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Berlin or Wiesbaden again? The party wanted to remain in limbo whether Federal Interior Minister Weser would be the front-runner in the 2023 elections in Hesse. Now the second SPD woman from the Hessian in the traffic light closet has exacerbated the need for clarification.

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Nancy Visser rejects transfer rumors

Hessenschau from 23.05.2022

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So, did Nancy Wieser make an irreversible decision: does the state leader of the SPD want to stay in Berlin as Federal Minister of the Interior until the end of the legislative period? So, wouldn’t you run in the 2023 state election to become the first female premier in Hesse? You, the great hope after more than two decades of CDU rule? On Monday there was clarity.

However, strictly speaking, only in the RA. You rule Hesse with the CDU, and like the Christian Democrats and SPD, you control the position of Prime Minister. “Wesser is committed: she does not want to run for prime minister of Hesse” – so the Greens interpreted with enjoyment what the 51-year-old SPD politician said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag.

In the interview, Weisser appeared to dismiss speculation ever more explicitly that she was planning to leave federal politics again soon in order to become a leading candidate in Hessen. “I don’t intend to do that,” she said of leaving Berlin, adding: As Minister for Sports, she is already looking forward to the 2024 event: the European Football Championship in Germany.

Let’s go, Nancy.

However, plans and intentions can change. Monday during a visit to Wiesbadener Federal Criminal Police Office Visser had to dismiss rumors of the change again, but again seemed noncommittal. Among other things, the SPD politician said: “I am the Minister of the Interior in full force.” Nor was it clear that “she would not be the first candidate” from the state party. All that was said was that the president said it all. Nothing should change on the current schedule, so the top candidate should be decided within a few months.

Just two weeks ago, Wesser was re-elected leader of the Social Democratic Hess party with 94.3 percent of the vote at the state party conference in Marburg. With cheers (“Let’s go, Nancy!”), she said, “My heart is in Hess!” This was a signal to everyone who was there: This woman is up to the top candidate. Associated skepticism, with a heightened awareness of the desire to gain momentum as a minister to jump into the Hessian state chancellery: it’s nothing new for Weiser.

But it was only the latest interview with a friend and fellow party member that made her desperate for clarification. “I am counting on Nancy Weisser to become the top SPD candidate in Hesse next year, but also the first female prime minister in Hesse,” Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said. T Online.

Apparently, what the 56-year-old from Wernheim (Bergstraße) said was not agreed upon. And the Weisser debate began – after the Lambrecht debate, which lasted for weeks.

Defense Minister out loud ZDF Political Scale Currently, she is a particularly unpopular minister in Schulz’s government – and she is considered guess. The issue surrounding her son’s helicopter flight is only one cause. It is under pressure, among other things, due to the faltering delivery of weapons. Opponents of the ministry and troops only infiltrated journalists from Der Spiegel with supposed evidence of Lambrecht’s blatant inactivity and ignorance in office. Then he called it “Minister Zero Bock”.

Hot: Lambrecht was originally targeting the interior department. Weisser, the other SPD woman from Hesse in the treasury, received it.

Exception to rule Don’t worry?

Because of Hesse’s alleged ambitions, Wesser previously had to endure the accusation that he was a “minister on call”. But only sometimes. Now begins the criticism – fired by a party colleague who was derided by critics as a minister’s “self-defense”.

When asked how angry she was at Lambrecht, Weiser said Monday in Wiesbaden: “As a rule, I never get angry with my colleagues.” Whether Lambrecht, as some suspect, was an exception to the rule: that was left open.

Indeed, the anger in the Weisser camp is enormous, even if it is not expressed publicly for partisan reasons. A comrade in Wiesbaden said that Lambrecht really had enough to do in her office. “You should be silent about everything else.”

Not a bit of applause

Prior to her appointment as Minister of Justice in 2019, Lambrecht was active in leadership positions in Hesse-SPD in the Grand Alliance under Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU): for a decade as Vice-President of Hesse-South and for more. For a long time on the State Council.

For more than 20 years, until 2021, it was a member of the Bundestag. Initially, I was able to do this twice with a direct mandate to the Bergstrasse district, and the last four times were via the Hessian State SPD roster.

Nobody says out loud that the 56-year-old, unlike the undisputed state leader Wesser, no longer enjoys much support in the SPD in Hesse despite this profession. Nobody should. This was vocally evident in a different way at the party convention in early May: when Chancellor Schultz praised the ailing minister in a video message for “a great job,” the assembled members themselves dismissed the usual polite applause.

The unit has actually been part of the Hessen SPD brand core for several years. In secret conversations, Lambrecht is often dug up briefly. Tenor: The Minister of Defense is nothing more than a solidary comrade, more than anything political.

Even less sympathy remaining

Lambrecht has largely given up any remaining sympathy for her role backwards after the federal election in 2021. In the middle of a low SPD poll a year ago, she announced that she wanted to exit politics after the election. When Scholz’s success suddenly came close at hand, she said she was excited about the job again — and became the Federal Secretary of Defense.

When ministerial posts were distributed, many got nothing. Michael Roth is one of these, former Secretary of State in the Foreign Ministry from Heringen (Werra-Meißner).

“No one has forgotten that here,” the State party said of the Lambrecht maneuver on its behalf. With the speculation making headlines about Faeser’s future, another memorable memory of Hesse SPD has now been added.

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