Verbal sexism attack from OB – host ‘hormonally impotent’

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Mayor Feldman with an onboard microphone during his onboard speech. © Screenshot / Radio Frankfurt

Junge Union Frankfurt starts an online petition for Peter Feldman (Social Democratic Party) to resign. A video clip on the network causes another scandal.

FRANKFURT – “Sexual shit”: With these words, Ursula of der Heide, former parliamentary leader of the Römer Green Party, comments on a video that appeared on social media at the weekend and Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) in a plane on a flight Go to the European Cup final after the performances of Seville. Over the onboard microphone, 200 Eintracht fans on board told that ground staff and flight attendants had “hormonally knocked him out of action”. Another Facebook user commented, “It’s unbearable.” “How long do we Frankfurters have to continue to feel ashamed of ourselves and helplessly watch how a power-hungry narcissist behaves disrespectfully toward the office and our city?”

When asked by this newspaper, the mayor said he was “infinitely sorry” for his statement. That was a stupid saying that I took right away. It was not correct, with no “answer” or “but”. It will happen again.”

Frankfurt: Mayor Feldmann is under increasing pressure

Meanwhile, the CDU and the Junge union are increasing pressure on the mayor, against whom the Public Prosecutor’s Office brought charges of suspected corruption at the end of March. As CDU District President Uwe Becker wrote in a press release on Saturday: “Enough waiting, time to vote.” JU District President Leopold Bourne has started an online petition ( Calls for Feldman’s resignation.

“The mayor can no longer sit outside the situation,” Bourne explains. “His behavior is not befitting a mayor.” In his opinion, the prosecutor’s charge should have immediately followed his resignation. Bourne said that the “selfless appearance of our city when the champions of Eintracht came back and took away the cup” would have appeared: “It is time to draw real conclusions at last”. The petition had already found 2,500 supporters on Sunday evening.

OB Feldmann already caused an embarrassment at the Eintracht Frankfurt . festivities

Feldmann initially caused some embarrassment upon receiving the Frankfurt European Cup winners when he took the trophy from Eintracht captain Sebastian Ruud and coach Oliver Glasner and ran towards the Kaiser. Rod was surprised, too. “I didn’t quite get it,” he told Bild newspaper. “It’s great that he invited us, but maybe it would have been better if he took a step back.”

Feldman later apologized on social media (“Big Sorry”). At that moment he was “more a fan of Eintracht than a mayor”. In his address to invited guests at Romer, he showed little experience when he mispronounced the names of several players.

Only the mayor was allowed access to the balcony

An order from Feldman, according to which only he, as a representative of the city, was allowed on the balcony of the town hall, causing anger and annoyance at the celebration. That was an insult to Mayor Nargiz Iskanderi Grunberg, city councilor Helem Arslaner (both Greens) and sports director Mike Joseph (SPD). “An attempt was also made to prevent me from greeting players,” Arslaner confirmed the statement from the OB’s office on social media.

In addition, there were apparently significant problems with the implementation of the directive from the OB. According to information from Hessischer Rundfunk, neither Eintracht’s sporting director, Markus Krösche, nor the chairman of the supervisory board, Philip Holzer, were allowed to be on the Roman balcony. Speaking to Human Resources, the head of the main office in charge of organizing the celebration, Tarkan Akman, admitted, “We heard that the security men refused entry to some people we wished we could celebrate with on the balcony.”

For the CDU in Frankfurt, the scale is finally full. “From week to week, Peter Feldman has become an increasing burden on our city,” says Uwe Becker. The Romanian coalition must no longer refuse to vote for the mayor at the request of the CDU. The Greens, the SPD, the FDP and the Volt had previously refused to vote – also because the official hurdles are too great. However, all four parties are calling for Feldman to resign over the charges in the AWO scandal, at least if the charges should be allowed. By the way, the same mayor is currently at the World Economic Forum in Davos. (Julia Lorenz and George Lippert)

Comment: There is no excuse for gender discrimination

A colleague wrote on Twitter over the weekend: “What would seriously interest me: How does Peter Feldman imagine his daily life as mayor once the indictment is accepted? In the evening for the grand reception at Paul’s Church?” My answer: “Yes, that’s exactly what OBpeterFeldmann imagines.”

If on Thursday evening you still thought the awkwardness at Eintracht’s reception in Römer is insurmountable, we’ve known since Saturday: Yes, it works. Since then, a nine-second video has gone viral showing the mayor on the plane to Seville. In a short speech, he talked about the flight attendants who “knocked him out of the hormonal action at first.” This is, frankly, sexist, chauvinistic – and outrageous. There is no excuse for that either.

What else must happen to the Romanian coalition of SPD, Greens, FDP and Volt to submit a motion for a vote? Because he won’t resign on his own. Lord Mayor’s subjective view differs from the foreign view that many Frankfurters now have of him. At the last meeting of the Main Committee, the coalition missed the opportunity – a proposal on which the CDU would vote was rejected. But that was an embarrassing week ago, especially before the onslaught of sexism.

The coalition should stop the mayor – perhaps also to protect him from himself. The opposition has to go along with it. Sending a unanimous vote to the city council and especially to Peter Feldman would be a clear sign that his days as Sun King are over. Because even if he is directly elected, he is not exempt from parliamentary oversight and evaluation. No one wants to experience everyday life as mayor after accepting the indictment, as described at the outset. (by Simon Wagenhouse)

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