CoD Warzone 2 is said to borrow the ability of one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most dangerous women

Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a sequel and the leak mechanics for Part Two of Battle Royale are slowly going. Supposed insider Tom Henderson introduces 5 completely different mechanics in Warzone 2. Some of them you know from the competition.

What are mechanics? Well-known leaker Tom Henderson liked to post information about top shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield. For now, the focus is on the successors to Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.

For the previously unnamed “Warzone 2,” Henderson has now revealed 5 altered mechanics, which he says have already been tried in gameplay tests:

  1. Questioning
  2. Backpack Adjustments
  3. armor layers
  4. per feature
  5. strongholds

The new Warzone doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it does use some competition – like Rainbow Six: Siege. We explain the individual mechanisms in detail on MeinMMO.

But keep in mind: the information provided here are unconfirmed leaks. Warzone 2 likely won’t release for a few months or next year. Until then, things can still be changed or the mechanics are tests.

Interrogation – Enemies betray their teammates

If you shoot an enemy in the KO stage, in Warzone 2 it may be worth visiting the fighting opponent for a while. Because you can still question him.

You sort of finish off an exposed enemy and then briefly see the positions of the rest of the team – similar to recovery mode when you take out an enemy completely.

Warzone 2 may “borrow” the mechanics from Rainbow Six: Siege. Brazilian Special Agent Kavera uses a very similar interrogation mechanism and is one of the most dangerous female shooters – her training also included torture techniques.

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Backpack – Real inventory in the near future

At the moment, you don’t have real inventory in Warzone, it’s just a kind of scrap bar where you can throw weapons or ammo. Maybe that should change.

In the new Warzone there should be backpacks with different slots. 3 sizes of backpacks are available for loot.

Ammo, weapons, kill lines, and equipment take on a different number of slots. So you have to better manage your ammunition, but you can also take with you weapons that can be swapped between them.

Escape from Tarkov and PUBG use a similar system.

In Tarkov, your stock is limited to backpack, jacket and bags

Armor – Vest determines the number of plates

At the moment, each player has 3 armor plate slots from the start of the match. You even start with two prepared boards.

However, as per the current situation, new armor vests are being used in Warzone 2:

  • Level 1 – Tile
  • Level 2 – Two Boards
  • Level 3 – Three Dishes

In order to get the armor completely full, you first have to collect the jackets and then you can put them on the boards which you have to search for separately. However, the jackets do not disappear if your shield is dropped.

Strongholds – fight for your gear

Free or purchasable gear is probably a thing of the past – German “bastions” or “forts” warranted better gear.

On the big map there should be 25 to 30 of these guarded areas. The NPCs ensure that you don’t just walk through the areas. 3 of the castles are larger and more guarded.

Each hacked castle gives you a chance to drop gear and therefore your equipment. The more difficult it is to take over the forts, the more likely you are to get more loot.

A safe fort would also be great in the current war zone. Monsters on their way:

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Pro Perks – Better Extras: Same as before

With the “Pro perks” there are likely to be better variants than the regular perks in the game. These are passive bonuses that you loot or enter into a match with your gear.

Henderson says he’s not quite sure how to start this mechanic just yet. In previous playback tests, pro perks could be looted in castles and preset loadout classes were equipped with pro perks.

So, you may still be able to loot the regular perks, as you did recently in the current Warzone, and there are also professional perks that are hard to get because they are considered high-quality loot.

Warzone 2 – if that’s the name of the game – should be presented this year and build on the success of Part One.

The developers continue to stress that they see and take players’ opinions seriously – as long as they are constructive.

With the new Warzone, officials want to use experience and feedback from recent years to help Battle Royale regain its former glory. The only mistake now costing Warzone is that not many players should repeat it.

Let us know what you think of the new mechanics that could radically change our gaming experience in Warzone 2 in the comments.

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