Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Reveals Year 7 Season Two

Ubisoft announced that the second season of Tom Clancy rainbow six victories Year 7, Vector Glare, begins June 7. Season introduces Sens, a new player from Belgium, a new Team Deathmatch map, and Phase 1 of the new reputation system, which includes a privacy mode and other updates. On top of that, a narrative change and gameplay improvements will be made.

Operation Vector Glare brings tactics to the fore with Sens: The ROU Projector System deploys a wheel that moves in a straight line to bring down small projectors that self-destruct after a period of time. Projectors create a wall of light that blocks the operator’s view, making the Sens extremely versatile. The Sens set comes with a new weapon, the POF-9 or 417 as the primary weapon and the SDP 9MM or GONNE-6 as the secondary weapon.

Along with Sens, a new exclusive map for Team Deathmatch is also coming with the start of the new season. close the quarters It is the first map dedicated to Team Deathmatch mode that focuses on action rather than defense building and is set in Greece. With its circular flow and good mix of sight lines and different covers, this facility will provide players with a unique experience.

In the second year of the seventh season, the first stage of the reputation system is introduced to continue improving player behavior. In this update, Reverse Friendly Fire will automatically activate for those who injure too many teammates. Players receive two warnings before the penalty is triggered, and penalties are deactivated after several matches without injuring their teammates. Other innovations address those who abuse the match abandon system by giving them more control over the entire process, from the initial request to the match abandonment itself. In addition, privacy settings will be made available to all players in the options menu.

Two tools have been added to setup this season: The Shooting Range, a playable area for training, training, experimenting with weapon damage, attachments, recoil without feeling the pressure of a real match, and finding the best gear. Player guides have also been introduced, which tell players about each operator, explaining their unique abilities, gadgets, and any tips for attacking or defending strategies. Other new additions include a third slot for sub-weapons for some players and an option to adjust the intensity of screen vibration to suit your desired gaming experience.

As announced at Six Invitational 2022, there will be narrative changes in the world of Siege: rainbow six– Operators are divided into special units. These teams will work together to fulfill Rainbow’s mission to protect the world. Operation Vector Glare introduces the Wolfguard, the world’s leading humanitarian military unit, known for its compassionate and gentle approach. Most Wolfguard operators are medically trained and specialize in one type of protection: Lion, Montagne, Nomad, Twitch, Ying, Sens, Clash, Melusi, Bandit, Frost, Thunderbird, Castle and their team leader, Doc.

Ubisoft has partnered with SEGA and their Yakuza franchise to offer two exclusive skin packs rainbow six sig To create or to invent. A pack inspired by Kaoru Sayama will be available for Hibana and a pack inspired by Kiryo Kazuma will be available for Echo. In addition, a new Elite skin for Echo inspired by another iconic character from the Yakuza games will be available soon.

Furthermore, Operation Vector Glare offers a Squad Up Reactivation program: players will be able to invite up to four former teammates who have not played during Year 7. After playing five matches together, in any PvP mode, all players will get great rewards. Inviting players will receive rewards for each of their four friends who complete the program: rewards may include, for example, Year 6 agents, new alien weapon skins, or other alternative rewards such as Battle Pass points if they already own these customers. All invited players will unlock Year 4, Year 5 or other alternative rewards after playing five matches.

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