Gundogan professional maker in City with uncertain future


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Gundogan professional maker in City with uncertain future

Manchester City shoot the title with a double: Ilkay Gundogan.

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Ilkay Gundogan snatched a historic chance to win the title from his former coach Jurgen Klopp with two goals. Whether it will continue for him at Manchester City is open.

Manchester. Ilkay Gündogan must travel to the training camp of the German national football team in Spain in a good mood.

He will likely tell one or two of his Marbella teammates again this week about the end of this crazy season in the Premier League. He wrote that it was one of the most emotional days of his career so far, after Manchester City launched their fourth title in five years with two goals on Sunday. The Joker who became a hero – and still faces an uncertain future with Skyblues. It presents a special material, the story of Gundogan.

City lost 2-0 to Aston Villa when the midfielder entered in the 68th minute. Eight minutes later, the 31-year-old scored to make it 1-2, and five minutes later to make it 3-2. Manchester won the match – and the long-distance duel with Liverpool FC, who also won 3-1 at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Liverpool lost the historic quartet

Gundogan has not only prevented his team from having a season without a title. He also snatched a potential third trophy with Liverpool this season from his former coach at Borussia Dortmund, Jürgen Klopp, and thus an opportunity for the historic quartet from under his nose.

After all, Klopp and the Reds can still win their third title after the League Cup and the FA Cup in the Champions League final against Real Madrid next Saturday in Paris. However, Gundogan dashed their hopes of becoming the first English club to win four titles in a single season. “There is no cap on the reward today,” said Klopp, who has extended his contract with Liverpool until 2026. “But we’ll get it. It’s about moving forward, and we’re going to do that.” What he’s learned in life: “If you keep going, if you keep moving forward, you’ll be rewarded.”

Where will the champions play next season?

On the final day of an exciting Premier League season, this was especially true for Gundogan. His late league goal was reminiscent of Sergio Aguero’s goal ten years earlier. At the time, the Argentine only scored in injury time to make it 3-2 against Queens Park Rangers – and win the title with City. A statue was recently erected in front of the Etihad Stadium for Aguero, the team’s all-time top scorer and now a living legend. For Gundogan, despite his heroic deed on Sunday, he shouldn’t be there.

It is not even clear if the midfielder will return to Manchester next season. His contract with City runs until June 30, 2023. The Daily Mail reported last week that Gundogan will be free to explore other options in the summer due to his merits. It is unlikely that the contract will be extended. The fact that Gundogan, who moved from Dortmund to Manchester in 2016, has played just 20 of his 38 league matches since the start of the current season could support this theory.

Coach Pep Guardiola, who also came to Skyblues six years ago and whose first transfers included Gundogan at the time, the former Porsey’s alleged farewell considerations were entirely new a few days ago. Ahead of the match against Aston Villa, Guardiola said he didn’t think Gundogan might not be there anymore. The rumor mill is now more likely to be shrouded than before. It is possible that the national player has increased his market value once again as a match-winner and main-maker. Now it will be interesting to see which chapter of Gundogan’s story will be next.

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