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Ada Hegerberg was still very excited about what had just happened. So when she was asked to answer questions in front of the TV camera, she took all her feelings with her. The interview began by embracing the anchor on her right and the expert on her left, jumping with them saying “Eyes! Ein! Ein! Ey!” Shouted. As she spoke, the adrenaline erupted in the 3-1 Champions League final against Barcelona in a tainted mixture of relief and pity. Apparently, this was so contagious that the journalists also seemed to be moved and some of them broke with enthusiasm. Flexibility and hard work, it’s all worth it,” Hegerberg said, holding the Norwegian national flag.

Barcelona vs Olympique Lyon in the Champions League final, winner in 2021 vs winners 2011, 2012 and 2016-2020. And that in itself promised to be an entertaining meeting on Saturday evening. There was a surprising note. 32,257 spectators, who cheered ceaselessly and eagerly, saw how the dominant and self-confident Spaniards were overtaken. They did not recover in time from the shock of their opponents’ angry start – and thus suffered a kind of déjà vu: in 2019 they had no chance against Olympique either.

Amandine Henry scored his dream goal from a distance of more than 25 meters in the sixth minute, and Hegerberg increased with a header (23) before Catarina Macario won the match. Played there only 33 minutes. Barcelona world soccer player Alexia Putillas (41) gave her team hope of a comeback, but found her rhythm too late with an unusual number of fouls and doubts. Lyon made better decisions, played more focused and undoubtedly dominated the intense match.

Hegerberg is clearly the captain of the team

For Barcelona, ​​it was only the second defeat of the season after 0:2 in the second leg of the semi-final at the Wolfsburg VFL. Every member of the team could see the huge disappointment, as well as about the way everything unexpectedly hit them. Barcelona coach Jonathan Giraldes said: “There are scenarios, like now against Lyon, that we are not used to. They show us that we are not immune.” And Butillas, the season’s top scorer with 11 goals, switched straight to the attacking position: “If the opponent is stronger than you, you have to play faster. We have to work harder.” And Barcelona President Joan Laporte tried to console: “You are the pride of our city and our country.”

Decisive header: Ada Hegerberg emerges as a clear captain for Olympique Lyonnais in the final. Her 2-0 goal was the 59th Champions League goal, and no other player has scored that many.

(Picture: Maja Hajeej/Getty)

On the other hand, there was pure bliss. Lyon has made an impressive comeback on the international scene after a year-long hiatus, and this is especially true of Hegerberg on a personal level. The 26-year-old was sidelined for 20 months after injuring a cruciate ligament and straining before returning to the field in October 2021. In every minute of that final, she expressed what she had never tire of emphasizing before: that she used time Injury becomes stronger mentally and physically.

It made sense that she scored in this game, too. With her aggressiveness and determination, Hegerberg has clearly led the team, which also includes the currently injured Germany national team player Dzsenifer Marozan. “It takes a lot of courage, a lot of hard work and mentality to get here,” Hegerberg said, adding that just a year ago he didn’t think such success was possible. “Coming back from injury and getting back to this level is so inspiring. I’m so grateful.” The 2-0 goal was her 59th goal in the Champions League, which she has won so far six times.

Anyway, records. Lyon’s club name is now engraved on the Silver Cup for the eighth time, having appeared in ten finals. Eugenie Le Sommer and Wendy Renard, a record player in the Champions League with 102 appearances, have shared in the often-times successes. Sonia Bombastor is now the first to win the competition as a football player and coach. And when Hegerberg confirmed in the TV interview that she was only 26, it was clear: This shouldn’t be the end with a narrow margin.

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