Lots of closures and obstacles from the Vivawest Marathon

  • Many buses and trains were also affected
  • Traffic hotline created

Many roads must be partially closed to the road. In Gelsenkirchen, for example, these are Florastraße, Feldmarkstraße and Overwegstraße. In Bottrop there will be closures around the furniture store in Ostermann, for example in Fichtestrasse and Wilhelm-Tenhagen-Strasse. Cities do not put up signs today or tomorrow morning that indicate that cars will be towed away if they do not drive themselves. Buses and trains were also affected. In Bogestra, for example, Tram 107 has to be partially cancelled. The same is true for U11 and alternative buses to 301. Several other bus lines were also affected. The A42 and B224 will not be affected by the marathon. You can find out more about closures on the specially prepared hotline at 0221940577 29.

Links to all closures in your city

Limitations on Bostra

Train lines:

  • Line 107: Line 107 will be canceled on this day from the start of operations until about 2.30pm between Essen Hbf and Gelsenkirchen Hbf and between about 2.30pm and about 5pm between Trabrennbahn and Gelsenkirchen Hbf.
  • U11: From the start of operations until about 3pm, the U11 line can only operate in the Essen area and during this time it runs from Essen Alte Landstraße and stops again in the direction of Essen city centre.
  • Alternative bus line 301: Alternative buses on line 301 from the Kärntener Ring station cannot go to Essener Straße due to the marathon and the finish and instead start at the Schloss Horst stop on line 383 at An der Rennbahn (middle location).

Bus lines:

  • SB 36 Line: Because of the marathon, the SB 36 line in Gelsenkirchen cannot run until the afternoon. Coming from Gladbeck, it finishes and starts from the start of operations until about 4 pm. At the Schlosshorst station of Route 383 in An der Rennbahn (Mittelage). Note: There are also malfunctions and failures at bus stops along the line in Gladbeck.
  • line 348; Line 348 operates only between Konradstrasse station in Gelsenkirchen and Ückendorfer Strasse in Essen from the start of operations until about 2.30pm. Can’t stop at Viermannhöfe and Abzweig Katernberg.
  • Line 382: Line 382 from Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck ends at the Gelsenkirchen Hbf stop from start of operations until about 5 p.m. Correctional Facility and Gelsenkirchen Katternberger Strasse.
  • Line 383: Line 383 will be diverted between Grillo-Gymnasium and Rhein-Herne-Kanal from the start of operations until approximately 5 p.m. The following stations cannot be served: Musiktheater, Idastraße, Herzogstraße, Küppersbuschstraße, Gartenkamp, ​​Haldenstraße, Lerckenshof, Jahnplatz, Melanchtonstraße, Lohebleckstraße and Hessler Landscape Park. Alternatively, if necessary, the Meraner Weg station on line 384 and Lockhofstraße and Grimmstraße stations on line SB36 can be used.
  • Line 384: Line 384 will be shortened from the start of operations until about 4pm. Coming from Wanne-Eickel, the line ends at Grimmstrasse station. The actual stations are not used there, but instead the Grimmstraße stations of the SB36 line in Grothusstraße are used. The following stations cannot be served: Melanchthonstraße, Lohebleckstraße and Terneddenstraße.
  • Line 388: Line 388 operates from the start of operations until about 5 pm between the stations Auf der Reihe and machensplatz in a detour via the route of Line 340. The following stations cannot be served: Hördeweg, Schwarzmühlenstraße, Hans-Böckler-Allee, Holbeinstraße, Feldmarkstrasse, Overwegstrasse and Evangelical Clinics .
  • Line 396: Line 396 will be shortened from the start of operations to approximately 4 pm. Coming from the Buer direction, the line ends at the Schloss Horst stop. There will be no actual stops there, but instead there are stops for line 383 on An der Rennbahn (Mittellage). The following stations cannot be served: Lucasstraße, Laurentiusstraße, Sandstraße, Marienfriedstraße, Karnaper Straße, Drosteweg, Harthorststraße, Fischerstraße, Marie-Juchacz-Weg, Essener Straße.

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