Lake Constance Region: Are people tempted to travel far again? These are the travel directions for Pentecost and summer

The Corona pandemic has slowed down vacationers in the past two years. Flights have been canceled, and travel restrictions and quarantine rules have made entry into many countries more difficult. Traveling is now possible again almost anywhere in the world. According to tour operators, the demand is high. The Airports Association is also seeing a rebound in passenger numbers.

Is the desire to travel also noticeable among the people in the Lake Constance region? At the beginning of the year, Bodensee Airport expressed confidence in the vision of 2022: a stable recovery in tourism traffic is expected. With most travel restrictions lifted at the end of March, demand actually increased significantly, airport spokesperson Bernd Bernd confirmed when asked. The hoped-for recovery came around Easter.

Airport spokesman Bernd Bernd

Airport spokesman Bernd Bernd | Pictured: Benjamin Schmidt

According to him, two years after the epidemic, there is definitely a need to compensate for holiday traffic. He stresses that “due to other factors, such as the shutdown of China, the Ukraine war and supply chains, business travel remains restricted.” Recovery will likely only happen after the summer holidays.

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Recently, flights to Palma de Mallorca, Crete, Antalya and Skopje have been in demand at Lake Constance Airport. Palma and Crete are also high on the wish list for the upcoming Pentecost holidays. TUI already offered Heraklion Tours due to demand. “July was originally scheduled, and now flights begin at the start of the Pentecost holiday,” the airport spokesman said.

There are also tickets for last minute visitors

Even those who make last-minute decisions will now be able to get flight tickets from Friedrichshafen, although of course holiday dates are especially popular. What about travel agencies? Is there really a great demand for travel there for Pentecost and the summer holidays? “Yes, absolutely,” says Monika Gindele of the travel agency Gindele Reisen in Friedrichshafen.

Monica Gendel of Friedrichshafen Travel Agency Gindele Reisen

Monica Gendel of Friedrichshafen Travel Agency Gindele Reisen | Photo: Annette Bengelsdorf

Two years after the outbreak of Corona, there is a lot to do, both during the holidays and outside. “We have a lot to do and feel like people are getting braver again,” says Heike Zander, office manager at Reiseland in Friedrichshafen. And it confirms that they have not yet returned to the pre-Corona level, and one expects this for the summer, but significant gains.

Heike Zander from Reiseland at the Bodenseecenter.

Heike Zander from Reiseland at the Bodenseecenter. | Photo: Andrea Fritz

On the other hand, not much has changed in terms of desirable holiday destinations, according to Heike Zander. Your customers are especially fond of flying from Friedrichshafen, which is why Greece, Spain and Turkey are popular destinations. But long-distance travel is also increasingly on the agenda – America, among other things, is in demand there.

If you want to get a good price, you should hurry

According to Monica Gendel, European countries are still the easiest to plan at the moment. In some more remote destinations, there will be stricter entry regulations, for example in Thailand. According to her, the demand for Spain, Greece and Turkey in particular. But also countries like Bulgaria or Cape Verde. If you want to get a good price, you should definitely hurry, advises Monika Gindele.

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