Rainbow Six Siege: A playful Belgian steals the sight in Operation Vector Glare

It’s time again: Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 enters the next season and, in addition to a new launcher, brings many other changes, new features and some firsts.

The second season is titled “Operation Glow Vector” and Starts June 7 on live servers. This sentence already contains the first innovation, because until now Ubisoft always keeps the exact start date secret. This time you can select the date on your calendar.

On the new TDM map spin

Every season comes a new map and new player. This time you can look forward to the first team deathmatch map and welcome the beloved Belgian players into the attacking ranks.

The TDM map is called “Close Quarter” and lets you compete against each other in Greece. What sets Close Quarter apart is that this map is the first that has been designed exclusively for team deathmatches. She has no blast points and prefers to focus on good movement and lots of line of sight.

Slightly circular in structure, you should be able to easily find your way around the map. There are upstairs and downstairs and brightly colored rooms such as the kitchen or the workshop.

Unfortunately, there is no new map in Season 3. Here the map of Singapore announced on the roadmap for the upcoming season has been moved to the final season of Year 7.

This is what it would look like in the Close Quarter.

Sense sells, or what was that again?

Fun, dreamy and full of life – that’s how the new launcher is described. But the Belgian can not only listen to music and forget about the world around him. No, Sens, as the good guy is called, is a trained Army and Psychologist and fights as a striker in Rainbow Six Siege.

As a supporting character, the Sens is somewhat sluggish but well armored and carries the POF-9 and 417 as his primary weapons, as well as the 9mm SDP and Gonne-6 as his secondary weapons. Claymore and Hardbreach are also in the Striker Pack.

Very likable and very killer. Sens is truly the best of both worlds.

Rolling on the floor, his ROU Projector system distributes small projectors that shoot a wall of light after a certain time. All players can shoot through, but cannot see through.

The wall light stays in place for a full 13 seconds. However, as with any gadget, there’s a counter game here as well, which you can block or reverse so the wall doesn’t unleashed, or doesn’t unleashed as planned. Special glasses or cameras can also see through the mist of light.

As far as is known, a new squad is coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Wolfguard combines several operators with defensive capabilities. These include Lion, Montagne, Nomad, Twitch, Ying, Sens, Clash, Melusi, Bandit, Frost, Thunderbird, Castle and Team Leader Doc.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Wolfguard’s weapon.

What else has changed in Rainbow Six Siege

Getting started should be easier for new players. Small videos for beginners show how the operators and their devices work, and with the new shooting range, new and experienced players can try all the weapons on targets and dummies.

If you also bring in up to four players in Rainbow Six Siege who didn’t play in Year 7, you and your teammates can look forward to special rewards, like operators from previous years or exotic weapon skins.

Apart from that, he plays Yakuza skins for Hibana and Echo. The two transform into Kaoru Sayama and Kiryu Kazuma in collaboration with SEGA. A new elite tier is also slated for Echo, based on another Yakuza character.

Ubisoft is also introducing a Phase 1 Reputation System. If you injure your teammates a lot, you can get angry with “opposite friendly fire.” The system should also recognize bad players and punish them more quickly. Privacy mode is finally introduced this season.

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