Farewell Merritt Baker Crime Scene: Which Detective Is Dead?

Another “crime scene” was shown in Berlin with Merritt Becker on Sunday. Her character, Nina Robin, died in a hail of bullets. She’s not the only “crime scene” detective to have died in the past decade.

Some detectives die suddenly, like the “Game of Thrones” character. Close, end, exit – without warning. Recently, Dortmund investigator Martina Bönich, played by Anna Schudt, shocked her fans by undergoing a gunshot wound in “Tatort: ​​Liebe mich” (February 2022) without prior media notice. On the other hand, with Merritt Baker, it was clear for a long time that she was going to stop. Already in May 2019, at that time there was not even a corona, the message was bypassed. In the case of Merritt Baker, the long preparation time was put to good use: “Crime Scene: The Girl Who Goes Home Alone” was not only a great crime movie, but also a great emotional departure. Why was there so much love in this movie? How many “crime scene” investigators have died in the past 10 years?

What was that about?

A dead man is recovered in the Spree. A little earlier, he was still working as an undercover police investigator with the Russian Berlin mafia. Then Julie Bolshakov (Bella Dane) approaches Commissioner Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) under the cover of Night, who wants to get rid of her marriage to Russian mafia boss Yasha (Oleg Tikhomirov) and adopt a new identity. In several secret meetings, Nina and Julie also get close emotionally. At the same time, detectives Robin and Caro (Mark Washkey), who have been in a very open-ended love affair for several episodes, have a falling out due to the lack of mutual trust that is now in the air. The love story soon turns into a thriller of persecution – yet it remains at its core: a love story.

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What was he really about?

The fact that the police work is accurately explained in the first half of the thriller is embellished with interesting sarcastic sayings and black humor is extremely rare in this quality on local TV. Responsible for the impressive script is Günter Schütter, who has already written a number of legendary thrillers – including masterpieces such as Dominic Graf’s “Tatort: ​​Frau Bu lacht” in Munich or Matthias Brandt’s Police Call “Death Makes Angels of Us All” by Lars Edinger . Shooter is just a guy for TV specials. Here he manages to combine a thriller from the environment of organized crime with the most tender love story about detective Nina Rubin’s search for happiness – without one of the two opposing genres suffering the trick. Is the fate of fellow Caro Nina Ruben? Type: hard shell, soft core. Or the beautiful extraterrestrial Julie Bolshakov? In the end, the ball decides. Great cinema!

Who played the beautiful wife of the Russian mafia boss?

Julie Bolshakov played the role of 34-year-old Bella Dane. A German who, despite her international television career, is still largely unknown in her homeland. Dane was born under the less glamorous name Isabelle Knispel in Berlin. In 2006, Pankow’s student was crowned Miss Germany. After being a beauty queen, she completed her acting training in New York and took on episode roles in well-known formats such as “American Horror Story” or “The Man in the High Castle”. In other series such as “Humans” or “Troy – Fall of a City”, Dane had an ongoing role. “Tatort: ​​The Girl Who Goes Home Alone” is her first work on German television – and more will likely follow after this debut.

How many “crime scene” investigators have died since 2012?

Depends on how you count. Do “helpers” like Munster detective Nadeshda Krussentern (Friederike Kempter, death in “Tatort: ​​Das Team”, 2020) or Franziska Lüttgenjohann (Tessa Mittelstaedt, death in “Tatort: ​​Franziska”, 2014) also come forward? Or detectives who have only been there once or twice, such as Ben Becker as police officer Stefan Treiss (1991 in Ludwigshafen “Tatort: ​​Tod im Häcksler” and more recently in “Tatort: ​​The Palatinate from above”, 2019)? Also legendary: Fabian Hinrichs’ one-off appearance in “Tatort: ​​The Deep Sleep” as Gisbert Engelhart (December 2012). This part was so impressive that fans wanted the strange detective back but unfortunately the detective was killed. Indeed: Today Henrix embodies Inspector Felix Voss in the Franconian “crime scene”. But let’s stay with the main cast – Matt is here in order (backward): Nina Robben (Merritt Becker, 2022, Berlin), Martina Bönich (Anna Schudt, 2022, Dortmund), Lessing (Christian Ulmen, 2021, Weimar), Nils Stedefreund (Oliver). Mommsen, 2019, Bremen) and Genk Pato (Muhammad Kurtulus, 2012, Hamburg). Makes five “confirmed” deaths of principal investigators at “crime scenes” over a ten-year period.

What’s next for Berlin’s “crime scene”?

Before Corina Harfouche takes over as partner of Robert Caro (Mark Washick) in “Tatort” in Berlin, “Survivor” investigates solo first. Filming for “Tatort: ​​The Victim” (working title) was completed in April 2022. The script was written by Erol Yeslikaya and directed by Stefan Schaller. In the film, Caro finds the body of a childhood friend (Andreas Beechmann) who worked as an undercover agent. In order to find out what really happened, Robert Caro takes charge of the victim’s life in the context of the thriller. Karo moves into the dead man’s old apartment and thus delves deeper into his past. In the summer, filming will begin with the new duo: Corinna Harfouch and Mark Waschke. The first “crime scene” with the two will be seen in 2023.

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