Relegation: HSV hopes for a Blue Rise frenzy against Hertha

Is this really the last day HSV will be listed as a second tier team? Will the club return to the Bundesliga exactly 1,473 days after relegation? The tension before the second leg against Hertha Berlin (Monday, 8.30pm, live on could not increase. Over 50,000 HSV fans want to take their team to the finish line in Volkspark and subsequently to the promotion.

You still have the images in your head. Fans applaud during and after 1-0 in Berlin, cheering, hope, it all. Last Thursday, nearly 20,000 hamburgers celebrated the penultimate step toward promotion with their pros. They now want to put the last one together at Volkspark on Monday.

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Is HSV ready to crown its season? A season in which he was almost hopelessly late in early April. Who still turns with five wins at the end of the league. Which must now achieve a complete victory and the end of the second division is a four-year nightmare for the proud club.

HSV coach Tim Walter firmly believes in promotion

Tim Walter is absolutely convinced of that. Still bursting with self-confidence, the HSV coach managed for weeks to turn the tension, especially on the outside, into pure anticipation like no other. “I watched all season long what the boys can do and what situations they have to deal with and how they come out of each situation stronger,” he said on Sunday. “It shows our enthusiasm, our courage and that we really believe in what we do.”

Contentment that will also be required on Monday. Because Felix Magath – HSV legend and currently the club’s biggest opponent – counts on a nervous flutter in Hamburg. “We are out at the moment,” said Hertha’s coach. “We can only win. Now the situation is reversed compared to the first match. Now the pressure on HSV, we are no longer on us. That’s why I see the situation is better and I think we have a good chance to turn the game around.”

HSV legend Magath wants to win at Volkspark

It should be like the last stunt of the 68-year-old, who wriggles with his stick into the abyss. Magath relies on the opponent’s tension and midfield change as Santiago Ascacibar (25), who was suspended in the first leg, and Kevin-Prince Boateng (35) must ensure order and more aggressiveness.

While Magath mentions the two stars by name as saviors, HSV relies on the group—on the field and in the ranks. A few days ago, the university’s “supporters” organization invited all fans to the match in blue uniforms. In this way, all but the approximately 6,000 Hertha fans must present a giant, unified image.

So HSV Hertha wants to crack again

All together against Herta. This is how Magath’s desire for Hamburg’s feeble nerves must be shattered against the fan wall – and give way to blue intoxication. Walter explained, “I have often said that pressure is a privilege,” and it seemed as if he was emphasizing his sentences particularly vividly until the message also reached the Berliners. “We are playing for something and we have put ourselves in that position. It seems we have had finals since the beginning of the season.”

The last one goes up on Monday evening from 8:30 p.m. Then all the words smoke and mirrors. “The cards are on the table,” Hertha sporting director Freddy Bobic sums up. “There is only one game left.”

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At least 90 minutes, maybe 120. Under certain conditions, even penalties have to decide. Ultimately, the HSV family won’t care – as long as they wake up in the morning and can look forward to the new Bundesliga season.

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