearly visible. “After the Gladbach game, you said we as a team wanted to thank you for the Romer Cup. And that’s the thing!” He could have absorbed more pity, who if not he, the returning, the man with the turban, the Hiss’ boy with the chalice. But in the second part of his speech, Rudd wished one of the biggest singers in the crowd, who had fallen badly during the closing, a speedy recovery. On behalf of the team. In a moment like this, in the middle of the spotlight, how many players would think of a fan’s downfall?!

Chandler, Paciencia, Linz – Putty from the bank

But it wasn’t just Rudd’s appearance on the balcony that told so much about this Frankfurt team. They celebrated not only out of relief that the mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, had allowed them to go out onto the balcony with a trophy. Celebrate the community. For example, Timothy Chandler had a new turban for Rod and explained it in his own way: “Doctor, medicine, we can do everything.”

Chandler mostly sat outside, but it was putty out of the bank, like “Feierbiest” Goncalo Paciencia or Frankfurter Danny da Costa. The first penalty kicks in the final, Christopher Lenz and Agden Hrustek, also haven’t played a role in months. That didn’t stop her from freezing her shots and then boiling Rangers fans with her gestures. In the training week leading up to the final, Stefan Ilsanker usually stayed the longest on the field to hit his teammates with crosses or to lose goalkeepers. The man was not even registered in the European League.

17 nationalities in the team – “United Colors of Pembletown”

They all fulfilled their coach’s expectations in full: “I told the boys I would forgive any wrongdoing. But not if they spread a bad mood. That has to do with character,” coach Oliver Glasner said in the hr documentary “Dream Journey Through Europe.” Perhaps the old Bill Shankly quote: “One.” Football team is like piano. She needs eight men to carry her and three to play the damn thing.”

In Eintracht there were more than three exceptional players: Kevin Trapp, Gabriel Sue, Daichi Kamada, Philip Kostik and Raphael Bure. German, Swiss, Japanese, Serbian, Colombian. The Eintracht Frankfurt team includes 17 different nationalities. During training, there were sometimes funny situations because coach Glasner spoke in German or a Spanish interpreter ran across the field and in the middle of the attacks to translate for Puri. Their international character makes Eintracht’s team spirit even more special. It’s similar to winning the cup in 2018 – the team became the “United Colors of Pembletown” again.

Gentlemen – with a punch

Back then, when the cup was won, the team came together saying “Not everyone will give the key to their apartment for the weekend without hesitation. But everyone likes to be in the bar fights.” king”. The 2022 Europa League winners will be trusted in either case. They are good and decent men, but this does not mean that they are less packed with punches and courage. Which other team attacked FC Barcelona in their own stadium, yes, in a package?!

In 2018, Ante Rebek described success with a sentence that was later printed on the T-shirts: Broda, long shot. In 2022, coach Glasner’s words were just as popular. Glasner stood on the porch late at night, casually scarfed his neck and patiently waited with the microphone his turn after fans cheered him on.

Glasner’s camel belongs in T-shirts

For the first time in the entire year, Glasner switched to his Austrian accent. It also only happens to people when they feel really good, drunk, or especially emotional. or all together. Which is why you have to leave them in style with his style, the words most appropriate for Eintracht to win the Europa League:

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“One can win trophies by donating money from oas goanz vü. Or you can win trophies by forming a whole big unit. Big unit in the team, big unit in the club, big unit with me. And that’s the only way to make it happen. Thanks.”
Coach Glazer Coach Glazer

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