Sexism allegations against Feldman: SPD calls for immediate resignation

sBoth the government and the opposition in the Frankfurt City Parliament are unanimously calling for the immediate resignation of Mayor Lord Peter Feldman. If he does not comply, he is threatened with an out vote. On Monday, his party, the Social Democrats, implored Feldman to “make the welfare of the city the guiding principle of his actions and resign from office.” The catalyst is a statement by Feldman about flight attendants that has often been criticized as misogynistic. A video has been circulating on social media since the weekend, showing the Social Democratic Party politician on board a flight to Seville for the European Football Cup final in Frankfurt-Eintracht. He talks to nearly 200 Eintracht fans on board via the onboard microphone. He says the flight attendants “put him off the hormonal action first.”

A spokesman for Feldman said he had apologized for the plane’s clearance. It was a “stupid saying”. “It wasn’t okay, not if it was.” It promises nothing like this will ever happen again. Regardless, the SPD Executive Office condemns Feldman’s behavior. The statement is not a trivial offense, but a gender perversion. “This behavior is one of a number of other errors.”

“It’s not about the city, it’s about him.”

The party’s CEO includes Feldmann’s behavior at the European Cup winners’ reception at Eintracht Frankfurt in Römer, where the mayor took the trophy away from captain Sebastian Ruud and coach Oliver Glasner. Feldman has lost the trust of the citizens. “The dignity of office, the city’s reputation, and the judge’s ability to act require the mayor’s resignation.”

Meanwhile, Frankfurt Eintracht has told the mayor that he is no longer welcome at the stadium. Apparently he arbitrarily prevented some members of the supervisory team and officials from entering the Romanian balcony at the celebrations after the Europa League victory.

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As another reason, the SPD cites the corruption charges brought against Feldman in the AWO case and the criminal prosecution with which he was threatened. Citizens are not expected to keep waiting to see if the main hearing will open due to the benefit allegations. Frankfurt needs a mayor who can focus all his energy on the city’s well-being. Criminal proceedings cannot be agreed with the office. Mike Joseph, head of the SPD, explained that the mood in the party’s executive branch was clear. Feldman was not just unbearable because of “all gaffes.” Nor does it commit to announcing a retraction from public appearances. The past few days have shown: “It’s not about the city, it’s about his person.”

Deputy party leader Ina Hartwig said the mayor no longer seemed confident. Remarks like Feldman about female cabin crew have never been so well, and certainly not nowadays. “The time for men’s jokes is over.” Feldman is the mayor of the women’s part of the city. When asked how long the mayor had until the SPD supported a motion to vote, she said, “It would be desirable for him to act himself.”

‘Classic sexist’

The Greens, who had formed an alliance in Romer with the SPD, the FDP and the Walt, had previously asked Feldman to resign. Party and faction leaders announced that the mayor had not kept his promise to back down in public. In addition, Feldman was not involved in clarifying the allegations against him in the AWO case. Referring to Eintracht’s reception and advertising on board, the Green Party wrote, “Instead, its conduct reached a new low, to the deep disgrace of the city and local politics.” “If this appeal is also not heard, we will discuss further steps with the coalition parties, including voting procedures.”

When asked by FAZ, Women’s Division Chair Rosemary Heilig (Die Grünen) said, “The statements made by the mayor were sexist and cannot be accepted as such.” “It is of course unacceptable that we fight sexism at all levels, and then get sexual statements made by the mayor himself.”

The CDU in Frankfurt speaks of a “disgrace” for the Romanian coalition of the Social Democratic Party, the Greens, the FDP and the Volt. „Dieses sexistische und chauvinistische Verhalten ist zutiefst frauenverachtend und beschämend, beschädigt zusätzlich unsere Stadt und das Amt und erfordert Konsequenzen.” Die Landes-CDU gibtD der Ncher- äVrenätzitzchen Aässäffäldässäffäldätter he is.

The leader of the Frankfurt parliamentary group FDP, Yankee Borsson, is calling for consequences. Feldman “has completely lost his modesty before the office.” As mayor, he could no longer represent the city. “If Feldman now lacks the foresight to initiate his resignation, the FDP will strive for a broad social coalition to end his term.” The BFF-BIG parliamentary group is also calling for a voluntary resignation or a vote. “No matter how, the disgrace of others on the most embarrassing mayor of all time must finally come to an end.”

The video received hundreds of comments on social media, most of them criticism. For example, many Twitter users have rated the statements as “embarrassing” and “sexist,” and some are comparing the matter to the case surrounding the former head of the FDP parliamentary group, Rainer Broderl, whose “male jokes” sparked a sexism debate. .

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