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Berlin – One case in Munich and at least three cases in Berlin. A total of more than 100 cases in twelve countries in just two weeks. The spread of monkeypox is progressing rapidly. The first countries are now enacting quarantine for infected people or are studying the possibility.

: arrow_forward: ︎ Belgium: Authorities link the infection to a fetish festival in Antwerp. The following now applies there: Anyone infected must remain in quarantine for 21 days.

: arrow_forward: ︎ Netherlands: The RIVM state health service has made reporting of illness mandatory. Physicians must inform the authority as soon as an infection is suspected. According to the RIVM, new cases should be registered as soon as possible so that the infection process can be brought under control and any necessary countermeasures can be taken in a timely manner. This can also include quarantining people who have been in contact with infected people.

: arrow_forward: ︎ GUnited Kingdom: The number of infections is rising on the island. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has therefore advised that you self-isolate for 21 days if you suspect infection.

Experts warned of the outbreak scenario last year

subordinate above US virologist Eric Vegel-Ding says the new cases are “astronomical”. Christian Happy (“African Center for Excellence in Infectious Disease Genomics”) adds: “We’ve never seen it this way before” and: “Europe should investigate it!”

Conspiracy theorists have already begun preparing for its publication. The reason: At the Munich Security Conference in March 2021, experts played through a biologically manipulated, but purely theoretical, monkeypox outbreak scenario. They took May 2022 as the fictional time of the outbreak.

In the scenario, 250 million people died. However, viruses were much more dangerous than the ones that are rampant now. And: such scenarios are often implemented. Recently, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD) and his colleagues did so at the G7 summit using a fake “leopard smallpox”.

Why researcher Still worried? Distribution is abnormal. Monkeypox has so far been found mainly in West and Central Africa. As early as 2019, the University of Cambridge and the London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine warned that the virus could evolve and fill the niche that emerged after the eradication of smallpox (officially: 1980).

The virus has left Africa. It is said that he first came to the UK from Nigeria.

Often appear: infections during sexual intercourse. According to experts, the majority of those affected are gay and bisexual men between the ages of 20 and 50. So Leif Eric Sander, 44, director of infectious diseases at the Charité, tweeted that “special vigilance” is required for men who have sex with men (MSM). In Spain, authorities are investigating the suspicion that Gran Canaria’s “Maspalomas Pride” (80,000 revelers from the LGBT community) could be a hotspot.

However, experts warn of stigma. Anyone can get infected! A three-year-old child is undergoing treatment in intensive care in the United Kingdom. The World Health Organization is already working on containment guidelines. It is feared that the number of cases will increase in the summer months.

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Before the blisters appear, monkeypox begins with symptoms such as fever and pain. They were not originally transmitted by monkeys but by rodents.

Do we suffer from Corona déjà vu with the current monkeypox cases?

Vaccination, quarantine and the risk of global spread are discussed again…

Holetschek wants to order a vaccine

Sunday’s BILD “Right Questions” talk also addressed the question: How dangerous is the virus? And what does it protect?

Bavaria’s Minister of Health Klaus Holeczyk (57, CSU) wants intensified preventive action against monkeypox based on the example of Great Britain: “I think it is important that we order a vaccine now,” Holczyk said.

Contradiction from physician and publicist Günter Frank (59): The task of medicine is to inform people and “not to provoke panic.”

Klaus Hollitschek in Bild talk Foto: BILD

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Klaus Hollitschek in Bild talk “The Right Questions” Photo: BUILD

The most important topic: Presumed higher risk for homosexual men. CDU politician Erwin Rudel (55) can’t imagine a demand for smallpox vaccination – but it “may be a recommendation for certain groups of people”. A statement in which doctor and publicist Gerhard Trabert (65) fears the “stigmatization” of homosexuals.

After all: Holetschek also sees clear differences with Corona: “We are not immediately talking about a new pandemic. We are talking about a development that must be closely monitored.”

Means: According to Hollitschek, no one should be afraid of “monkeypox insurance.”

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