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Show your face! For Germany eV Global Awards “for nine committed projects

The number of submissions was high and given the many great projects, the jury found it very difficult to agree on the winners. A total of 47 projects, initiatives and societies have applied for the #Respect-Wins Award, the “Show Your Face! The Germany eV Global Prize was also awarded this year. On Thursday, May 12th, the winners were honored at the RBB rooftop lounge. In addition to the seven main awards, there were also two special awards – each awarded by the Berliner Stadtreinigung and the Berlin-Brandenburg trade union. Who won the awards – here’s an overview:

[Das ist ein Text aus dem Newsletter Ehrensache: Der Tagesspiegel würdigt mit Deutschlands erstem Ehrenamts-Newsletter all jene Menschen, die aktiv dabei mithelfen, dass Berlin lebenswert ist und liebenswert bleibt – kostenlos und jederzeit kündbar. Melden Sie sich an unter:]

This initiative has been awarded On the edge of the eV plate. Families without a refugee background get to know each other here for years on joint projects and, by the way, exchange ideas about raising children, life in Berlin, German and other languages, delicious food and the best playgrounds. The free project for families in Berlin offers support in everyday life, exchanges with parents from different backgrounds and family-friendly offers where everyone can have fun.
The project is also a winner “Children’s News – How does democracy work?”. Twenty children and young people between the ages of 8 and 14 from Berlin-Neukolln produced a moderated news program in the Neukölln EV neighborhood home. Children became actors, builders, reporters and filmmakers in front of and behind the camera.
in the project “Experienced Escape” Young people with or without refugee experience are eligible to become multipliers in the political education work – and are closely supported in this team building process. Schools in Berlin receive a free offer of a three-part learning sequence: Framed by a preparation and follow-up unit, conducted by the teacher himself, a 90-minute meeting is conducted with a multiply team of three from a distant experience. The contents of the encounter are also processed into effective target group learning materials, which are made freely available nationwide on the site. The project is based on the belief that refugees can pass on valuable knowledge about the value of democracy and human rights through their autobiographical experiences.
In the PULS . HOLIDAY CAMPS Young people can get involved in their area during their holidays. PULS Camp is located in Berlin in three districts, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Marzan-Hillersdorf and Mitte. Under the motto “A Vacation Off Ego and Total Commitment to Others,” young people aged 14-25 work in small teams at PULS Camp for several days culturally, socially and environmentally in their city. Each day, participants can choose between different heart campaigns at local campaign partners, thus an experience with friends where they can help people with their personal commitment.
Volunteer initiative “Hey Dodi!” She set herself the task of providing 1,000 children and young people in Berlin with laptops. For this purpose, old devices are made again and passed on to children and young people if they cannot afford the technology. More than 400 devices have already been distributed in Berlin.
in the project Peer helpers Young people between the ages of 13 and 21 learn how to pass on their skills to other young people. After a short training, they develop self-organizing workshops and AGs for youth leisure facilities. Through their participation in youth recreational facilities, young peers’ self-esteem is enhanced and important skills learned that will benefit them in school and later in their work. Currently 80 peers at 20 different youth leisure facilities in Neukölln counsel other young people, resolve conflicts or teach them about specific behaviours. They become positive role models. In this way, they contribute to a more peaceful coexistence in the neighborhood. The Peer Assistant Network in Neukölln is supported by the Neighborhood Home Neukölln eV
“New Voter: In” It is an initiative that provides low-threshold political education to Arabic speakers in Germany. Founder Mamoun Abu Assi He came to Germany from Syria in 2015. The aim of this initiative is to enable other people with experience dealing with refugees or new arrivals to make their voices heard and participate. For this purpose, the team of approximately 10 people from Syrian and German background produces, among other things, videos and infographics on the political system, political parties and important current speeches in Arabic.
In the media project It’s me About 130 people with and without disabilities have created short films, photos and music on their themes. The results were 44 film contributions, including several cartoons and music videos, which were published in four comprehensive video journals in sign language, audio description and subtitles and are freely available online. In addition, a photo gallery of 30 selected photos has been created.
who – which Three religions day care center It is to create a place of learning with a Jewish, Christian and Muslim nursery under one roof, where the coexistence of different religions and cultures takes place and is shaped from early childhood. The project, which was launched in 2015 and is unique in Germany, aims to support the peaceful coexistence of religions and diversity. Preliminary construction is due to begin this year – opening is scheduled for 2025.

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