May 23, 2022 – Press review of German newspapers

View of the devastated Ukrainian city of Mariupol Copyright: xAlexeyxKudenkox (Imago / SNA / Alexey Kudenko)
From the point of view of SDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG, the conquest of the Ukrainian port of Mariupol by the Russian army did not change the state of the war: “The fall of the city, which Russia considered indispensable for the construction of a land bridge from occupied Crimea to was just a few tens of kilometers east of the dominant Russia, lying in Mariupol A matter of time since the start of the war, but it is supposed to help achieve the minimum objectives of the Russian war: to conquer all of eastern Ukraine, the city of Severodonetsk, which was shot. It is also possible that the rubble will fall”, predicts SÜDDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG.
Frankfurter Rundschau predicts a “bloody war of attrition”: “Ukrainian President Selinsky is also preparing for this when he says that he no longer wants to negotiate with Russia and wants to return the Russian army to the positions it was in before the illegal war. Attack. This means for Kyiv’s allies in the United States and Europe. That they will have to support the country with money, weapons and refugee aid for a long time to come. It helps motivate all concerned if politicians like Polish President Andrzej Duda continue to visit Ukraine and remind them that only the Ukrainian people have the right to decide their own future,” notes Frankfurter Rundschau.
NEUE OSNABRÜCKER ZEITUNG warns: “No one should underestimate Vladimir Putin. Although his army did not succeed in overrunning Ukraine with his tanks, the Russian dictator has already controlled important areas in the east and south of the neighboring country. It is limited to bombs and grenades. His war goes far beyond that, as the blockade of Ukrainian ports shows.Putin relies on hunger as a weapon.The potential for blackmail is great.Ukraine, as one of the world’s most important breadbaskets, simply cannot In addition, drought, regional conflicts and high fuel prices lead to Exacerbation of supply problems in many countries. Millions of people are at risk of starvation. Anyone who wants to reach Putin will need to stay in power – not only when it comes to supplying arms to Ukraine, but also when it comes to helping poor countries in need, “he said. In the new newspaper Osnabrücker Zeitung.
Bayreuth’s NORDBAYERISCHE KURIER asks: “Why does a fundamental change like the one that was possible in Germany after World War II not work in Russia? Ukraine itself is the best example of what is possible in terms of a democratic awakening.” Philosopher Peter Sloterdijk recently formulated an elegant formula that the West should That “help Putin fail.” That is exactly what the coming months should be about, not saving face for a war criminal. And any discussion of how to make this politically clear deserves any discussion. Because this is above all, the goal can mean one thing: the return of Peace in Europe ”, says the newspaper NORDBAYERISCHE KURIER.
changing the subject. BERLINER ZEITUNG appreciates Janine Whistler’s decision to remain as leader of the Left Party as a brave one: “For years, the party seemed hardly concerned with peace within the party. Party struggles are part of left-wing identity, but now they alienate voters, who no longer know what the party stands for.” And that is in times when left-wing politics must be thriving – war, rising costs, people’s fears. If the party is not in a permanent state of emergency, it can set accents. The left Returning to the path of success is a difficult task. Whistler will have to clean up. It must finally set Relevant political issues again. Otherwise, Whistler will only deal with collapse”, predicts BERLINER ZEITUNG.
The TAGESZEITUNG newspaper from Berlin writes that the Left Party is going through an identity crisis threatening its very existence: “In times of brutal attack on Ukraine by an imperialist war criminal, the image cherished for years as a peaceful party, has become alienated from NATO and sometimes more and sometimes less outspoken with Vladimir Comes to Putin’s own bosom, which is uncomfortably outdated. The FDP scapegoat. Attempts with identity politics and pandering for “Fridays for the Future.” Lobbying young leftists does not work. A ruined balance sheet or not “Janine Whistler wants to go on and run again for the party leadership. By doing so, she is doing fatal damage to her party and, unlike former co-chair Susan Hennig-Welso, is jubilant. Anything other than giving up this nomination would be sabotaging the urgently needed restart,” she asserts. TAZ.
VOLKSTTIMME from Magdeburg expressed a similar view: “The left is sinking more and more into pettiness in one election after another, has a sex scandal and has only one of two presidents left. Anyone who wants a serious analysis will have to despair. So the pervasive Whistler prefers to tell Cheerfully the news of a new start is imminent. It begins with the leadership and thus also with Hessen. After all, it is reasonably well known in the country. Otherwise, it looks weak with well-known staff at the top. Gregor Gezi no longer wants, Bodo Ramelow must hold out in Thuringia. Dietmar Bartsch may want to do it again, but he has so many opponents, Jan Kurt has to keep the parliamentary group together.Soren Bellmann of Leipzig may want to, for although he is the East German representative of the parliamentary group, he does not It represents one for the people. Perhaps the party’s last hope is very different: Sahra Wagenknecht,” explains VOLKSSTIMME.
next topic. The World Health Organization expects more cases of monkeypox in the near future. “The virus that has appeared almost exclusively in Central and West Africa for decades seems to be invading the world. And after two and a half years of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, it is no wonder that the public is excessive,” says the newspaper “WELT”. Nervous and some people may fear the worst. However, according to the current state of knowledge, there will be no epidemic with this virus. However, nothing can be predicted with absolute certainty in biology and evolution – so a dose of caution is appropriate. Monkeypox can ever be spread from person to person, ironically due to the triumph of medicine: it has been considered the deadliest smallpox eradicated since the 1970s. With the end of mass vaccinations, people are also more likely to get monkeypox again, a renewed vaccination on a large scale of the population is certainly not necessary, yes, perhaps vaccinating people in contact,” concludes WELT.
Hof’s FRANKENPOST criticizes that contact with monkeypox cases is sometimes contradictory: “While one authority talks only about infection through close physical contact, other reports indicate that the virus can also be transmitted through the air we breathe. The World Health Organization warns, ‘You have to follow the methods of Infection, it becomes clear that nothing has changed structurally in Germany. Experts have long said that the era of epidemics has begun. Corona has shown how quickly the health system needs to be upgraded,” says FRANKENPOST’s comment. That ends the press review.

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