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The fixed price of the energy price of 300 euros from the 2022 relief package has been officially set. Who gets the one-time fixed price and when.

BERLIN – The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for months, is having a negative impact on the German economy. Consumers notice this in the high fuel prices and the high costs of many groceries – Lidl is now also significantly raising its prices. In order to accommodate the citizens, the Federal Government has launched a comprehensive relief package for 2022. This includes the €300 fixed energy price, which the Bundestag and the Bundesrat have agreed to today, as well as the tank discount and €9 ticket. When and for whom does the measure enter into force?

A flat energy rate of 300 has been set in the 2022 relief package – when it comes into effect

Due to the war in Ukraine and related discussions about buying oil and gas from Russia, energy costs in Germany are significantly raised. This has a particular impact on gasoline, electricity and heating costs. In order to compensate for this and give the citizens a little relief, a fixed rate of energy prices was launched – and it is finally set today.

Relief Package 2022: Fixed Price Energy © Kay Nietfeld / Sina Schuldt / dpa / Montage

The €300 fixed energy price aims to spare 44 million workers in Germany. According to the bill, all employees subject to income tax who are classified in tax brackets 1 to 5 will receive a one-time payment. Employees who have an employment relationship on September 1, 2022 will likely receive a lump sum with salary payment in September. According to a press release from the SPD, the payment should be made “quickly and without bureaucratic hurdles”.

Relief package 2022: Who benefits from the €300 fixed energy price

The self-employed will also get a flat energy price of €300 by lowering advance tax payments in September. Employees who cannot prove a working relationship on September 1 and self-employed will be given a lower fixed-rate energy down payment through an income tax return without a separate application, according to an SPD statement.

But what initially appears to be consistently positive also has a problem: the flat energy price of €300 from the relief package is taxed. Only those who remained under the tax benefit benefit from the full amount of the subsidy. Income tax and social security contributions are deducted from €300 – according to a calculation by the federal government, a taxpayer who earns €3500 in total and falls into tax category 1 has only €159 net after tax on the flat-rate energy price.

Pensioners are excluded from the fixed price of energy – but with a trick it reaches 300 euros

Apparently, retirees generally lose out when it comes to fixed-rate energy distribution. Because most retired people aren’t taxed – that’s why they fall into the flat rate power grid. But there is a trick how pensioners can get 300 euros. Those affected have to only work one day in 2022 as a small business and state this as “self-employed” on their tax return – retirees also receive support along the way.

Students are also excluded from the flat rate energy price, but they can also follow the little jobs trick and take advantage of 300 euros along the way.

The 2022 relief package also includes: Child Bonus, €9 ticket, fuel discount, Hartz IV support

In addition to the €300 flat energy price, the relief package to support citizens includes a €9 ticket for the bus and train – which may now be extended until December, plus a child bonus and a fuel discount. A one-time payment is also scheduled for Hartz IV recipients.

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