Monday accompanied by thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, tornadoes, tornadoes


By Paul Heger and Oliver Hantke

Breathing did not last long! heavy Bad weather on Friday with at least three hurricanes behind us. But at the start of the week, the case for the next big storm is already under threat. Here’s the current storm schedule for partly rainy Monday and Tuesday.

Here: A quick look at the current thunderstorm risks

Monday again high risk of thunderstorms

The danger zones have not changed. The greatest danger of thunderstorms on Monday is mainly concentrated in the south and west.

© meteorologist Paul Heger with the uncomfortable forecast for the start of the week:

“Monday Thunderstorms likely to pull deep into FINJA again within two or three seasons. Single violent thunderstorms or supercells will be able to form, which also increases the risk of tornadoes. Gusts of strong winds of about 100 km/h can also occur. At the same time, a larger border of 3 cm can be visualized again,” According to the expert.

“Overall, the warning level will be red (not purple this time, but still high!) from the southwest to Bavaria, Thuringia, Hesse, and North Carolina. The moderate danger zone will decrease to Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony. For most areas in Germany, it’s another uncomfortable day for a dangerous day!”

The first rains and thunderstorms come very early, but the risk of severe weather increases later. “The first rains, which may be heavier at times, will move in the morning from the southwest towards the northwest of North and South Franconia. The risks of severe weather are still low there. In the afternoon and evening, thunderstorms will intensify – similar to Friday, Maybe only in the second slide and then very late. From the southwest to the center and southeast it can crack violently, pour and blow locally. In the northeast it picks up a lot of wind, but it’s still dry here.”so our meteorologist is on schedule.

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Large amounts of rain are also possible locally

The graphic shows the rainfall forecast for Monday, May 23, 2022

A good amount of rain is also calculated for Monday in the west and south.


With rain and thunderstorms, very large amounts of rain can occur locally within a very short period of time. “Inside the thunderstorm cells, torrential rains of up to 60 liters can fall in an hour in a very short time”According to our meteorologists.

Tuesday with thunderstorms and continuous rain

“On Tuesday we will be back in the back of FINJA and on Saturday we will experience a little deja vu with strong winds in the north with a few showers and scattered thunderstorms. But this time, an Italian bottom will also intervene, spoiling the mood in Bavaria. As it continues Precipitation, we can hardly exceed 15 degrees in the Alps, while in the east the temperature is still about 25 degrees. ”

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The graph shows the rainfall forecast for Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Today, Tuesday, it was announced that rain will continue in the south.


Video: This is how a supercell is formed

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