Storm over Bavaria: DWD urgently warns

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Thunderstorms common in Bavaria at the beginning of the week. Meanwhile, there was also a crash in Munich. Expect rainy days now.

Update from May 23, 10:42 PM: Meanwhile, the storm front has moved east through Munich, and we’re not afraid of more thunderstorms at night. Thunderstorms are expected in Lower Bavaria until around midnight.

Continuous rain is expected in Munich starting tomorrow morning. Temperatures fluctuate loudly weather online Then at about 15 degrees.

Severe storms in Munich: Red alert – urgent warning

Update from May 23, 8:50 PM: Now the time has come, and a strong thunderstorm has unfolded in Munich. Thunder, lightning and torrential rain, including strong winds, were promised by the German Meteorological Service, which warned of severe weather. The “worst part” should now be over for the state capital, but the official German Meteorological Service warning of thunderstorms remains in effect. Trouble weather applies until 1 a.m. Tuesday.

Thunderstorm cells, just above Munich, are now moving east and will soon reach Lower Bavaria.

Update from May 23 20:02: Red alert in Munich! The German Met Office warns urgently of thunderstorms in the state capital. Literally it says: “Thunderstorms approaching from the southwest. There are hurricane-like winds gusting up to 110 km/h as well as heavy rain with amounts of up to 30 L/m2 per hour and small-grain hail. Severe storms, as DWD calls them, It also poses a threat to life.

“Lightning is life-threatening! Among other things, massive and extensive damage to buildings is possible. Trees can be uprooted and roof tiles, branches or objects can fall. Cellars and streets can be flooded as well as local flooding of small streams and rivers (Details: www.hochwasserzentralen). .de).For example, landslides can happen. Close all windows and doors! Secure outdoor items! In particular, keep your distance from buildings, trees, scaffolding, and high voltage lines! Try to avoid staying outside!”

Weather: Watch out in Munich! Strong thunderstorms spread

Update from May 23, 7:31 PM: For a short time, the first clouds over Munich were erased, but everything has not yet been revealed. Moreover, thunderstorms can occur repeatedly until midnight. So if you still have to go out today, you should urgently take an umbrella with you and look for a roof over your head in case of a thunderstorm.

The warning applies not only to the city of Munich, but also to the surrounding area.

Update from May 23, 4:23 p.m.: Dark clouds over Munich! The German Met Office has issued an official warning for the state capital. Severe thunderstorms are possible from now on. Specifically, it says, “There are local thunderstorms coming from the southwest. There are gusts of strong winds of up to 90 km/h as well as heavy rain with amounts of up to 25 l/m2 per hour and hail.”

The warning is currently in effect until 6 p.m., but there is another general warning for thunderstorms until 12 a.m.

Update from May 23, 3pm: According to the DWD weather map, severe thunderstorms are brewing in western Bavaria. From afternoon to evening and into night, warnings of torrential rain, torrential hail and hurricane-like storms run across Bavaria. Heavy thunderstorms are heading towards Munich.

For the whole of Bavaria, the Department for Social Development (DWD) warns of severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, hurricanes and hail. © Arno Burgi / dpa / Screenshot DWD (archive photo / montage)

For southern Bavaria, the German Development Administration is calling for stricter warnings, there is talk of a third warning level. Severe thunderstorms with gusts of up to 120 km/h occur near the Alps. Precipitation amounts of up to 40 liters per square meter are expected, as is the case with hail where grain sizes are about 4 cm.

Update from May 23 1:29 PM: There is now a red alert on the border with Bavaria, where the Department for Human Development (DWD), among other things, in the Ravensburg region warns of severe thunderstorms with hurricanes, heavy rain and hail. Meanwhile, the Advance Warning of Severe Thunderstorms applies to the entire Free State (see previous updates). From early afternoon, strong thunderstorms will move from the west and southwest.

Update from May 23, 7:31 a.m.: It should rain a lot in the morning, especially in Swabia and in western Upper Bavaria. On Monday, the German Weather Service said hail and wind are possible. From afternoon until late at night there will be severe thunderstorms in the Alps and the surrounding area. This is also possible in western Bavaria.

Update from May 23, 6:32 a.m.: The entire state of Bavaria has a “Advance Warning of Severe Thunderstorms”. This is valid from Monday (2 pm) to Tuesday (midnight). The Department of Women’s Affairs says: “From the early hours of Monday afternoon, strong thunderstorms will come from the west and southwest. Heavy rains of 25-40 l/m2 are expected in a short time. Other side effects are larger hail of 4 cm and hurricane-force storms of up to 115 km/h. Over the course of Tuesday night, thunderstorms will gradually move eastward.”

Storms approaching Bavaria: hail up to “four centimeters” is not excluded – “hurricane danger”

First report from May 22: MUNICH – Heavy rain, hail and tornadoes: Thunderstorms blew over Bavaria on Friday. In Franconia in particular, they left a trail of destruction in their wake. In Endendorf, 14 people were injured when a hut collapsed. After the weather calmed on Saturday and the sun came out in many places, thunderstorms are expected to move to Bavaria again Monday evening. In some areas, thunderstorms are expected again in the afternoon.

Weather in Bavaria: Thunderstorms will occur tomorrow, Monday

“A new low thunderstorm approaching Germany,” says meteorologist Dominic Jung von. in his last predictions. Again he moves from France to Germany. Some thunderstorms have the potential for severe weather due to “heavy rain, gusting winds and hail”. “Severe” temperature values ​​​​from 20 to 28 degrees. According to the weather map, Bayern will not actually hit him until the afternoon.

Thunderstorms approaching Bavaria again.  Some areas are particularly affected on Monday.
Thunderstorms approaching Bavaria again. Some areas are particularly affected on Monday. (Iconic image) © Tobias Hartl / dpa

The probability of a storm is especially high in Lower and Central Franconia, in the foothills of the Alps and in Swabia. To warn of hail damage. Thunderstorms subside in the evening, but then move to Upper Franconia, Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria. Munich hasn’t quite delivered either. According to Young, “heavy rain” should be expected there.

DWD does not rule out ‘hail down to four centimeters’.

The forecast for Monday from the German Weather Service (DWD) reads: “On Mondays from Württemberg and beyond from the Alps, thunderstorms fall in some areas. Local storms caused by torrential rain with a speed of up to 40 liters / square meter, and hurricane-strength storms with speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour and hail of up to four centimeters. “

Paul Heiger, a meteorologist at, does not even rule out a renewal of hurricanes in his forecast: “Single violent thunderstorms or supercells will be able to form, which will also increase the risk of hurricanes again.” Friday. According to the expert, torrential rain of up to 60 liters in one hour can fall into the cells of thunderstorms within a very short period of time. On Tuesday it will be sunny again in Bavaria. (tkip)

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