Ukraine war: Merz criticizes the federal government – Kyiv has always been taken “if everyone acted like this”

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The president of the Christian Democratic Union, Frederick Mers, once again addressed the traffic lights government. He denounced the slow arms shipments. Germany’s reactions to the Ukraine war in the news ticker.

  • “Putin’s Calculations”: A former German ambassador sees a “new hybrid war” against Europe.
  • Because of the slow delivery of weapons to Ukraine, CDU leader Friedrich Merz once again attacks the traffic lights government.
  • This is amazing A news tape about Germany’s reaction to the Russo-Ukrainian war It is constantly updated.

Update from May 22, 11:00 PM: Christian Democratic Union foreign policy expert Rodrich Kiswetter has strongly criticized the path taken by the federal government in delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia. Counsellor Olaf Schultz was accused of hesitating and playing for some time on Sunday night on the ARD talk show “Ann Will”. “The German industry has already indicated on February 28 that it can upgrade about 100 Tigers and about 100 Martins very quickly. No demand yet.”

When asked why the chancellor didn’t do this, Kiziotter said, “I think he’s playing to get time.” The CDU politician added: “The longer this war goes on and we don’t succeed, the more difficult it will be for Ukraine. The words after the armistice, that is, the freezing of Russian profits, get louder.” Kizioter continued: “I am afraid that the Federal Chancellor does not want Ukraine to win. This war. Wins in the sense of expelling the Russian forces from the country.”

Feedback from Germany: Merz goes to Olaf Schultz

Update from May 22, 7:58 PM: CDU President Frederick Merz once again denounced the federal government’s course in supplying arms to Ukraine to fend off a Russian attack. “The Federal Republic of Germany has not delivered any heavy weapons to this day,” Merz said in an interview broadcast on Sunday evening on the ZDF program “Berlin Direct.” Others did more for a long time. “If everyone had acted like the Federal Republic of Germany, the Russian army would have taken Kyiv a long time ago.”

The opposition and representatives of Ukraine have repeatedly accused the German government of reluctance to deliver heavy weapons. Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen called for Germany to lead over the weekend. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly rejected the allegations of hesitation, citing the support provided so far and at the same time rejecting “hasty action”.

“Putin’s Calculations”: The former German ambassador announces a “new hybrid war” by Russia against Europe

First report from May 22, 2022:

BERLIN – Long-time German ambassador to Russia, Rüdiger von Fritsch, accuses Moscow of using the global supply crisis caused by the Ukraine war and the threat from refugee movements as a means of war. “Vladimir Putin is specifically trying to create hunger crises in the Middle East and North Africa,” von Fritsch said in Berlin. daily mirror About the head of the Russian state. That is why Russia prevents Ukraine from exporting grain and even bombs granaries.

Ukraine War: Former German Ambassador Explains Russia’s Calculations

“Putin’s calculations are that after the collapse of the grain supply, starving people will flee these areas and try to reach Europe – as did the millions of Syrians who fled the horrors of war at the time,” said von Fritsch, who told Putin personally. times in the past. “With new waves of refugees, he wants to destabilize Europe and build political pressure so that Western countries abandon their hard line against Russia. ”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, attends a meeting of leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in the Kremlin. © Alexander Nemnov

This is “new hybrid warHe criticized the diplomat, who will soon publish the book “Turning Points: Putin’s War and the Consequences”.

Former German ambassador to the Ukraine war: “Putin turned the chessboard”

Von Fritsch does not believe in a quick end to the war. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Putin “turned the chessboard” and “abruptly ended the successful attempt to achieve common security in Europe”.

The former ambassador said defeat in Ukraine is out of the question for Putin, as he is now fighting for his power in Russia. Therefore, there is a high probability that “he will try to continue and escalate this war.”

Von Fritsch says he does not believe that the Russian head of state can use nuclear weapons: “Vladimir Putin is neither crazy nor irrational. He is subject to a different logic.” The statements of the Russian leadership regarding shipments of heavy weapons to Ukraine by Western countries “have made it clear that so far they have cautiously avoided severely engaging in a military confrontation with NATO.” (afp)

Here we have summarized the background to the conflict in Ukraine. You can read previous news about German reactions to the Ukraine war here.

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