Thierry Paterlini is not coming to Kloten – he is going to Langnau

Thierry Butterlini is the new coach of Langnau for the next two years.Photo: cornerstone

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Climbing the ladder is exciting and creates a lot of activity and action. Kloten’s informants have reported a slightly frustrating confusion: sporting director Patrick Barchie is on leave and the nominee has canceled coach Thierry Butterlini. This can only mean: Thierry Butterlini is the new Langenau coach for the next two years.

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A really bitter defeat for Patrick Barchi, Patrick Barchi, who was able to promote Kloten. He set up a company with Sven Helfenstein that also takes care of the players and coaches – his co-worker and companion now has left him in the rain when it came to the first and important central decision: Sven Helfenstein is Thierry Paterlini’s agent and Thierry Paterlini canceled Klotin. Although he is from Zurich and has a branch next to Kloten in Gottfried Keller Land.

Of course, there is no official confirmation yet. Informants also do not work as media managers in clubs. But we can expect an official media statement by SCL Tigers on Monday or Tuesday. Content: We are very happy that Thierry Butterlini will be our new coach. On a two-year contract until 2024.

Because one thing is clear: if not Kloten, then Langnau. It has long been officially announced that former junior national coach La Chaux-de-Fonds is leaving after his first two years in professional hockey. So after scrapping at Kloten, only Langnau was left for the next career step.

His decision was well-thought: After two miserable years, a new chapter begins in Langnau with the rebuilding of the performance culture. A spirit of optimism can be felt in the village. A fresh start requires new people. That is why the board of directors gave Marc Eichmann a friendly farewell and filled and cemented this central position with Pascal Muller: for the first time, the sporting director of Langenau is also in charge of the youth organisation. In addition: Pascal Muller (43), General Manager Simon Leger (40) and Terry Butterlini (47) made very similar marks. We can expect everyone in the offices to go in the same direction – the first and most important condition for everyone in the locker room and on the ice to do the same.

Tigers chairman Peter Jacob (centre) speaks to the team at Elvis Stadium after the game against Geneva Servet.

Tigers chairman Peter Jacob (centre) speaks to the team at Elvis Stadium after the game against Geneva Servet.Photo: cornerstone

With Thierry Butterlini, Langnauer got the candidate of his dreams. President Peter Jacob has repeatedly expressed his desire for a Swiss player to lead his men into the challenging new season. In fact, with Thierry Butterlini, it is now a confederation. But the passport does not matter in this case: he is simply the best man for an internship at Emmental. He will play a key role in building the team, working closely with Pascal Muller: he has managed the national under-18 team for four years and under-20 for one year. He knows the next generation of players – and the best young players in the country know him. The training team will be expanded in the coming weeks with assistants from Scandinavia.

The cancellation of Thierry Butterlini is a painful defeat for the rookie Kloten. Perhaps this is also due to the rather unfortunate conduct of negotiations and the participation of the Sports Director in the dealership’s business through a joint venture with Sven Helfenstein. The fear in Kloten, in these exciting post-resurgence days, that so few chefs are busy stirring up broths with good intentions isn’t entirely false. In poetic terms: Thierry Batterlini could achieve more on ‘Glong’ in Emmental than he did under the kings of Seldwilla in the Zurich-Uniterland region.

Among the participants in the “Crypt Championship”, Langnau was the first to successfully restructure the sports department. Kloten and Ajoy’s sports directors (Julien Vaucler is not on vacation there) are still looking for coaches. Langnauer now has good odds of winning the basement championship for 14th, 13th and 12th positions against Kloten and Ajoie and saving themselves early in 12th. On the 13th and 14th after the playoff final, the loser has to compete in the league playoffs against the Swiss league winner.

The motto “Mir gö nomau for Ämmitau” is implemented in Langnau with new sporting passion, wisdom and competence.

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