TFT: The LoL branch was on the verge of collapse in 2020

Teamfight Tactics, a robot warrior for League of Legends, was released in June 2019. Despite the initial high enthusiasm, the game saw a huge drop in 2020 and there were doubts as to whether further development was worth it. The developers revealed to MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch how they got out of this low and how things will play out this year.

What is the history of TFT?

  • At the beginning of 2019, there was quite a bit of hype around the Auto Battler genre. The reason for this is a modification for DOTA 2 called “Auto Chess”. It quickly found popularity among streamers and DOTA fans.
  • During 2019, a number of new car fighters were created, including Dota Underlords as the official game from Valve and Teamfight Tactics from Riot Games.
  • In the first few weeks in particular, over 350,000 Twitch viewers (via Sullygnome) watched Peak TFT at the same time. Many LoL players tried it and won the concept.
  • However, in 2020, interest fell sharply, which was also due to the second group on the topic of basic elements. This didn’t sit well with the players for a number of reasons. On Twitch, the game broke the 100,000 concurrent viewer mark just three times over the course of the year, and that was for big ads only.
  • Jeffrey Virtue, Executive Producer of TFT, told us how threatening the situation at TFT is. However, everything looks rosy for the future.

“By the end of the second set, everything was about to fall apart.”

What did the virtue say about development? On one occasion, Riot Games presented us with the upcoming seventh set of TFT. In this context, Geoffrey Virtue also revealed how difficult the LoL branch is:

By the end of the second set, Rise of the Elements, everything was about to fall apart. Things weren’t looking good for us. Had our third group – the Galaxys – not been successful, TFT might not have been the good experience it is today.

Virtue also said that there have always been setbacks in LoL, for example with Twisted Treelines or Dominion Cards. TFT also initially seemed like such a setback, that players couldn’t commit in the long run.

The rise of the elements was more than a failure.

But the game has taken a turn now. According to Virtue, this was thanks to community help. They provided important feedback and thus helped the developers. At the same time, I at Riot Games gave in and improved communication about the game:

You can see our mods set by group, average set by medium group, and even patch by patch. And you can see it live in our communications as well, through blog posts like /Devs, where we put a microscope on our devices.

It is also said that better accessibility and guides, which the developers now share on the official website, have played an important role.

Overall, players are said to have played over 1.5 billion hours of TFT since release. The competitive landscape must continue to grow. The long-awaited spectator mode, which was an issue at the time of release, is still not in the game.

New collection 7 at the beginning of the road – brings huge dragons, but also ancient mechanics

What does the future of TFT look like? Significantly better. At the beginning of the year, lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer spoke about the future and promised “content for decades.”

However, the upcoming Series 7 – Dragonlands – has been introduced which brings some interesting innovations.

What is in group 7? As usual, the new collection rocks the champs in particular. Highlight of the new Dragon Heroes:

  • These cost twice as much gold (8 gold in the epic version and 10 gold in the legendary version) and are especially powerful.
  • The number of dragons three times for each specific attribute.
  • However, you can only use one dragon effectively because they occupy two hero slots and have a property that makes them weaker when there are multiple dragons in the field.
  • The dragons are: Daeja, Idas, Shi Oh Yu, Sy’fen (Epic), Aurelion Sol, Ao Shin, and Shyvana (Legendary).

There will also be some new hero attributes, including Shapeshifter, Astral, Tempest, Ragewing, Jade, Bard or Guild. Much of the old collection will not be preserved.

You can find all heroes and traits in our cheat sheet: Group 7 “Dragonlands” cheat sheet and all new heroes.

What will happen to Hextech Augments? A special feature of Group 6 that is currently in operation are the Boosts. Three of these three times are presented in the course of the game and they determine the direction in which your team develops.

There are augmentations that strengthen the attribute or count as an additional unit of the attribute. It is also possible to get rewards for melee fighters, magicians or full items.

Increments are kept in Dragonlands, with modifications:

  • They now appear in rounds 2-1, 3-2 and 4-2
  • There will be new increments and the old ones will be removed
  • You will be able to replay the increments once per match if you don’t like the three shown

A new increase that allows you to have more than one dragon in the field. This is considered particularly powerful.

6 Teamfight Tactics Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

What else does the group bring? There is another big change affecting enemy non-playable creatures in the rating. These things won’t soon drop logos with themes you don’t even use. There will also be a Treasure Dragon, where you get 5 rewards at once at the end of the game, including items, item components, and gold.

In addition, there must be minor modifications to the items, including the renaming of Neeko’s instructions, as Neeko himself becomes a playable character. This is to avoid confusion.

As with every new collection, there’s also a new Battle Pass and some new little legends.

Dragons become important but not invincible

Are dragons mandatory in the new set? With the new collection there is a huge focus on dragons. Mortdog assures that dragons are really powerful and beneficial to almost every team. But it should also be possible to win a match without a dragon.

Appropriately, there must be an attribute that is particularly strong against dragons. This is to prevent the dragons in the group from being overpowered.

lol shivana
She is an important puzzle piece for the group – Shivana.

Shyvana carry me easily to victory

What do you think of Dragonlands? Does the new collection appeal to you? And what do you think of TFT and the evolution of the game in general? Feel free to write it in the comments.

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