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“Optical Dentistry – Shaping the Future Together” Under this motto, the DIE ZA made the Düsseldorf Areal Böhler the scene of motivation, discussions and exciting solutions to current and future dental challenges on May 14, 2022. Dr. Romana Krapf (de Za) and Dr. Andreas Janke (DIE ZA) Discuss interactively with renowned speakers from organizations such as Dr. Ralf Wagner (KZV North Rhine) and Dr. Thomas Hill (ZAEK North Rhine) and leading experts in digitization and operations such as Dr. Mark Thom (digitization and innovation expert), Andreas Hitsblick (DIE ZA), Detlev Diehr (Diehr Praxis Plus), Martin Paul (Cure), Christian Brendel (Solvey), Dr. Fabian Jockler (Rose) and the participants discuss the challenges and solutions of tomorrow.

Dentists already face major challenges today: they are overwhelmed by bureaucracy, and digitalization has left them affected by a shortage of skilled workers. Added to this is the increasing mass exodus from the countryside and new players in the big cities. These are just some of the current challenges. So there are many questions: Are there only short-term solutions or can sustainable and long-term concepts of dentistry be developed? In order to find answers, Dr. Romana Krapf (De Za) and Dr. Andreas Janke (DIE ZA) conducted a SWOT analysis of the company “Dentistry” with the active support of the participants. Already at the stage of analysis, together with Detlev Diehr (Diehr PraxisPlus), Dr. Ralf Wagner (KZV North Rhine) and Dr. Thomas Heil (ZAEK North Rhine) delivers keynote informative speeches to colleagues presenting developments and challenges in the field of joint bodies.

As a result, said Dr. Romana Krapf (De Za) and Dr. Andreas Janke (DIE ZA) Strategy for the company “Dentistry”. Present solutions and methods and discuss them with the participants. In the end everyone agreed: Collaborative professional practice and solutions as well as collective exchange between young and old define dentistry of tomorrow. Common goal: to build a community of like-minded people.

Top-notch speakers and open discussion rounds on mega trends

Then dedicate the afternoon to digitization: d. Mark Thom, digitalization and innovation expert, took participants into the world of community metrics and methods of treatment. Managing Director Martin Ball of the young company CURE Digital Finance GmbH, the new bank for health professions, reported on his insights, putting the dentist at the center and wanting to create transparency and efficiency in business processes in practice. Through these impressions, we followed up interactively: Dr. Andreas Janke (Day Z), Andreas Hitsblick (Day Z), Christian Brendel (Solvey), Dr. Fabian Jockler (Warda) discussed the current state of digital control in practice in a relaxed atmosphere. They encouraged dentists to express their needs in the context of digitalisation, to accept design requirements more clearly in the future and to see the topic of digital operations as an opportunity.

Diverse support program and intensive meetings

DIE ZA provided all participants with a wonderful program: in addition to drinking coffee together at the beginning of the event, there was plenty of food and drink per day in the form of drinks and snacks. The day ended with a social gathering that included dinner and a presentation programme. Dr. says. Andreas Janke, President of ZA. “We dentists, whether consciously or unconsciously, are always in a good position where we work together. This has been demonstrated by DIE ZA for over 30 years. For this we need precisely such events where you can exchange ideas and discuss new ideas and concepts. I have made It is my job to form a DIE ZA with all employees and clients – like family – in this exact community. Anyone who has been able to witness today how fellow young and old have taken their future into their own hands will have no doubt that they will come back next time and not alone.”

Founded 30 years ago as a self-help organization by dentists for dentists, DIE ZA still supports independent dentists today. Success rests on two pillars. One of the pillars is ZA eG, a collaborative deeply rooted in the world of dentistry. Since the inception of GOZ 88, it has fulfilled its funding mission by providing quality eye-level advice and a wide range of training and seminars. The second pillar is ZA AG, which was established as a subsidiary in 1999 and has high performance factoring products. With extensive industry knowledge and expertise in everyday practice, it offers tailored services and innovative solutions.

Source: THE ZA

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