Waspo Nordhorn sees itself well positioned for the future

North Horn The members of the Waspo Nordhorn Society recently got together for their regular annual general meeting. On the expanded agenda were board elections and reports from individual departments as well as honors, awards, and prizes. As in the previous year, the organizers decided to abandon the subsequent club celebration in the outdoor pool area.

In his welcome speech, the first chairman, Detlev Roger, thanked the pool staff in particular for the wisdom and care they provided despite the high infection rates. “Although a lot of discipline has been required from Waspo coaches and supervisors due to Corona, responsible training and competitions held at ‘Delfinoh’ can only be conducted by observing the established preventive measures in coordination with the supervisory staff,” Roger commented.

It is with great pleasure that the Waspo Association will once again organize the Whitsun International Swimming Festival after two years. Since limited camping is only possible in the outdoor pool area due to constantly high infection rates, the friendly Polish club from Malbork decided not to participate. Roger said the participating swimmers from Ringe/Denmark will be staying at the “Move Inn” hostel.

The board of directors unanimously affirmed

Board members Gabi Eckelbaum (Second Chair), swim monitor Herbert Eggers, Managing Director Hartmut Schleichting and resident Jens Muller were unanimously re-elected by 63 voters present. In addition to Jürgen Mundt, Conny Morshuis has been given voting rights to retired cash auditor Jörg Bouwkamp for a period of two years. The two alternate members of the Honorary Council, Ernst Joachim Coopers and Johann Breuer, who were about to be elected, were installed in their positions for another two years.

Waspo activist from the start: Bernd Horstmann (right) received special recognition for his seventy years of loyalty to the association. Photo: special

Honoring ‘Club Veteran’ Horstmann

Bernd Horstmann can look back at the club’s rare 70th anniversary. Horstmann has been a member of the association founded in 1950 since 1952. “Bernd Horstmann has supported the club morally and athletically to this day,” the motivational letter stated. After a fire broke out in his indoor pool in 2012, he made a club practice room available at ENO’s headquarters for free. “Not so, of course,” was the discretionary opinion of the board.

After receiving the award and presenting, Bernd Horstmann explained that as a young man he preferred to play football and not, as was supposed, swimming was the focus of his sporting activities. At the age of three-and-a-half, Horstmann learned to swim in the Vechte from his aunt, and when he was twelve, friends took him to train Waspo for the first time. Since then, he has learned individual swimming techniques, especially backstroke, under the professional supervision of Ernst Coopers, who was the technical director of the indoor pool. To this day, Bernd Horstmann can look back at many German, European and world records – just this spring he set a new world record in the 200-meter swim appearing in his 80-year class at the German Championships in Solingen.

In addition to Bernd Horstmann’s wonderful 70th anniversary, Knut Domke for his 50-year membership and Silk Zander Eggers, Katharina Eggers, Niklas Eggers, Jenny Nybrij, Julian Nybrij, Marcel Eckelbaum and Claudia Kern for their 25-year association are thanked. membership.

New tasks for Waspo . members

During the Corona pandemic, Bernd Kluge trained non-swimmers in the pool at the school center in Digfield, and in doing so took on the important task of teaching children to swim. With the support of assistants from the training process and a swimming training guide translated by Marlus Eckelbaum, attempts are made to make swimming training more demanding and effective than the classic “seahorse” training through a series of several qualification levels.

Anna-Lena Veltmatt and Siena Camps have been elected to the Youth Committee of the District Sports Federation and will in the future represent children’s sports interests, focusing on educational and educational offerings as well as aerobics. Sina Camps reports that some of them are already using as speakers themselves, and both are happy to accept the training measures offered.

Wilhelmina Kischa’s departure represents a huge loss for the club. Together with her deceased husband, she was responsible for training non-swimmers in the Ludwig-Povel-School pool in a self-sacrificing, child-friendly manner for over a decade.

Successful participation in competitions

Swimming guard Herbert Eggers reports that due to the closure and official requirements, he will not start training and participating in competitions again until June. Dry training in almost all groups can be done in advance. Eggers thanked all the coaches for their creative ideas to keep the groups together.

Last year the club participated in ten competitions. I started with the Masters in Quakenbrück in July, then the other teams started in Hildesheim, Steinfurt and Lippstadt before the district championships take place in Osnabrück in October. 37 athletes have started there 81 times, making Waspo Nordhorn the largest group for the event. “First place 15 times, second place 11 times and third place four times – this speaks of a very strong and good performance,” praised lifeguard Eggers.

Janu Schroeder, Neil Rinke, Enkin van Sloten, Mark Rothman, Diana Rothman, Borja Carrader, Una Eggers and Nicholas Thiem qualified for the state championships. Also in October, Felix Morchis started at the German Championships in Berlin. He qualified for the 100m and 200m breaststroke but only competed in the 200m. Marchis improved his long study time by three seconds and is sixth in his annual collection.

Jano Schroeder managed to secure the title over the 100m freestyle at the Old State Championships in Hanover in November. He placed second in the 50-meter freestyle and 200-meter individual medley, and third in the 200-meter freestyle. “All the other Waspo participants improved their personal bests and convinced their coaches,” said Egpress. A week later, twelve athletes started in the state championships for the older age groups. Inken van Slooten and Joana Kalter participated in a national championship for the first time, and both could convince with a good performance. Felix Merschoys showed the strongest performance in the 100 and 200 breaststroke races, and was able to secure the national title at both distances.

A total of ten teams or groups participate in regular training in the indoor and sports pool “Delfinoh” and in the indoor pool in Nordhorn-Deegfeld. In addition, training for non-swimmers takes place two days a week at Ludwig-Povel-Oberschule and once a week in Deegfeldhalle.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Herbert Eggers thanked all the coaches and coaches for the work they did. “Special thanks also to the judges, because Waspo cannot participate in competitions without effective judges. Without the support of the sponsors, the City of Nordhorn, the Nordhorn/Niedergrafshaft bathing establishments and Eno for providing training facilities, none of this would be affordable,” says Eggers.

The club is looking positively to the future

Treasurer Willie Nybjerg was able to report that the monetary situation is now moderately well developed. The shortfall was expectedly compensated by support programs from Lower Saxony, the State Sports Association, the Lotto-Sport-Foundation and by cuts in spending on training and competition operations. According to Nybjerg, the club can therefore continue to look positively to the future.

Managing Director Hartmut Schleichting reported 26 departures in 2021, and the number of members is currently 473. A training camp was held in Risa last year, according to Schlichting. In swimming training, 48 seahorses and 29 youth swimming badges were awarded with bronze, two with silver and one gold.

In his closing remarks, the Chairman thanked all Waspo members on behalf of the Board of Directors for their loyalty to the Association, and especially for the commitment of coaches, referees and parents who contributed to the Association.

At the end of the meeting, Gaby Ekkelboom and Herbert Egbers were given the honorable task of handing out prizes and prizes for the 2021 competition year.

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