Look Around in Apple Maps: A Street View alternative is available in other German cities

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Apple Maps is expanding its “Ummachen” alternative to Google Street View to two other German cities. You can now explore these major cities from your iPhone.

The Look Around functionality in Apple Maps is now also available in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. (Source: Apple)

  • In Apple Maps, “Look Around” is a real alternative to Google Street View.
  • Munich was recently the first German city to receive the job.
  • Two other major cities are now located in Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main.

Apple has been constantly developing its Apple Maps service in recent years. However, the larger job updates were mostly limited to the USA and other individual regions. The navigation app recently received a comprehensive update package for Germany. Above all, travelers and pedestrians will benefit from the new jobs.

What Google has been providing with Streetview for years, Apple is gradually adding to Germany. The “Look around” function has been available in the US for some time now, and Munich has also been a virtual tour since April. Frankfurt am Main and Stuttgart are now also included.

Apple Maps: innovations for Germany

Apple Maps gets new features in Germany.

Compared to Google Maps, “Look Around” exploration works much more smoothly, and the quality of photographs for recordings is noticeably better – but availability is still very limited.

Improved maps, more reliable navigation

With the latest update, the Maps app also provides improved map materials for Germany. In addition to more than 60 3D scenes (Brandenburg Gate, Elbphilharmonie and Co.), there is a more detailed ground cover and improved navigation.

Apple promises sweeping views of streets, buildings, malls, and more, among other things. In addition, navigation and control via the Siri voice assistant have also been improved. With Siri’s Natural Language Guide, there are now more natural and easier-to-understand instructions such as “Turn left at the next traffic light.”

Integrated Lane Assist aims to help avoid wrong turns and missed exits by directing users to the correct lane in advance. In addition, the maximum allowed speed is displayed in the application.

Easy to share ETA with family and friends. It is now also possible to report danger points or speed checks – you can also use Siri to do this: “There’s an accident ahead” or “Something is on the road”.

Better pedestrian trends, nothing new for cyclists

Pedestrians also benefit from the new update. Directions in augmented reality are now available for a few select German cities. Buildings in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich can be scanned with an iPhone. With this in mind, the Maps app should determine the location and provide detailed directions in augmented reality.

To match this, there are now over 1,000 tour guides organized to explore many cities around the world. Includes endorsements from The Washington Post, the National Park Foundation, and other brands. In addition to the sights, you will also find suitable activities.

If you travel by bike or e-bike, everything will remain the same. There are no new jobs for cyclists with the current update. Apart from that, you are also advised to use specialized bike navigation apps at this point, the same is true for commuting when hiking.

Apple-integrated updates are welcome innovations for everyone on the go with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or via Carplay. In some places, the new features represent serious competition to Google Maps, but the search giant is still clearly superior in the Street View area.

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