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Hong Kong (OTS)

With a powerful combination of a 1/1.8″ sensor, f/1.6 aperture, AI-enabled headlights and siren, the ANNKE AC800 heralds the next generation of smart PoE cameras.

ANNKE, the leading brand of home security solutions, today introduces an innovative security camera based on the success of the popular 4K PoE series. The popular ANNKE 4K PoE series of surveillance cameras sets new standards in the 4K category with durability, advanced AI detection and responsive notifications, without any monthly fees. The new ANNKE AC800 not only retains all the features, but also brings an all-new active deterrent system with two 50 lumens flashlights and a 95 dB siren, both powered by local AI.

“In the case of burglary, traditional systems only react to notifications and recordings which can then be delivered to the police. In many cases it is already too late. For example, if there is a burglary at 2 am, the notifications are not seen. Just in time,” says Jerry Yao, ANNKE’s Chief Product Officer. “By introducing an audiovisual alarm system powered by artificial intelligence, the ANNKE AC800 can proactively prevent crime. High alarm and fully customizable audio recordings have a significant psychological impact on intruders.”

The legacy of the ANNKE 4K PoE and NightChromaTM series

Like the C800, the AC800 features the same 2.8mm lens and reproduces vibrant 4K video. In addition, with a 1.4x larger sensor and higher fps compared to the C800, recordings are sharper and smoother. The 1 / 1.8 inch progressive CMOS sensor captures more detail day and night while reducing noise in the dark thanks to 3D Digital Noise Reduction. The large f/1.6 aperture increases light penetration by 25% compared to the f/2.0 aperture camera. This ensures vivid color night vision even at 0.003 lux – a moonless night – roughly equivalent to the revolutionary NightChroma TM series.

7x Motion and Environment Detection

The AC800 is powered by leading machine learning platforms and features industry-leading AI-assisted motion and intelligent event analysis capabilities. Users can choose from four perimeter detections (line crossing/zone entry/exit/intruder detection), face detection and two person/vehicle detection to receive only relevant notifications. Two-way audio provides real-time response to make intruders believe you are at home no matter where you are.

Prices and availability

The AC800 is now available on ANNKE’s Global Store and in German Store – Suggested retail price of $199.99 or €199.99 including VAT and free shipping to most European countries. The camera is also compatible with all NVR systems currently listed by ANNKE 4K, with one of the 8 channels and 16 channels of NVRs already Alexa-enabled, with more coming at the end of June this year.

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