Does the Let’s Dance winner have a wife?

Professionally, things couldn’t have been better for Renee Caselli, but what about love? Is there a girlfriend in the life of a well-trained athlete?

Has Renee Caselli really given his heart?

So far, it is not entirely clear whether Rene Caselli, the son of the Circus family, is in good hands. Not much is known about his personal life and he remains silent about the data about it. Although the word “girlfriend” crosses his lips in many interviews, this is about the information he shares with his fans. However, declaring that he is as happy as his family and girlfriend are doing well, makes you sit and assume that there is indeed a woman in his life. No two photos on his Instagram account support this assumption, but if you investigate closely, you can discover two photos on the account of Hungarian artist Quincy Azario whom Caselli also calls “the boy” there. This sounds like a relationship, right? In a TV interview, Renee also admitted that his girlfriend is following the song “Let’s Dance” from her native Hungary and seems to keep her fingers crossed from there.

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How do you know Renee Caselli?

At least since the coordination”ninja warrior germany“A lot of people know his name for sure, because in 2021 the participant left him winner RTL view. The athlete prepared and trained hard for this participation for three years. He purposely set the difficulty level for his course, which he built at home, a little higher than expected in the show, in order to challenge himself even more. His plan worked and he was allowed to go home with €300,000. Anyone who now thinks that the young man bought a new car with his winnings will be disappointed. He invested money for the welfare of his animals in his own zoo called “Kemba Elephant ParkThe aim of the park is to rescue the circus animals from the killing station and give them a happy retirement. The park was created in 2020 by the family of Rene Caselli.

What else is known about his life and career?

Rene Caselli, whose real name is Rene Kasilofsky, was born on September 9, 1996 in Hamburg. It belongs to the Caselly circus family, a Hungarian National Circuswhich now continues into the seventh generation. As a child of a circus family, he grew up due to the many performances in the caravan, but the center of his life is in Hungary. already with four years The young man stood in the ring with a pony in 2012 and at the age of only six he and his family won the “Golden Clown” award at the “International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo”, the events of the Royal Circus League par excellence. . After many award ceremonies during his youth, Rene Caselli devoted himself to it at the local circus Elephant training He also excels as an athlete in his performances. By the way, Ramon Rosselli, winner of the 17th season of DSDS in 2020, is the cousin of Renee Caselli.

Where can the artist be seen next?

On February 18, 2022, the fifteenth season of “let’s go dancing‘, where Rene Caselli can impress us as participants in his dance routine. Hard training would certainly not be uncommon for a strong athlete, since his daily life consists of a lot of discipline and ambition because of his job. But how he does it on the dance floor will still be exciting. The first artist who can surprise and impress his fans in a completely new field.In 2020, Lily Paul Roncali, also the daughter of a famous circus family, won the “Let’s Dance” award coordinated with Massimo Senato as a dance professional by your side.

So it’s not entirely clear how serious Rene Caselli’s relationship with Quincy Azario really is. But judging by his statements, she appears to be his girlfriend. We are monitoring it closely and will inform you immediately if there are any further details.

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