May 2022 theatrical release: Here’s Channing Tatum accompanies a dog on her last road trip


Tatum also plays the lead role in “Dog,” and one son portrays his father in a Swiss documentary — that’s new in cinemas this week.

Trailer for “The Dog”.

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  • Here you can learn about the highlights that will start this week in cinemas.

  • Channing Tatum is going on her last trip with a dog.

  • Stephen Fett accompanies his father into retirement through a documentary.

  • The comedy revolves around the Stasi file.

  • A widow discovers that her husband is leading a double life.


Ex-Soldier Jackson Briggs (Channing Tatum) wants to escape the trauma that has haunted him since brain surgery – but he must realize that oppression does not help the soul. He is unhappy with his job at a fast food restaurant and wants to return to the army at any cost.

When actually asked, he is said to be the driver of Lulu – a Belgian shepherd whose owner (also a soldier) has died.
Jackson’s mission: In order to bring Lulu to Arizona for the funeral service, he began a road trip along the coast.

Lulu can’t be tamed

What seems like a relaxing voyage becomes a test of nerves. Loud and aggressive, Lulu bites the car seats and snatches the water bottle from Jackson’s hand.

Nobody manages to find a relationship with her – even Jackson reaches his limits.

Channing Tatum’s first directorial debut

It is Tatum’s first directorial effort, and he co-wrote the screenplay with “Magic Mike” producer Reed Caroline. It was inspired by a road trip Tatum took with his dog, who died in 2018.

“Our lives have been an adventure,” he says in “Showbizjinks.” “It was hilarious and funny and funny and sometimes even crazy. That’s the kind of story we wanted to tell, and that’s the direction we took.”

“Sunday forever”

Rudy spent his entire working life with the same company – and now he’s going on his last business trip before his retirement: “But when I think about it, I don’t know him very well,” his son Stephen Fett said. He decides to accompany his father with the camera.

Early alarms, meetings, and business trips abroad are over, and now Rudy has plenty of time with his partner Käthi, gardening, fishing, and golfing—which is what he was originally looking forward to.

stressful retirement

But what he didn’t expect was that retirement would be emotionally difficult. The fear of getting old creeps in over and over until it can’t be suppressed and Rudy realizes: He has to work on it.

After the shooting, he understood his father better, Stephen Fett says in a press release, “and I hope the film will stimulate other families to start a discussion.”

Trailer for “Forever Sunday”.

movie bringer

Comedy Stasi Leander Hausmann

Ludger Fuchs (Jörg Schüttauf) requested access to his Stasi files. Today he is a well-known novelist, who at that time was engaged in the resistance of the German Democratic Republic – and was watched accordingly.

In the file appear harmless details from everyday life, but also a love letter. Problem: It doesn’t come from Ludger’s wife Corinna (Margarita Broich) and thus sparks a marital conflict.

Trailer for the comedy Leander Haussmann Stasi.


“After love”

In director Alim Khan’s debut film, Mary (Joanna Scanlan) and Ahmed (Nasir Mamarzia) – both in their early 1960s – live in the British port city of Dover and have been married for years.

After Ahmed’s death, Mary discovers that her married life is based on lies. Ahmed led a double life, having an affair in Calais, France (once across the English Channel). Mary wants to know who’s behind her.

Trailer for the movie “After Love”.


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