Riots after Eintracht celebration in Frankfurt

aOn the one hand, the peaceful celebration of the reception in Römerberg, and on the other hand the late-night attacks of police officers and paramedics: the police and firefighters took a detailed picture of how the day went from their point of view on Friday. . The result: completely mixed. Because in the end there were 24 police officers injured, many people were arrested for bodily harm and property damage. The rescue service had to rearrange the forces in order to be able to cope with the number of operations and to be able to provide proper care for the wounded. In the end, more than 300 rescue workers were deployed.

Catherine Alexander

Responsible editor for the “Rain Main” section of the Sunday newspaper.

The riots took place mainly at Paulsplatz, which was finally cleared during the night. Bottles and cans were thrown at the officers and fireworks were fired. They suffered bruises in the lower back and genitals. But even before the team reached Romer, a few people threw bottles at the police officers. Bottles and fireworks were also thrown at an infantry squad of firefighters. According to preliminary findings, most of the perpetrators of violence were not “obvious football fans, but young people and teens who are looking for violence and willing to use violence,” according to a police spokesperson. The officers arrested eight rioters. Deputy Police Chief Björn Gotzet said he was “amazed that violent criminals have used this beautiful occasion for all of us, which only gives way to joy,” to commit the crimes.

Police continued to criticize the burning of the Bengal fire, which was noticed by emergency services all the way from the airport to downtown Frankfurt, and later even in Römerberg. While waiting for several hours, fans continued to light red torches. Although security guards searched the bags before entering the town hall plaza, fans apparently managed to smuggle the fireworks into the area or deposit them there in advance. When the team went up to the balcony of the town hall in the late evening, so many Bengals were burning in the crowd in the square that Römerberg glowed red and enveloped him in clouds of smoke. It also lit firecrackers and launched rockets from the crowd in the night sky.

Violations of Bengalo will also be prosecuted by players

Smoke drifted inside the Roemer Building and a fire alarm sounded there, until the celebration has since been accompanied by the sound of sirens. And police called on loudspeakers to refrain from setting off fireworks “so that no one else is in danger or even injured.” Inside the Römer, Eintracht board member Axel Hellmann said in an interview that there was no need for fireworks for a successful celebration. But Eintracht has ardent fans, so something like this could happen. However, the players of Eintracht on the balcony held burning Bengal torches in their hands.

Police announced Friday that they will not discriminate between players and fans when punishing Bengalu’s abuse. All the people setting fire to the Bengalos and other fireworks have been video-documented and proceedings are now being initiated. However, it is not yet clear whether criminal offenses have actually been committed or whether the violations are still administrative offenses, according to a spokesperson. If so, the city regulatory office will continue the operation. However, one would expect “not to use double standards”.

Burning fireworks always carries the risk of injury to pedestrians, and this applies to players on the balcony as well as to fans in the stadium.

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