Save up to 25% on garden products from Philips Hue now!

After a hot summer day, sitting outside with friends or family and ending the day together is one of the best pastimes for many Germans. Best of all: a large garden is not necessary for this, because even a balcony or a small city balcony can be wonderfully organized with gadgets. We reveal how everyone can intelligently redesign and tweak their outdoor area with the help of the Philips Hue Outdoor Campaign 2022.

The most important thing about the Philips Hue Outdoor Campaign 2022 in a nutshell

We have summarized in a short examination what the current discount campaign by the manufacturer of Philips Hue Signify is and what interested parties should know:

  • Period: From May 23 to June 6 2022 Philips Hue fans can save a lot of money on the manufacturer’s online store thanks to the external sales campaign.
  • promotional devices: The discount applies to all Philips Hue Outdoor products from wall and track lights, floor spots and LED strips to motion detectors – except for the following two new products: Philips Hue White Inara Wall Lamp Black (550 lumens) and Philips Hue White & Col. Amb. Lightweight aluminum calla base (350 lumens).
  • Discount: There’s 10 percent off when you buy two products, 15 percent off when you buy three or more, and anyone who buys at least one third-party product with Philips Hue Bridge saves up to 25 percent. In our arithmetic example, this results in a deduction of about 200 EUR Circumstances!

Put the garden in the spotlight and save money at the same time!
Philips Hue Outdoor Discount Campaign

Find the right garden setting with up to 16 million colors. You can save 10 to 25% when buying outdoor lighting. Get it now at Philips Hue Store!

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Who or what is Philips Hue?

Philips Hue is a series of smart products from the manufacturer Signify, which, in addition to indoor and outdoor wall lights, table and mood lamps, ceiling or floor spots, light strips and LED lamps, for example B. also includes motion detectors and remote controls.

In addition, the manufacturer also offers light bars and illuminated ceiling panels with many smart functions exclusively for indoor use.

The ZigBee wireless and Bluetooth standard from the Smart Home are both used to connect and control the Philips Hue lights. Bluetooth lights have the advantage that they can be controlled from a direct distance without purchasing the Bridge app. Beginners can try smart lighting control without obligation.

However, for comprehensive networking and control from a greater distance, a Philips Hue Bridge is required, which serves as the heart of the system and is also compatible with smart products from many other brands. As it can remotely control up to 50 lights, motion detectors and other smart home products.

my work: Those who choose Philips Hue benefit not only from an extremely wide range of products, but they can also operate their lights flexibly using automated actions, an app or voice control. In addition to Amazon AI Alexa, he can choose from b. Also Google Assistant or Siri.

What Philips Hue products are being discounted?

Both LV and HV system from the manufacturer are eligible to participate in the Philips Hue Outdoor Campaign 2022. We present some components here as examples:

A Quick Look at Philips Hue Low Voltage Products and Accessories

  • Lily XL External Spot (basic, extended or set of 3, 600 lumens)
  • Lily XL Outdoor Spot (Basic, Extended or Set of 3, 1050 Lumens)
  • Lily Garden Spotlight (basic, accessory or set of 3, 1050 lumens)
  • tulip garden spot (base, extension, or set of 3, 600 lumens)
  • Calla outdoor base lamp (590 lumens)
  • Empress Outdoor Wall Lamp (1,180 Lumens)
  • Impress outdoor base light (1,180 lumens)
  • External light strip (2 meters, 850 lumens)
  • External light strip (5m, 1650 lumens)
  • Philips Hue motion detector
  • Extension cable for outdoor use (2.5 or 5 m)
  • T-piece for low voltage system
  • 40W External Power Supply

A quick look at high voltage Philips Hue products and accessories

  • Discover the spotlight (2250 lumens)
  • Empress Outdoor Wall Lamp (1,180 Lumens)
  • Daylo outdoor wall lamp (1,160 lumens)
  • Nero outdoor wall lamp (1,120 lumens)
  • Luca Wall Lamp (806 Lumens)
  • Turaco Wall Lamp (806 Lumens)
  • Attractive Outdoor Wall Lamp (590 Lumens)

note: Promotional discount does not apply to Philips Hue White Inara wall lamp in black (550 lumens) and Philips Hue White & Col. Amb.

How much can I save on the 2022 Philips Hue Outdoor promotion?

When purchasing Philips Hue Bridge with a third-party product from the campaign, bargain enthusiasts can save up to 25 percent!

permission from z. B. bought the Philips Hue Bridge for €59.99 with the Lily garden spot set of 3 for €319.99 in the manufacturer’s store, which pays only €284.99 instead of €379.98. So save almost 95€!

If the bridge instead is z. B. Combined with the Turaco wall lamp, two outdoor sensors, and three Nyro Outdoor lamps for the base, round Save 200 EUR Inside, the following sample account also shows:

Phillips Hue Bridge: 1 x 59.99 Euro
Turaco wall lamp: 2 x €89.99 = €179.98
External sensor: 1 x 49.99 Euro
Nero outdoor lamp with base: 3 x 169.99 EUR = 509.97 EUR
$799.93 – $199.98 (25%) = $599.95

Philips Hue Outdoor Discount Campaign

Put the garden in the spotlight and save money at the same time!
Philips Hue Outdoor Discount Campaign

Find the right garden setting with up to 16 million colors. You can save 10 to 25% when buying outdoor lighting. Get it now at Philips Hue Store!

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How else can I design a backyard or balcony with Philips Hue?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a rowdy birthday party with all your friends and relatives: the Philips Hue range offers the right lighting scenes for every occasion, and the lighting can even be synced to music via an app if you wish.

Particularly practical: many lamps are capable of displaying up to 16 million color nuances. So, just a few smart products are enough to create a new individual lighting ambiance over and over again with an app. Pay attention to the product description “White and Color”.

How about for example b. With the convenient “after work mode” where Alexa dims all lights by 50 percent on demand and showers the outdoor area in chic purple hues? Or with a timed dinner setting that provides warm, relaxing lighting?

But Philips Hue bulbs not only help their users relax after a hard day outside, they also increase safety.

Because with Philips Hue weatherproof motion detectors, eg b. Avoid evening guests stumbling upon a garden path in the dark or overlooking stairs. Additionally, Philips Hue simulated presence lights can be used to suggest to burglars that your home is inhabited or to prevent them from sneaking through a dark garden or backyard unnoticed.

Philips Hue offers the right lights for every garden

Philips Hue offers the right lights for every garden


When does the Philips Hue Outdoor promotion end?

Smart Home fans can secure discounts on Philips Hue products listed here in the manufacturer’s online store until June 5, 2022. They benefit from a 2-year warranty and 30-day return right for individual products.

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