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The CDU and the Green Party officially want to start exploratory talks about a possible alliance in North Rhine-Westphalia. The bipartisan bodies spoke on Sunday, the CDU and the Greens announced in the evening.

The CDU apparently won the state elections a week ago with 35.7% of the vote. The Greens managed to nearly triple their score compared to the 2017 election and became the third strongest force at 18.2 percent. However, it is not yet clear which parties want to form a government together.

“The conversation with representatives of the Green Party this week has been very open and, in my opinion, very constructive,” Prime Minister and top candidate for the CDU, Hendrik Fust, said on Sunday evening. One now wants to explore whether there is a solid basis for coalition negotiations. In these times, Wüst said, NRW needs “a government that is both stable and ambitious.” “At least in light of the tipping point caused by the global pandemic and the war in Europe, we have to rethink many topics.”

As for the Greens, leading candidate Mona Neubauer and state leader Felix Banzac announced together on Sunday evening: “Mathematically speaking, it is possible to form an alliance between the CDU and the Greens as well as the Traffic Lights Alliance.”

The CDU has indicated a very serious interest in forming a coalition, and the SPD is also available to form a government. “The FDP has made clear it is in principle available for further talks, but not at the moment, and sees the government’s mandate for the CDU and the Greens.” Therefore, they now want to engage in exploratory talks with CDU.

The CDU and the Greens would get a comfortable majority

If the talks are successful, Newport and Banasack explained, “we will propose that our party enter into coalition negotiations.” As a coalition, the CDU and the Greens would have a comfortable majority in the state parliament. After the conversation with Wüst on Wednesday, Neubaur already said the conversation was “fun, open and honest”.

Prime Minister Faust made clear the intersections between the two parties on election night: he repeatedly stressed the need to combine climate protection with jobs. This is the most important task.

Who goes to the CDU’s Exploratory Talks Initially remained open on Sunday. The Greens already called an “exploratory team” of eleven people, including Neubaur and Banaszak.

After all, on Monday (10:00 a.m.) election winner Wüst and SPD state leader Thomas Kutschaty wants to meet in the Dusseldorf state parliament in a small group for a business meeting. Head of State Nathanael Leminsky (CDU) and NRW-SPD General Secretary, Nadja Lüders, must also participate. (dpa)

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