NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat fight back in wild game at Boston Celtics

The Miami Heat won their third drama game of the Eastern Finals at the Boston Celtics 109-103. Despite his 26-point lead, things got really bad in the end – also because Jimmy Butler was missing the entire second half.

The Heat star (8 points) suffered a knee infection and as a result did not return from the dressing room. In his place, Pam Adebayo (31 points, 15/22 FG, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 steals) dominated and Miami managed to maintain the lead they achieved in the first half.

PJ Tucker (17) and Max Strus (16) also made their contributions, while Kyle Lowry scored 11 points on his return. The key was also the defence, which forced a number of Celtic errors. Butler substitute Victor Oladipo (5 points, 4 steals) had a huge impact on that.

Butler did not receive an official diagnosis after the match, Chris Hines (Hey ho! Sports), however, stated that the odds are so good that Butler won’t have to miss another match. The fourth game in the series takes place in Boston on Tuesday night.

Jaylen Brown had a really good day with the host and scored 40 points (14/20 FG) and 9 rebounds, but also 7 turnovers. Alhorford scored 20 and 14 rebounds, while Marcus Smart scored 16 points. Jason Tatum disappointed with a 10 (3/14 FG, 6 spins). Daniel Theiss came in as a rookie with 1 point and 3 rebounds.

The Miami Heat dominate the first half

With the Celtics, Robert Williams had to sit out again with knee issues, and Daniel Theiss earned his fifth start of the post-season for him. There was better news for Miami as PJ Tucker reported his fitness and Kyle Lowry is back for the first time since Game 4 of the previous series.

The Heat got off to a better start, Lowry pushed the pace and found Butler after a competitor’s basket for an And-1 in transition, after which he himself added a three-pointer. Miami hitting his first six shots to lead 16-4, Adebayo started more aggressively and earned 10 points after six minutes. Miami completely dominated, quickly leading to 24:7.

Horford hit three, Brown went to the line for three freebies and hit two jumpers. At least things got a little better, but Adebayo counterattacked, and then Martin followed suit. 39:18 Miami in the first quarter break, the home team had already booed.

And things didn’t get any better at first, after Martin had a three-pointer lead, the Heat had a 46:20 lead. After the next timeout, the Celtics moved the ball a little better up front, but stops were rare. Butler per And-1 set to +23, Boston risked mistakes or twists. At the end of the quarter, the Celtics managed to get some good shots on the basket, then hit Tatum three more times. “Only” 62:47 Miami at the break.

Wild Final Stage: Celtics stumble on their feet

Miami started in the third quarter with Oladipo not previously used by Butler. Boston has Williams “home” instead of Thess. Then Smart severely twisted his ankle And I limped into the cabin, silence reigned in the hall. There was also a play, and Brown cut it to 11, then Strauss hit back. Smart returned to the court to thunderous applause and immediately set his triple pointer to just -10.

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