Incident that concluded the end of the bathing season in 2022

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to: Barbara Schlötterer Fox

split, rip

Everything went fine here, but then … the accident occurred during the transfer of the air heat pump exchanger. The lever picks up the device, it begins to swing – and gurgles against the low loader. © Markt Peiting

It’s rotten icing on the cake of a sad (not) season for Peiting’s outdoor pool in 2022: Because the pool’s new heat exchanger was scrapped in transit, the last showers end of the year closed.

Peiting – “I don’t know what to say.” Rare moment: Peiting’s mayor, Peter Ostenrieder, was stunned. After all the trouble, everyone struggles to find an emergency solution to the pool, which has been closed due to a lack of lifeguards, now this: On Tuesday afternoon, the accident occurs when the new air heat exchanger is transported into the pool on time: the huge and heavy part gets hit when lifted, It cannot be used anymore. It will take at least four months to make the repairs. Even an open swimming pool will sometimes theoretically be one thing again: closed.

The download procedure becomes fatal

Yes, is there a curse on the Peitinger Bad? When you hear it, you don’t really want to believe that this series of unfortunate circumstances did not stem from a German comedy script. How good it was to have a trustworthy eyewitness to the accident: Franz Seidl, the leader of the parliamentary group of the Bettegen Citizens’ Assembly, was alive when fate took its course.

Loading the heat exchanger on Tuesday afternoon, he drove a trailer that was supposed to be used to lift the machine onto a low loader. by crane. When asked by Schongauer Nachrichten, Seidel told the Schongauer Nachrichten newspaper, “When the crane raised the heat exchanger, the machine started vibrating and then collided with the lower loader.”

The machine must go to Italy for repair

At first glance, the construction bureau on the market estimated the damage at 20-30 thousand euros. Obviously, an expert must now be called in to determine the exact amount of damage and who ultimately bears responsibility for the major accident. Alone: ​​About a month should pass before the appraiser has free capacity.

And even then, it remains complicated, because even if repair is possible, it must be done directly by the device manufacturer due to the warranty. But it’s not around the corner, but in Bella Italia. So the air heat exchanger begins another great journey. Only after such a complex repair can the heat exchanger be returned to Peiting and then (hopefully) installed. The supplier estimates up to four months as a time frame for the entire set of heat exchangers. And because it is already May, it will already be September – the month when the outdoor wave pool in Peitingen always closes after the end of the season.

You don’t have to have much imagination to imagine what that means for citizens: “In 2022, not only will the pool be closed to the public, but the planned swimming courses can certainly no longer be offered,” says Mayor Peter Ostenrieder.

It is no longer possible to meet the citizens’ demand for daily opening

The mayor continued that at the last meeting of the municipal council on Tuesday evening, the market council was informed of this new situation in the non-public part and was very concerned about the matter. There were no discussions. What do you want to complain about now? The truth is: This year Peiting residents will have to switch to outdoor pools and lakes in the surrounding area. So not only did the bathing season come to an end, but the open letter from Petitengers citizens was presented to the city council president on Thursday. They requested that the pool be open to visitors at least daily from July. It remains to be hoped for everyone that the streak of bad luck regarding the outdoor pool ends in 2023 and that everyone appreciates the beautiful, open plan outdoor pool in the city center even more.


Mayor Peter Ostenrieder notes once again that the following regulation applies to Peitingen Season Pass holders for 2021: A season pass for the outdoor pool at Plantsch can be purchased at a 25 percent discount until May 31. It is valid until the end of the outdoor pool season. The following applies to all Peitingers: This year, season tickets can also be purchased in the Peitingers name at the Altenstadt outdoor pool. For students the following applies (upon presentation of a student ID or confirmation from the school): From 2 pm all buses in the RVO network can be used free of charge, eg also to Bad Tölz or Jachenau – this applies throughout the day during holidays or holidays weekend.

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