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With demand high, the €9 ticket sale went on to be in Hesse on Monday. We have collected the most important questions and answers about the discounted monthly ticket for you.

Last Friday the Federal Council gave way to a €9 ticket, sales started on Monday – and the interest was huge from the start.

Nationwide, about 50,000 tickets were sold in the early hours of the morning alone, an on-call spokeswoman said. Online booking was temporarily overloaded on Monday.

Huge demand at the beginning of the sale

There is also great interest in Hess: local transport provider HEAG mobilo began selling on Saturday. A spokesman said there was an “active interest”. About 2,500 tickets were sold at outlets in Darmstadt alone over the weekend. Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF) reported selling 13,800 tickets in the first two days.

Where to buy your ticket, how long it is valid and what monthly ticket holders should consider – answers the most important questions:

The monthly discount tickets are a reaction by the federal government to the sharp rise in energy prices and are aimed at easing the financial burden on citizens. This comparison was made by Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV): “One month of public transport for less than four sausages”.

Among other things, the federal government provides the federal states with 2.5 billion euros to compensate for the loss of income from transport service providers.

From June 1 to August 31, the discounted monthly pass can be used across the country on all buses, trams, subways, suburban trains, and local and regional trains. Long-distance transport cannot be used with ICE, Intercity and Eurocity, and Flix green trains and long-distance buses cannot be used. The ticket is only valid for second class.

The €9 ticket can be purchased at all ticket vending machines, points of sale and distribution, as well as via all Deutsche Bahn offers online and the “DB Navigator” app. Deutsche Bahn also announced a national app for Android and Apple at the end of May.

RMV has been offering a €9 ticket at its ticket vending machines and at all of RMV’s largest outlets since Monday. Sales via the RMV app will begin when the ticket officially launches on June 1.

Rheingau-Taunus-Verkehrsgesellschaft (RTV) has announced that it intends to sell the ticket as well as RMV points of sale on all local bus routes from Tuesday by bus drivers – but only for one month, otherwise the layover will take too long.

The North Hisan Transportation Association (NVV) is also offering a discounted monthly ticket on all buses, city trains and trams as well as at customer centers and information points since Monday. It can also be purchased via the Deutsche Bahn app.

RMV tickets machine on the platform

The purchased ticket is always valid until the end of the month, for example from June 1 to June 30. Purchase is possible for interested parties at any time. Hence it is valid for any number of trips per month specified in the local transport. Ticket can also be purchased in advance for all three months.

Children under the age of six travel for free and do not need a ticket, and children between the ages of 6 and 14 need their own ticket.

The ticket is not personal and is only valid for those who bought it. It is not transferable. Therefore, the identity document must be presented during the examination.

If you have a monthly ticket, semester ticket, seniors ticket, business ticket, or use other subscription forms, you don’t need to purchase an additional ticket for nationwide use and you will automatically refund any money you paid or less and will be charged.

If there are benefits associated with a particular subscription model, such as first-class benefits, they will remain the same in principle with a €9 ticket. However, they will no longer be applied nationwide, but only in the usual field of application.

The €9 ticket expires at the end of the month and is not automatically renewed. For existing subscriptions, the usual terms will apply again from September 1st.

The usual carriage rules and regulations of the respective fare area apply to existing tickets.

Bicycle transportation is generally not included; The fee-based transportation regulations of the participating transportation associations apply.

Deutsche Bahn notes that trains can be very crowded from June to August. Therefore, it is not guaranteed to take a bicycle with you.

Since the ticket falls during the holiday season, many people can use it for excursions – thus causing buses and trains to become overcrowded. So the RMV has announced that in addition to the additional leisure and excursion lines offered in the summer, capacity will be expanded on several S-Bahn and regional train lines once again.

According to Bahn, more than 50 additional trains will be deployed across the country. DB Regio CEO Jörg Sandvoß said on Monday there are about 250 additional flights nationwide and an additional 60,000 seat offer on regional and S-Bahn trains.

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