Farewell to gas pipelines and scrap – Secretary of State Gretchen calls for gas networks to be dismantled

The many years of experience of our energy politicians consist of shutting down, getting out and ripping off. Since lobbyists were secretaries of state in ministries, yesterday’s categories such as security of supply, value for money and environmental compliance no longer play a role. It is about ideology and ultimately about money.

With Dr. Gration, one of the most important lobbyists on the environmental scene has gained political responsibility. A political scientist, economist, and civil servant, he headed the Agora-Energiewende Research Center in the lobby for many years. This institution has what is called a main item on its agenda: “wind and sun take priority.” He is now imposing this with the authority of the government.

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At the Stadwerki Conference, Patrick Gretchen, as Secretary of State, called for the dismantling of the gas networks, to the horror of the participants, and above all planning for it. No more talking about the off-the-shelf conversion of H2, the transfer of synthetic gases or bio-methane. In 2045 there will be no more single gas heaters anyway, heat pumps should be the only redemptive future of heat supply.

Just a year ago, natural gas was the bridge to the new energy world and anyone asking about balancing the fluctuations in unstable natural power generation was told, like a high school teacher, that ultra-modern, flexible gas-fired power plants would then be available. The function of the gas network as a store of energy is also emphasized (“the network is the store” is said to mean the gas network).

Hence, Graichen follows the long-running and initially somewhat hidden practice of eliminating whatever stands in the way of a major expansion of wind and solar power. The technology for separating CO2 from flue gases, which was successfully promoted and tested by Vattenfall in Germany, was widely opposed, as was its underground storage. Their safety has been proven in extensive testing by Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam. One official political counterargument was the accusation that this would extend the life of coal power generation. Keep in mind: the climate issue played no part in the launch of CCS in Germany. The Swedes, who wanted to introduce this technology, miscalculated after a proposal from the IPCC, and incurred huge financial losses in the process.

Now, with the forced, rapid exit of natural gas, a smooth and immediate entry into the world of green hydrogen must occur. By wind and solar, of course, “Easter package” greetings. Synthetic gases and biogas are also held in reserve for the future heat and chemistry sector. This now appears to be outdated and is instantly 100 percent electric.

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In order to organize a gradual “irreversible” termination here, as with nuclear power, the gas network must not only be taken out of service, but also ideally immediately dismantled. why? The existing pipe network, which is then temporarily or completely unused, initially does not bother anyone and, unlike dismantling, does not cause any costs. But it will be a backup. However, Graichen wants to create facts in order to offer the national expansion of heat pumps (which cannot be used everywhere) as an alternative.

And this, in turn, can only be achieved through “ambitious and brave” or incredibly rapid expansion of wind and solar systems. There are terms like “turbo power transmission” or “ICE power transmission,” which always mean the same thing: unlimited, country-restricted savings and copying with money printing guarantee. You don’t have to look beyond national borders in international developments, they stand in the way of profit interests.

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Basically, it is the simplest logic in changing technology to first make the alternatives available in a flexible way before shutting down or dismantling. This is the only way to ensure that the supply is not interrupted. Other countries know that, an unprecedented boom in heat pumps will be impossible due to the limited number of units to be produced, qualified companies and specialists. With the simultaneous expansion of electrical traffic, a massive expansion of distribution networks at lower voltage levels will also have to be undertaken – with years of excavation work in densely populated areas.

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Instead of focusing on how to get through the coming winters, Habeck’s Ministry works to create a dream world after the 1930s. Today’s limited knowledge-based technology development policies have never been successful. If you look at the qualified background of influential politicians, their personal and party interests, their ignorance and modesty when it comes to scientific knowledge, unreal personalities and their narrow national outlook, one can be concerned about the immediate future.

There is a high probability that coal blocks will need to be reactivated from the grid reserve or security reserve in the coming winter. According to Minister Habek, the closure of the remaining three nuclear power plants is merely a waiver of the “minimum additional production”. They generated 8.5 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in the first quarter of 22, with an installed capacity of about 4 gigawatts (GW).

In the same period, there were 9 TWh of photovoltaics, with an installed capacity of 65 GW. How is this minimum output evaluated? How much should one build in order to have more than minimum production even in winter, when demand is greatest? It will be necessary to use any reasonably available power source.

We are at a critical stage of the energy transition. Anyone who, given the expected multidimensional shortage of energy (oil, gas, and electricity) believes that it can “ideally” continue to stop anything, has interests other than the economic stability and prosperity of the country. citizens.

The question is growing about when political responsibility will turn into criminal responsibility. The ministers and chancellor’s department does not mention the maximum expansion of some energy technologies, nor the climate.

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