First flight with baby: This is important

The first trip with a child is not only exciting, but also needs to be well organized. Especially for the little ones, all kinds of accessories should be included so that the family holiday is successful and stress-free. Here are the important tips for the first trip with a baby.

where are you going?

On the first vacation with a child, it does not have to be a long trip to tropical countries. Climate change will be very difficult for the young ones, as they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature well for the first few months of life. Therefore it is generally recommended to travel abroad only from the age of 6 months.

A long journey with a child isn’t really fun – sometimes even a nerve-racking test for parents and all those traveling with them. If you do not want to stress yourself and the child unnecessarily, then it is better to first decide on a short trip in your own country.

take care of health

If you are traveling abroad with a child, you should familiarize yourself with local hygiene conditions. Some countries have wildly different standards and in some countries parents have to make cutbacks when it comes to medical care. It is therefore essential that you pack a small first aid kit, a vaccination card and – depending on which country you are traveling to – a mosquito net. The first aid kit should contain at least one clinical thermometer and a fever reducer. It also contains plasters and wound cream. Don’t forget: the children’s health insurance card and the children’s passport should also be included.

Tip: so that the child does not overheat or catch a cold, it is advisable to take enough clothes with you in all weather conditions.

Arrive relaxed by train or car

In order for the vacation to be stress-free from the start, parents should pack their bags early and spend their time on the trip. With the train and reserved seats, the journey is often very comfortable. However, without reserved seats, you should not expect to ride the train with the kids. VERY IMPORTANT: Give enough time to make any transfers that may be necessary!

Contrary to popular belief, traveling on the night train in the bedroom is not a comfortable alternative. Children are often very excited on the train and don’t sleep until late at night or get up very early due to background noise – no trace of relaxation.

Bus trips with an infant are not recommended, as you cannot take as many breaks as you want and, unlike a train, you cannot get around.

table breaks

With the car, several breaks for diaper changing, feeding, and playing should be scheduled. In the car, sleeping aids such as pacifiers, towels, and soothing music help the offspring sleep peacefully for most of the trip. Parents should also pack enough baby food or milk.

flexible schedule

City tours are often very stressful with a child, while relaxing trips to the countryside are more convenient. Instead of planning an entire day and taking one trip after another, parents should take it easy. Depending on your mood, activities and relaxation can alternate. Perhaps a parent does something on their own while the baby is asleep. Or you can book a babysitter at the hotel so you can both go out to eat in peace.

Self-sufficient instead of a hotel restaurant

Take the child to the hotel restaurant for every meal? This rarely goes according to plan. If you want to focus on the needs of the family here, it is best to plan to stay in a holiday apartment. Here you can take care of yourself completely and if you are in a good mood of course you can also go to a cafe or restaurant with the child. It is best to bring appropriate baby food and necessary accessories with you. For example, a blender for making porridge yourself. This saves you a lot of stress when eating and you can focus better on relaxing on vacation.

Pack important helpers

A few important little helpers are needed for a holiday with a child. For example, a beach shell is important to protect a child from exposure to intense sunlight after a bath and to provide a place for an afternoon nap. Little ones can often get a good night’s sleep with their cuddly stuffed animal or with a pacifier – so both should be in your luggage.

The classic stroller is usually not suitable for trips to the surrounding area or to the beach. Parents travel more easily with a baby carrier as the baby can also be taken on foot. In a baby carrier, the little ones often calm down very quickly or even fall asleep in them.

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Book a travel bed or an extra bed

Many hotels and holiday apartments have the option to have a cot or an extra bed with a rail. This must be organized at the time of booking. If there is no matching offer here, you can alternatively take a crib with you in your luggage. Some accommodations are designed specifically for families and offer cots with safety rails, as well as other useful items such as a high chair for meals or a comfortable changing table.

Travel outside the holiday season

If you don’t have kids in school yet, you can travel great outside of vacation periods. This not only saves money but also nerves, as most holiday locations are not quite overcrowded and can also be booked at a cheaper rate.


If you follow some tips on traveling with a child, you can definitely have a relaxing vacation. More baggage and proper planning is crucial here. Parents can do themselves a favor by choosing the right travel destination. A vacation in your own country, for example in the Baltic Sea, is much smoother for most families than long, expensive flights that take a flying time of several hours.

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