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Status: 05/23/2022 08:14 AM

In the live tape will also inform you today – on Monday 23 May 2022 – about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Hamburg.

The basics in a nutshell:

  • DGB chief demands legal right to home office
  • New confirmed infections in the north: 1 in Schleswig-Holstein – Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Hamburg and Bremen did not provide any data.
  • RKI: 1,245 new coronavirus cases confirmed nationwide – occurrence at 312.1

Tables and graphs: This is how the vaccination campaign works in the North
Map: New infections in northern German provinces

8:05 AM

DGB chief Fahimi demands legal right to work from home

Yasmine Fahimi, the new chairwoman of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), has called for a permanent legal right to work from home. Many companies have had very good experiences with the business model during the Corona pandemic. It’s hard to assess whether there will be an obligation to work from home again in the fall, but the permanent right to work from home – even regardless of the pandemic – makes sense, Fahimi said in an interview with the Funke News media group. For some employees, too much home office is a burden, while others want to work more from home. “They should not be forced to return to work,” she demanded. There must be a good balance. As fall approaches, the union leader expressed his concern: “I find it short-sighted that the federal government is now letting the Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance take effect. I don’t know how we should deal with another shutdown.”

7:46 am

RKI: Hamburg’s infection rate is 273.4

A declining trend can also be observed in Hamburg for a seven-day incidence: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week to 273.4 today. A week ago the value was 478.2. No new cases of corona were transferred to RKI from the Hanseatic city today.

Since the social authority in Hamburg stopped publishing Corona data on a daily basis at the beginning of May, the NDR now publishes the current figures from the RKI in the Corona Index every day. The Hanseatic City Health Authority only gives an update on the occurrence of seven days and hospital use once a week – on Tuesdays. These data and values ​​may differ from those of RKI.

7:36 am

Lower Saxony: According to the RKI, infection drops to 418.2

The seven-day rate of virus infection in Lower Saxony continues to decline: according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), it has now reached 418.2 – on Monday it was awarded 596.1. It should be noted, however, that the state did not transmit any numbers of new infections to the RKI over the weekend – and that will be today, so that numbers for tomorrow contain late reports.

7:17 AM

Only one new case of corona has been reported in Schleswig-Holstein

The Schleswig-Holstein State Registry has reported only one new coronavirus case to the federal state in 24 hours – in Neumünster. It should be noted, however, that all other independent regions and cities did not send any numbers to the country at the end of the week. As always, late registrations can be expected in the coming days. The seven-day incidence of new infections per 100,000 population in Schleswig-Holstein is 493.2 – a week ago it was 638.9.

7:02 AM

Blood supplies are becoming scarce in the north – the search for donors is underway

The consequences of the recent high rate of infection with the Coronavirus have also caused problems for blood donation services in the North: infected people or those who have been in contact with people who have tested positive for the virus are temporarily not allowed to donate blood. For this reason, but also due to the beautiful weather currently, it is said that fewer people are donating blood. There is an urgent need for upcoming operations – treatments that have been postponed will be compensated in addition to regular operations. The German Red Cross reported that the supply situation with blood preparations is tense. “The daily supply is running low and has been at a very low level for several weeks,” Susan von Rabinau, a spokeswoman for the Northeast Blood Donation Service, told dpa. The Blood Donation Service urgently appeals to all healthy people to attend the blood donation appointments offered by DRK in order to ensure patient care.

06:15 AM

Repercussions of the Corona Crisis: Shipbuilding Industry Reports on the Current Situation

Overshadowed by still uncertain forecasts, the German Shipbuilding and Marine Technology Association (VSM) today presents a report on the current state of the German shipyard industry. The association declared that the main theme is “The Role of the Maritime Industry in Avoiding Strategic Dependencies”. Behind this concern is that after container ships and freight trucks, other parts of shipbuilding could move from Germany and Europe to Asia. The German shipbuilding industry has largely lost orders during the Corona crisis.

5:51 AM

RKI: 1,245 new coronavirus cases nationwide – infection at 312.1

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 1,245 new infections in the early morning 24 hours – on Monday a week ago there were 2,305 infections. However, according to the RKI, only the states of Berlin (118), North Rhine-Westphalia (1126) and Schleswig-Holstein (1) reported new figures. As usual, late registrations from other countries can be expected tomorrow after the weekend. According to the RKI, the nationwide seven-day infection rate has fallen from 322.4 the previous day to 312.1 currently. Another person has died nationwide from the coronavirus. This increases the number of reported deaths to 138,326.

Number and data comparisons are only possible to a limited extent due to test behavior, late registrations, or transmission problems. In general, the number of new infections and deaths recorded varies greatly from day to day, as more and more federal states do not transfer to the RKI, especially on weekends, and report their cases later in the week.

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Corona live tape starts on Monday

Good morning from the editorial team! Through our live tape, we would like to inform you today – Monday 23 May 2022 – of the effects of the Corona pandemic in northern Germany. Here you will find all the important news from Monday to Friday as well as content from NDR radio and television programmes.

Note: The coronavirus live tape took a breather this past weekend. Information on the state of the epidemic was still available on Friday.

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