Red Bull “obviously” the fastest car

7:27 PM

Albon: He could have stopped by six!

Albon was the slowest driver on the field today. This is amazing because he was always in control of his teammates. Now the Williams driver reveals that his tires have already deteriorated on the way to the grid.

“It was four stops. We could have made five or six stops and it could have been a little faster,” he rules out. The tire wear throughout the race today was “amazing” and definitely “not normal”.

He declares: “We will look into it.” It is assumed that there is a problem with the car.

7:18 pm

Ricardo: It was too slow

Speaking of drivers without points: P12 is at the end just for Ricciardo – and no points for the fifth time in six races this season. “It wasn’t like it was a slow job,” says the Australian.

Instead, the whole race was “slow”. He slipped a lot and had no grip. “I tried to be conservative with the tires – that’s why I had to drive slowly,” he explains.

It didn’t pay off in the end. As for his colleague Norris, he scored a goal even though he started from behind. Not good for Ricciardo who is currently fighting for a new contract…

7:08 PM

Gasly apologizes to Stroll

The Frenchman finished P13 and also received a five-second penalty for his collision with Stroll. “I’m so frustrated today, he’s so frustrated,” he admits.

Gasly, who is responsible for the traffic accident, said, “I had a little touch too early and damaged the car. After that I didn’t move. We lost the downforce and slipped all over the place.”

“I was doing my best to apologize to Lance for that,” Gasly said. In the end there were no points for either of them.

7:00 pm

Hamilton in the Magnussen accident

And of course we also want to quickly hear what the Brit has to say about touch at the start. “I was on the normal streak,” the Mercedes driver confirmed.

“I was on the inside and he came out of nowhere and he hit me. He came from behind and hit my car on the side,” Hamilton said. By the way, Magnussen does not say anything about her, he has to watch the scene again.

6:52 PM

Hamilton: That’s why he wanted to give up

Remember the radio message in the beginning when Hamilton was about to retire? The record champion explains that he felt reminded of racing in Saudi Arabia.

There he almost got stuck in the field and ended up being a hard tenth. “I thought it would be impossible to get points again,” said Hamilton, who preferred to protect the engine in the future.

But the team said, ‘No, you drive in P8. “I couldn’t understand it at first and thought they were too optimistic.” In the end, it just got even better with the P5!

6:43 pm

Bottas: The race was a little long…

P6 is a good result of course, but in the end the Finns were devoured by Sainz and Hamilton. “We took a little risk with this strategy today,” he explains. The last period was “too long”.

“But in the end it was too long,” he admits. “And in the end the tires shrunk.” “But we tried,” Bottas said. “We tried something else but it didn’t work.”

But in the end, the risk was “minimal” because a different strategy would not have led to the worst.

6:27 PM

Alonso: P9 ‘almost like a win’

Still in the points from the back. “Of course I’m very happy,” the Spaniard said after the home race. “Our target every weekend is to get the points.”

After qualifying, I knew it would be “very difficult” today. That’s why today’s P9 feels “almost a win”. He hopes to be able to start a small series now.

To keep in mind: Alonso has previously gone without a point in four consecutive races. Maybe his season will really start with today’s race…

6:19 pm

Perez: I would have won three stops

The Mexican is not only disturbed by the stable regime – but also by the strategy. “Today it was clear that three stops would have been better. If I had gone in that direction, I would have won the race,” he is sure.

To remind: he stopped twice, teammate three. “It went well for Max. We’ll discuss that. But we didn’t know which strategy would be the best,” he admits.

In the end, his luck was mostly bad. “The team’s result is still good,” he says, but stresses again: “We have to clarify some things internally, but there is nothing to worry about.”

6:10 pm

Schumacher: “In the end you are always smarter”

There were also no points for the second German in the field on P14. Eventually, his tires went off. “In the end, you’re always smarter after that,” said Schumacher, who is not satisfied with his strategy.

“After a good first lap, our hopes were too high,” he admits. Then it was at P6. “But then, after the second and third rounds, the feeling started: Oh, that might be hard…”

So he has to keep waiting for the first championship point.

6:02 PM

Vettel: Flawless Racing on the P11

The ungrateful eleventh place at the end. Vettel explains to Sky: “It’s a pity of course that we can’t take anything with us, except for eleventh. I don’t have any points.” But he was actually quite satisfied with his race.

“Today was fine, but of course, as expected, the tires were very difficult to handle. We did better than most of us, but it didn’t really help us,” she said.

Altogether, it was a flawless race, which is why he was “satisfied so far”. “I’ve had worse races and been on top. So you can feel good about that,” the German said.

5:54 pm

Would Leclerc have won easily?

Christian Horner is not sure. “I think it would have been a very exciting battle in the second half of the race,” the Red Bull team boss said at the ‘Sky’. So he thinks it would have been possible to challenge Ferrari.

And about the second opponent, Mercedes, he said: “They are coming back to this championship. I said since the first race that they are a very strong team.” Barcelona was a “very big step” for Mercedes.

“We don’t underestimate our competitors,” he says. The fight at the top will get tighter from now on.

5:45 pm

Sainz: The car was badly damaged

The Spaniard shrugged his shoulders after P4: “This was not our day.” In the end, this was actually a pretty good damage limit for him, as he reported that the Ferrari was completely damaged after a spin.

The car felt very different after his ride and skidded a bit. By the way: As a result, not only Red Bull and Verstappen topped the Drivers’ World Championship.

The Bulls also overtook Ferrari with a double win.

5:38 pm

Marko: “Max was the fastest”

The Austrian commented on the stable arrangement at “ORF”, which Perez was not entirely happy with. “The two were on different strategies. It was clear that Checo couldn’t finish his set of tires,” he explains.

“So it was very clear that Max was faster,” he justifies the decision and adds: “Due to Max’s DRS bug, we changed to three stops because we saw we couldn’t get past Russell any other way.”

“Two stops were planned with Checo, and then eventually we gave him the soft tires so he could drive the fastest lap,” Marko says. It worked, by the way, the Mexican managed to secure the bonus point.

By the way, Marco is not angry with Perez. “That didn’t say right away: ‘Yes please, I’ll wave at him…’ Otherwise he wouldn’t be a real racing driver,” Marko shows his understanding.


Wolff is upset with Magnussen

Lots of praise for Hamilton from the team boss. On the other hand, Wolff was less impressed by Haas. There was no penalty for touching Hamilton, but the Austrian still had a bit of an understanding.

“It’s simply not a curve you’re trying to get around outside,” Wolf says angrily. “Above all, it’s not his race,” he adds. Because today Mercedes was much faster than Haas.

Wolf said the accident could have been avoided. In the end, the touch also robbed Magnussen of all scoring chances.

5:23 pm

Wolf: Water leak in Hamilton

Of course, we also want to solve that: the Mercedes team boss explains to “Sky” that a water leak slows down Hamilton’s speed at the end. It was not even clear whether the Briton would finish.

At Russell, the problem of car overheating was different. In the end, he didn’t have to use the speed his teammate uses.

5:16 pm

Russell: That was hard work…

The Briton is elated after P3, but admits it was “very difficult”. “I did everything to keep Max behind me. He did a great job,” he praises and explains that he is “proud” of the work of the entire team.

However, he had problems with an overheating car – an old Mercedes problem. Bottom line, he’s happy with the points. And he must also collect a few kilometers in the lead today!

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