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For only nine euros per month throughout Germany: this will be possible from June to August. How the cheap ticket might work was initially unclear after the announcement. Now the most important questions about the nine-euro ticket have been clarified.

When and where is the €9 ticket available? The transport company Munich (MVG) is offering the €9 ticket as a mobile ticket in the MVG Fahrinfo Munich app from Wednesday 1 June. It can be purchased in advance from Sunday, May 22 as a paper ticket at all touch screen ticket machines and from MVG ticket partners, as well as from Monday, May 23 at MVG Customer Centers. For technical reasons, the ticket is not available only on some of the old machines in the subway stations. Deutsche Bahn also sells it as a mobile ticket via the Munich Navigator app and DB Navigator, as well as online via, in the online ticket shop, at ticket machines, at DB travel centers and S-Bahn customer centers.

Where is the ticket valid? Applicable to local and regional transport throughout Germany. This means that by purchasing a nine-euro ticket purchased from MVG, travelers can not only travel in the Munich Transport and Tariff Union (MVV) area, but also use public transport in Berlin or Hamburg, for example. This includes in particular regular buses, trams, subways, suburban trains and sometimes ferries on local public transport and regional trains (second class only). But you have to be careful not to get on the wrong train. Because the €9 ticket is not valid for long-distance transportation, ie on ICE, IC, EC, Flixbus, Flixtrain or ÖBB trains.

Can I also travel abroad with the ticket? In some cases this is possible, for example with a regional train to Salzburg or Kufstein. From Baden-Württemberg you can also drive to Basel. However, it is advisable to inquire with the railway company in advance before traveling to a city near the border abroad.

What is the validity of the nine-euro ticket? The show runs from June 1 to August 31. The €9 ticket is a monthly ticket valid until the last day of the particular calendar month. Tickets are also available in advance for every three months.

How do subscription customers benefit? If you already have a subscription with a monthly payment, only nine euros will be deducted automatically during the campaign period. If you have paid for your subscription in advance for the whole year, you can either add or pay the difference to the regular ticket price to your customer account. With the 9 AM Isar-Card, there are no time restrictions during the three months.

Do subscription customers have to exchange their tickets or will they get a new one? Isar-Card holders cannot continue to use it as usual, throughout Germany.

What about the pupils and students? For students and trainees on the internship tariff, the monthly fee is reduced in June, July and August. If you have a 365 euro ticket, you will receive similar payments every month. Students can also use local public transport throughout Germany with their semester tickets (student ID card with MVV logo and/or Isar Card Semester). The reimbursement for the Isar-Card semester is now regulated as follows: each student who bought an Isar-card semester for €209.30 in the current summer semester 2022 gets half, i.e. €104.65, again. Students will likely apply for a refund of the amount they purchased the ticket, eg MVG or S-Bahn. The exact modalities are still being worked out.

How crowded buses and trains? MVG does not assume that there will be an overall overload. So far, passenger demand has reached about 80% compared to before Corona. So there is still capacity. On weekends and during holidays, some trains to destinations will be tight. The EVG rail union is warning of overcrowded train stations, overcrowding on trains and even brawls. Precisely because Pentecost and the summer holidays fall during the campaign period, there may be a rush similar to what happened in 1995. At the time, DB offered a weekend ticket that up to five people could use for 15 ticks. But carriers simply cannot increase capacity. There is a shortage of people and vehicles.

Can children also use the nine euro ticket? Children under six travel free when accompanied by an adult and do not need a ticket of their own. Children over six years old need their own nine-euro ticket. There is no additional child ticket with this special offer.

Is it possible to take bicycles with you? Bicycles cannot be taken with you for free. The possible regulations for obtaining an existing subscription apply only to the contractually concluded tariff area.

Can I bring a dog with me for free? One dog per person can travel for free within the MVV. If additional tickets are required for animals in other unions, they must be purchased separately. Additional dogs require a children’s ticket, unless you can slip it into a basket or bag. On regional trains, gentlemen and mistresses have to purchase a regular adult ticket for their dogs. There are no tickets for nine euros for animals.

Is upgrade to first class possible? The ticket of nine euros is only valid in second class on regional transport. Upgrading on individual flights is not possible.

Do customers have to be based in Germany to use the ticket? The ticket can also not be purchased by foreign tourists, for example.

Is it transferable? No, the €9 ticket is assigned by entering your name. If you have a transferable MVV subscription, you can pass it on as normal within the MVV region. Abroad it becomes a personal ticket. According to the information from the various transport associations in Germany, the name must be entered manually on the back and the ID card shown during the examination.

Can a nine euro ticket be canceled or exchanged? Not even if you get lost, there is no free replacement.

How do I get from Munich to Berlin with a nine-euro ticket? Depending on the regional train you take, the journey takes approximately nine to nine and a half hours. For example, if you take Alex via Hof at 8.43 am at the main train station on Wednesday, 1 June, you will be in Berlin at 5.32 pm after changing trains at Hof, Chemnitz and Elsterwerda. However, the prerequisite is that the trains are on time, because sometimes the transfer times are very short.

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