An old club looking to the future

Old fishing? Scheduled. This can be clearly seen in Bad Kissingen Jägerverein. The old and new chief, Helmut Fischer, recently accepted more than 20 new members into the ranks of the Hunters. The lecture given by Berthold Gruebel also showed that hunting is modern.

risk of animal disease

The head of the wild boar gang Bad Kissingen took up African swine fever, which is gradually spreading to Germany from the east. The disease affects both wild and domestic pigs and almost always leads to death. The virus is harmless to humans. However, the pathogen carries risks for fattening farms. If the virus is introduced, the stock must be disposed of – that is, killed. Usually it’s the people who spread the virus – for example the truck driver who carelessly throws the rest of the virus-contaminated sausage at a break. In 2020, there were 403 cases nationwide. In 2021 there were already 2,700. In the months so far this year there have been more than 700 cases of the disease nationwide. W: The virus has already been introduced to some companies. By hunting wild boars, hunters help keep the population down and make the virus more difficult to spread. Bad Kissingen has been preparing for the disease for some time and has plans in place.

The shooting range should become self-sufficient

The association’s board of directors also has ideas. Helmut Fischer announced his intention to expand the shooting range at the Wittelsbach Tower. With solar panels, the association wants to be self-sufficient in the terrible electricity prices. The chief is worried about the little game – like a partridge. Because of the war in Ukraine, it cemented its reputation as a loser in the heavily used corridor. Chairman’s Concerns: Because there are no imports, more space is needed in this country. The result: the partridge loses more habitat.

The high cost of wolf-resistant fences

Isegrim was also the subject of a lecture by Helmut Fischer. Meanwhile, a couple of wolves found each other in the martial training area. “The wolf will accompany us,” he declared. The political behavior caused Weidmann’s headache. A kilometer of anti-wolf fencing costs about 10,000 euros. “The taxpayer is paying the price,” he said. On the other hand, daycare centers have to budget well. He also saw a need to work with deer. There is now inbreeding. This is because of the deer-free areas. This prevents deer from migrating and impoverishes the genes. In the meantime, this is noticeable in deer: the lower jaws are becoming increasingly shorter.

Active club life

On the other hand, he found the active club life more satisfying. Whether it’s with the wind machines, who have been rehearsing their shows again for a few weeks, or the Jägerstammtisch or the Rakoczy Festival. The association, which is about 100 years old, is also recent on the Internet. The club website has been constantly updated by Sepp Raufuss. His most recent success: the cloud, which aims to simplify the services of shooting ranges. There were also some new members: Holger Fritsch, Jan Martin, George Walter, Annika Kino, Christian Haupt, Isabelle Bischoff, Burkard Fahl, Maximilian Hoffmann, Sarah Suffert, Clemens Henn, Benjamin Weisenberger and Marco Pfetzner. and Grundman Christoph Lennweber, Sina Kaiser, Jan Koder, Jochen Benmüller, Torsten Schmidt, Julian Metz, Gregor Kunzmann, Jan Janusk, Rainer Lowry, Dunga Kosigye, Markus Retinger, John Grasser and Johannes Schlereth. The association has a total of more than 300 members.

The association’s board of directors is also new – at least in part. Helmut Fischer is Chairman, Karsten Schmidt is Vice Chairman, Winfried Witterich is Treasurer, Marco Wengatner is Secretary, and Berthold Gruebel and Joachim Weissensel are financial auditors. In artillery, Helmut Fischer, together with Hans-Jürgen Martin, awarded various badges of honor for rifle and pistol shots. Also honored:

for 70 years Club Membership: Heinz Röder

for 65 years Club membership: Hubertus Warmuth and Rudolf Nöth

for 60 years Club Membership: Walter Muller

for 50 years Club membership: Eric Metz, Konrad Röder and Albrecht Heberer

for 40 years Club membership: Arno Wachenbrenner, Heinz Rüttiger, Rainer Schmitt, Enno Piening, Werner Kirchner, Roland Kirchner, Ewald Glückler, Joachim Weißensel, Wolfgang Schupp, Winfried Hofmann, Siegfried Schmitt, Volker Butz

for 25 years Club membership: Karsten Schmidt, Gudrun Fischer, Josef Biberich, Norbert Paulic, Roland Kessel, Winfried Wittrich, Hermann Batzold, Egon Schmidt, Kurt Biberich, George Reininger and Anton Keswetter

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