Chancellor: Schulz promises Ukraine more support

The chancellor is sticking to his line in dealing with Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine – and warns against acting too quickly. But he confirms his grace to hand over weapons.

Advisor Olaf Scholz (SPD) he has Ukraine Promise more support.

“We will continue to support Ukraine with money and humanitarian aid, but it must also be said: We will support it so that it can defend itself, by handing over weapons, as many other countries in Europe do,” Schulz said. Sunday at the DGB Day rally Labor Day Labor Day in Dusseldorf. “I call on the Russian President: Silence the guns! Withdraw your troops! Respect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine!”

Radical pacifism is ‘obsolete’

“I respect every pacifist, I respect every position, but it must sound ironic to a citizen of Ukraine when they are asked to defend themselves against Putin’s aggression without weapons,” Schultz continued. Time’s up,” said Schulze. “I will say it very clearly: We will not allow the transfer of borders and the occupation of territories by force.”

The chancellor spoke loudly to the protesters, who chanted “Make peace without weapons.” He had to strain his voice to make his voice heard.

Schulz fears a global hunger crisis

According to Schultz, the Ukrainian war threatens to trigger a global hunger crisis. “This war will have consequences, consequences all over the world,” Schultz said in Düsseldorf. “We have to really worry that there are some who are going to starve, that there are countries that can no longer provide grain for their people. And that the whole situation of war is also leading to a global hunger crisis.” Schulz was referring to the fact that the war in Ukraine, one of the world’s greatest breadbaskets, had severely restricted export opportunities. He stressed, “We will not leave these poor countries alone, we will support them.”

Higher minimum wage and fixed pension

According to Schultz, Germany’s significantly higher defense spending will not change course Federal government Performs in social areas. “And if we now spend more money on security and defense because we have to in the face of this aggression, then the following also applies: We will not terminate any of our projects that we are launching for a more just and solidarity-based society in this country that wants,” Schulz said.

The law was discussed this week for one of the most important projects that will strengthen cohesion in society: “We will raise the minimum wage for which we fought to 12 euros,” the Chancellor in Düsseldorf confirmed. More than six million citizens will earn more money. It will also ensure that the minimum wage is regularly developed. “Everyone should be able to live on what they earn from their hard work.” In addition, at the end of working life, it is important to be clear that there are stable pensions and a stable level of pensions. We’ll do that, too,” Schultz said.

“Suspected haste”

Schultz had previously defended his Ukraine policy against allegations that he had acted with extreme reluctance and fear in the face of Russian aggression. “I make my decisions quickly – and in coordination with our allies,” the SPD politician told Bild am Sonntag. “I doubt that hasty action was taken and that the Germans are acting alone.”

The leader of the Christian Democratic Union, Frederick Merz, accused the chancellor of worrying and procrastinating about German arms shipments to Kyiv this week. The Ukrainian ambassador, Andrei Melnik, also called Scholz Policy slow. He told Bild am Sonntag, “Olaf Schulz would probably do it like Angela Merkel: just wait, watch and decide later — or not. What he’s missing is imagination and courage” with the aim of the German reaction to the invasion of Russia. army.

After the report, Schulz made it clear that he wanted to stick to his track. “I am not scared enough to be affected by these allegations,” he said. At the same time, he stressed that the harsh criticism of his decisions was legitimate. “In a democracy, part of being opposition is hard on you. That’s what they’re there for.”

Germany supplies heavy weapons

On Tuesday, the federal government approved the delivery of Gibbard anti-aircraft tanks to the German defense industry. It is the first heavy weapons to be delivered directly from Germany to Ukraine. Before the Ukraine war, the principle applied was not to deliver weapons to crisis areas.

During a subsequent visit to Japan, Schulze did not respond to a question about whether the federal government would also agree to deliver Leopard battle tanks, Mardier infantry fighting vehicles or self-propelled howitzers ordered by Ukraine.

Even his unpopularity with personal polling with citizens does not make Schulz rethink: “You must take into account the polls, but you must not make your actions depend on them. It would be very dangerous, especially in matters of war and peace.”

According to a representative survey conducted by Ensa for BAMs, a majority of 54 percent of citizens are dissatisfied with Schultz’s work. This is a record since he was sworn in and more than half were dissatisfied the first time.

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