Pokémon GO hints at a big change in Battle League

So far, Mega Evolutions has not been a factor in the PvP Battle League in Pokémon GO. But that appears to be about to change.

Announce this: The Pokémon GO team has shared a short teaser via the official Twitter channel. There is a seven-second scene from PvP Battle League.

The video sums up quickly: Kangama’s Mega Evolution boss is sent into battle against Turtok.

Only the phrase “More Mega Evolution is on your way” has been released.

Not much is known yet – but it’s enough to make coaches speculate.

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Mega evolution can turn a dead into a league battle

What does humor mean? Although brief, the joke is quite straightforward: soon the trainers will likely be able to use their massive evolutions in the Battle League. This should make Megas a little more relevant after just reviewing it and become more exciting for many players.

It’s also appropriate to announce a PvP battle league day in Pokémon GO on May 29, which includes a “big surprise,” which hasn’t been detailed yet. It is clear here that humor is associated with this day of fighting.

But exactly how the feature will be implemented in the Battle League is still quite open.

Pokémon GO: The most powerful attackers of all kinds in the video

This is what the community says: In the “TheSilphRoad” subreddit, coaches are already sharing thoughts on what the massive developments for the Battle Tournament could mean.

Depending on the league, mega versions of Pokémon can rock established monsters. Mega Gyarados in particular looks like a promising candidate for the Battle League. Mega Altaria is also an interesting monster in the Battle League – even its “normal” version is a Pokemon popular in PvP battles.

Additionally, trainers also see the potential for Mega Beedrill to find its own niche in the Battle League where it might not last much, but could do a lot of damage.

And other monsters can also be interesting:

  • “Ah, that would be fun. Charizard Y has the stats to crush Dialga/Metagross users and potentially seriously threaten Melmetal if you play with the power feature. Tears of Mega Aerodactyl Togekiss and Charizard,” summarizes user TehWildMan (via reddit).
  • However, some players are also questioning how this is supposed to work: “For my part, I’m very excited if they introduce it in a way that makes tournaments with or without megas at the same time,” user TJBacon (via reddit) suggests: “So I guess It would be widely accepted.”

At the same time, it must be remembered that, as currently, you have only limited access to mega developments and it becomes difficult to manipulate your team throughout the day.

Additionally, there are still limitations to development if you haven’t already collected enough Mega Energy for your first mega project. This is another reason why some players want to have more missions that offer massive energy as a reward.

Meanwhile, the huge announcement isn’t the only new development in Pokémon GO. Fernraid’s free weekly chest passes are history – and now there’s the first chest to bring alternate items.

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