Sport in everyday working life: physical friends in Osnabrück make the employees fit

(From left) Patrick Jochman (Managing Director), Mary Boemaker (Corporate Health Director) and Nina Knoll (Marketing and Sales) are part of the Body Friends team. / Photo: Groenewold

Due to the Corona pandemic and the time spent working at home, many employees are affected by back pain or limited mobility. The Body Friends, a fitness startup from Osnabrück, would like to address the situation and, in addition to recreational courses and personal training, also offers company sports to motivate colleagues to exercise together.

Body Friends cooperates, for example, with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. In the company’s sports challenges, employees are motivated to participate in sports activities every week. Body Friends would like to distinguish themselves from the company’s classic sports offerings: “Basically, our offer is as much about the company’s health management. But we have a new, modern concept and we address the participants in a completely different way. For example, we don’t offer back exercises, but post-workouts. the exercise ” Patrick Joshman, founder of Body Friends. “Our location here in Lauten Speicher doesn’t necessarily look like a classic wellness center either. We also have other equipment here, like kettle bells or ropes. You won’t find classic devices like Pezzi balls or Terra bands here.”

Fun communication in sports

In the spirit of the name Body Friends, the focus is on enjoying exercise and a sense of community: “We haven’t set ourselves a ’10 kilos in 10 weeks’ goal or any other athletic goal, but we want to convey the joy of exercise. There is also a social component to our training. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic on our In particular, many people note that this sense of community is missing in sports,” says Joschmann. “There are already corporate employees who were hired during the Corona pandemic who only know their colleagues digitally. Company sport is a good opportunity to make connections. It is also easier to motivate one to exercise in the community. If the sport is fun, people like to come back and maybe bring more friends. (physical ones) are with them.”

Body Friends studio at Lauter Speicher am Hafen in Osnabrück / Photo: Groenewold

Studio in Loud Store

Under the slogan “Sport. No matter. Where.”, Body Friends started in 2014, at that time still with a mobile concept: “We packed a pickup truck full of fitness equipment and then traveled to regions and businesses. However, the desire to get On a permanent site over the years. We needed a place where training could take place in all weather conditions, whether it was snow or thunderstorms,” explains Jochman. “It was not easy to find a location that suited us. It was love at first sight. The room is almost museum-themed and fits in with the urban area.”

The ladder – the first challenge

The location itself is already an athletic challenge as the studio is located on the 5th floor. “Climbing the stairs is indeed a challenge. But participants can also see immediate improvements if, after weeks of training, they feel short of breath when they reach the fifth floor.” Nina Noel, who has worked at Body Friends since April 2022. To make it easier to handle the many steps, a funny motivational slogan is hung on each floor. All devices were also deliberately chosen: “There is a story for every tool. We have always thought about whether a device would fit here and whether it would motivate people.”

Motivation to go to the fifth floor.  / Photo: Groenewold
Motivation to go to the fifth floor / Photo: Groenewold

Exercises of different levels of difficulty

The wide range of shows is aimed at attracting both young and old. “We have less equipment here than you would expect in a classic gym. We offer a wide range of exercises for this purpose. Our coaches never run out of imagination, and the room and equipment provide plenty of inspiration,” says Joschmann. So there is something for every level of athlete. Very responsive to people’s needs. We have at least two to three variations of each exercise, which represent different levels of difficulty – there’s the right intensity for everyone.”

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