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Putin wants to bomb Stone Age Ukraine, kill and rape his troops, but whenever there is hope for help, our skeptics trample on it. Ann Will asks: “Bigger NATO, more weapons – the right answer to Putin’s war?”


Michael Roth (51, SPD). The foreign policy expert was one of the first to travel to the war zone and tweeted: “Ukraine will never give up!”

Rodrich Keswetter (58, CDU). According to the retired colonel, the 15 Gepard anti-aircraft tanks that Olaf Schultz promised for July can shoot exactly four minutes with the ammunition available so far.

Marina Wispend (34, green). The German-Ukrainian journalist criticized the “crazy strategy” along the lines of “We want peace by rewarding the warmongers”.

Professor Carlo Masala (54). And the political expert doubts: “The Russian army is threatened with a catastrophic defeat.”

Jan van Aken (61, left). The former group leader recently complained in “Difficult but Fair”: “Everyone is only looking through military glasses!”

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Attitude image to begin with

The ARD clip shows the objectives of the war. “We want everything back, but Russia doesn’t want to give anything back,” says the Ukrainian president. And his foreign minister adds: “Including Donbass and Crimea!”

The Polish president demands the “complete withdrawal of Russia”, the Prime Minister of Estonia until “the military victory of Ukraine.” But the G7 foreign ministers expect at most a “strategic failure”, and the chancellor calls the goal vaguely: “Russia must not win this war.”

Most legitimate concerns

The publicist Weisband is seriously skeptical: “I would have liked to hear the chancellor say directly: I want Ukraine to win,” she explains. According to Kyiv, “winning” means the immediate withdrawal of the Russians to the level they were in before the start of the war.

Marina WispendFoto: ARD

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Marina Wispend Photo: ARD

“It would be beneficial for the Federal Chancellor to simply support them unconditionally,” she adds. Instead, the federal government is calling for a ceasefire that would prolong the killings in the occupied territories and lead to their annexation to Russia forever.

strongest allegations

“We promise to deliver weapons, very, very late, very hesitant, and then the government delays them as well!” As for sanctions, the following applies here: “I don’t see any clear direction from the government about exactly what it actually wants.”

And the propagandist adds that she believes many considerations flow into the decisions of the federal government, “including many of the old Russian political habits.”

sincere acceptance

Ruth crossed his legs as he rocked his white Kevin Kunert sneakers. And he demands a rough-handed signal: “In general, the federal government should give a unified and firm signal to Ukraine.”

“This is still missing!” The CDU colonel grumbled.

“I don’t see it that way,” Roth said. “We have already accomplished a lot, but there is still a lot to be done.” Because: “We’ll see in Mariupol where he leads when the Ukrainian army is poorly equipped. More weapons would surely help.” “Oh!

Most amazing guess

“I don’t think there has been any serious discussion among the Allies about what war aims are actually being pursued,” doubts Professor Masala. “When Olaf Schultz says Ukraine should stay, that’s a sentence open to interpretation.”

Military expert Professor Carlo Masala (54)Foto: ARD

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Military expert Professor Carlo Masala (54)Photo: ARD

Left-wing politician Van Aken does not want to talk about weapons, he wants more about sanctions: “320 million euros a month for Russian oil only!” He invokes a warning finger. “I don’t understand how you want to explain that to the people in Ukraine who are being killed now!”

The bravest confession

“I will happily admit that at first we assumed Ukraine could hold out maybe two or three weeks,” Roth admits. “I’ve changed my mind several times over the past three months.”

SPD foreign expert Michael RothFoto: ARD

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SPD foreign expert Michael RothPhoto: ARD

“I don’t think I should be ashamed,” he defends himself immediately afterwards with begging gestures. “With regard to these arms shipments, I have changed my mind, because Ukraine has a chance only from a defensive position.” Editorial!

worst balance sheet

“The ruble is rising,” Weissband complains. “The profits of the oil refining industry are increasing. Indeed, all the time we are pumping the pockets of the oil industry at the expense of our citizens and Ukrainian security. “

The propagandist explains that it prefers to pay the gas money into an escrow account that will only be activated after the Russians withdraw. But: “These considerations will not be made at all. It is a kind of proactive defeatism!”

The most comprehensive management report

Professor Masala reports on the battlefield: “Russia is digging relatively deep in the east because Ukraine has announced that it will launch a major counterattack in July.” W: Today the Russians again tried to encircle Kharkiv. If it succeeds, we will have a new Mariupol. ”

“The problem is that we are now heading towards a protracted war of attrition and trenches,” warns the expert. “The longer it lasts, the more public interest fades, and the harder it becomes for politicians to maintain their support at a high level.”

Most emotional outbursts

For his part, the SPD politician tends to counterattack: “I find it inappropriate to accuse the chancellor of playing such a dramatic situation,” he said. Hm – The opposition did not talk about “the games” but, as Kiesewetter notes, the FDP was in the form of the liberal Strack-Zimmermann.

Ruth’s biggest concern: “I have noticed that many who have been silent for a long time are now telling us that we must finally speak to Putin again. Talk is good but only from a position of strength and deterrence. This is a bad butcher who does not care if 50,000 soldiers die in this war!”

hardest attack

“I think the chancellor is playing to get time,” complains Kiesewetter. Many heavy weapons, especially tanks and armored personnel carriers, could have been delivered, or at least modernized a long time ago. user interface!

The retired colonel verdict: “The longer this war continues and we do not succeed, the more difficult it will be for Ukraine,” and calls for a cease-fire become louder, meaning freezing of Russian profits.

biggest accusation

The talk show host was startled: “But Mr. Kiesewetter!” She marvels. “You say: the chancellor does not want Ukraine to win!”

But the CDU man in fact does not take any prisoners: “I am afraid that the chancellor does not want Ukraine to win this war,” he repeats without reservations. “No regime change in Russia, no change in power in Russia either…”

clearer edge

Ruth shook his head in disbelief, and the will fell silent. You ask, “Why would he want that?”

“In any case, this does not indicate that he is sympathetically on the side of Ukraine,” Keezewer insists. “Weapons are available. After all, we support the Federal Chancellor and expect him to pick up the tailwind from the Bundestag!”

The most shocking statement

“Mrs. Weissband, now it’s over,” the talk show host hums. “Mr. Kiesewetter suspects the chancellor does not want Ukraine to win.”

Propaganda does not flutter: “I can tell you that in Ukraine this is now taken for granted,” she asserts. Germany and France isolate themselves. We give up a lot of confidence! “

Find the most efficient cause

Will considers her remark: “There are voices in Poland that accuse the federal government of delaying arms shipments because it does not want a clear victory for Ukraine nor a clear defeat for Russia,” she said. Ukraine is not a member of NATO or the European Union. They want to maintain it as a neutral buffer zone.”

Professor Masala shakes his head: “Silly!” Ukraine will not let that happen to them.

His interpretation: “Olaf Schultz expresses his fear of nuclear escalation in every interview. The point is: How do you deal with that fear? Could you be paralyzed by it? In the German spirit, we chose fear.”

clearer phrases

Professor Masala does not expect much from the negotiations: “Putin will not give up land gains.” Kizioter is also sure that “Putin will not concede any territory!”

“For me, as a conscientious opponent, it’s very bitter, but when an attacker tries to defend himself, it’s mainly about weapons,” complains Roth.

The most realistic memory

Weisband finally warns: “We should know by now that 2014 was exactly this escalation!” Putin occupied territory. Mr. Steinmeier wrote in Minsk a condition that Ukraine could not fulfill, which is to hold a referendum at gunpoint. ”

The result: “Putin gained ground through his aggression at the time,” notes the propagandist. “What do you learn from this? If a neighboring country attacks, I will gain territory. Allowing injustice is the real spiral of escalation.” Amen!

Quote from the evening

“The language of war is important nowadays.” Rodrich Kiziotter


Debating on the front lines near the enemy with a lot of friendly fire, the Chancellery became an auxiliary target, the SPD had to hide and Anne Weil admired her war talk: It was a commando show in the category “Join the class!”

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