Marquez also surprised: Great save from Toprak / Superbike World Championship

With more luck, Superbike Toprak world champion Razgatlioglu could have won two races on his Yamaha R1 at Estoril. What he had to say after ranks 2, 2 and 3.

In the first race on Saturday, Alvaro Bautista (Ducati) knocked out Toprak Razgatlioglu from the last corner to win by 0.126sec over the Yamaha star.

In the sprint race on Sunday morning, Razgatlioglu looked like a sure winner, but on the last lap it took massive control of the moto to avoid an accident.

In the second main race, Toprak had nothing to oppose to Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki) and Bautista and finished third by 4.35sec.

Although he finished second, second and third in Estoril, Turk’s 45 points left him losing another 7 points to tournament leader Bautista and 8 to second-placed Rhea. Razgatlioglu is already 52 points behind after nine races.

“In the sprint I was very lucky that I did not fall,” the world champion told a small group of reporters. “We do such saves at the Kenan Racecourse in Turkey. The front wheel often slides away from us – we don’t usually fall. But sometimes it does. In slow turns you straighten the bike back, it was such a slow corner. It wasn’t easy because the bike is so heavy. I didn’t crash and was able to finish second, which makes me happy. I almost won. Maybe it will work in Misano, where I won my first race of the season last year.”

“My plan for the second race was to follow Johnny and save my rear tyres,” added Razgatlioglu. “But after only ten laps, the rear tire was spinning a lot, and I lost a lot, especially in the last corner. I managed to catch up on the rest of the lap, but then I lost everything again in one corner. I am not happy with that because I was not able to fight for victory but only for third place on the last lap I was just a spectator. I felt more comfortable on the brakes than I did at the start of the season, showed two very good races and was able to fight with Johnny and Alvaro. I wasn’t expecting it to go like that in the second main race. – It might have been the rear tire.”

Although Toprak is still without a win after nine races, he came close to Portugal in the first two races. “Sometimes you need luck,” says the 25-year-old. “This weekend we were very fast, although the pace was much higher than last year.”

World Superbike result: Estoril, race 1
location Driver Motorcycle the time
1. Alvaro Bautista ducati
2. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha + 0.126 seconds
3. Jonathan Ria Kawasaki + 4835
4. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha +17,079
5. Xavi Verg Honda + 19.107
6. Iker Likona Honda + 19.215
7. Alex Louise Kawasaki + 21956
VIII. Scott Reading BMW + 23090
9. Michael Rinaldi ducati + 24.104
10 Loris Baz BMW + 25212
11. Xavi Force ducati +27516
12. Axel Bassani ducati + 30686
13. Luca Bernardi ducati +39,599
14 Kota Nozan Yamaha +39643
15th Eugene Lafferty BMW + 41735
World Superbike Championship Result: Estoril, Superpole-Race
location Driver Motorcycle the time
1. Jonathan Ria Kawasaki
2. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha + 0.174 seconds
3. Alvaro Bautista ducati + 4.925
4. Iker Likona Honda +7050
5. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha + 8240
6. Alex Louise Kawasaki + 8684
7. Scott Reading BMW +10293
VIII. Michael Rinaldi ducati + 29516
9. Xavi Force ducati +29541
World Superbike result: Estoril, race 2
location Driver Motorcycle the time
1. Jonathan Ria Kawasaki
2. Alvaro Bautista ducati + 0.194 seconds
3. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha +4,350
4. Alex Louise Kawasaki + 7.125
5. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha + 8232
6. Iker Likona Honda + 8309
7. Axel Bassani ducati + 10865
VIII. Michael Rinaldi ducati +16.082
9. Xavi Verg Honda +18292
10 Xavi Force ducati +18412
11. Scott Reading BMW +9758
12. Loris Baz BMW + 25193
13. Kota Nozan Yamaha +27753
14 Eugene Lafferty BMW +38391
15th Luca Bernardi ducati +38424
Place the 2022 World Superbike Championship after 9 races out of 36
location Driver Motorcycle points
1. Alvaro Bautista ducati 161
2. Jonathan Ria Kawasaki 144
3. Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha 109
4. Andrea Locatelli Yamaha 84
5. Iker Likona Honda 76
6. Michael Rinaldi ducati 60
7. Alex Louise Kawasaki 54
VIII. Xavi Verg Honda 48
9. Axel Bassani ducati 43
10 Loris Baz BMW 38
11. Scott Reading BMW 35
12. Garrett Gerlove Yamaha 25
13. Philip Otel ducati 15th
14 Lucas Mahias Kawasaki 14
15th Eugene Lafferty BMW 13
16 Xavi Force ducati 12
17 Michael van der Mark BMW 11
18 Luca Bernardi ducati 10
19 Ilya Michalchik BMW 9
20 Roberto Tamborini Yamaha 9
21 Christopher Bunson Yamaha VIII
22 Kota Nozan Yamaha 5
23 Leon Hassan Kawasaki 3
24 Leandro Mercado Honda 1

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