DOSB calls for impulses for team sport – mass sport

German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) wants to move citizens again – with a pinnacle of action and many new motives. Catalog of Demands on Politicians, Main Issue Paper from DOSB The contribution he published on Tuesday (22/5 /) under the title “Sports Move Germany” Presenter. subordinate DOSB sees her as “view interview” for politics.

Not just a competitive sport

The university sports organization, along with politicians, wants to develop the plan for the development of sports included in the coalition paper. In the Traffic Light Party Coalition Agreement SPDand green and FDP It has already become clear that the new government wants to introduce a different sports policy from the previous one: “Sports for all” It is the motto that is emphasized in the federal budget of around 500 million euros for popular sport.

“Successful competitive sport must not be the sole objective of federal policy and sport financing.”also states DOSB It was stated in the preamble of his paper. The umbrella organisation, in which mass sport has led a somewhat ambiguous existence in recent years, is now returning to old demands: sport must be seen and, above all, treated as a cross-sectional task. And not just to prevent overlaps or run projects in parallel.

“This isolated measure allows policy strategies and investment programs to be partially effective at best.”Write the authors. A must team sport “Getting the attention and resources it deserves due to its outstanding social importance” deserve.

Sports should be part of the constitution

Accordingly, the Federation renewed its call for the inclusion of sports, exercise and competition in the Basic Law. So far, the federal government has only been responsible for first-class sports. In addition, the Secretary of State should be based in the Federal Chancellery, which should handle the overall coordination of the sport.

This demand is not least due to the judicial dispute between politics and sports in recent years. subordinate DOSB So it requires one “A paradigm shift in national sports policy” The federal and state governments have already presented this, at least orally, at the Conference of Sports Ministers in Hamburg.

leads in his paper DOSB It systematically captures the main issues, some of which have been occupying him for years. Several key pillars are already in the strategy paper ‘DUSP 2020 – The Powerful Sound of Sports’ To be found, but where the focus was on Olympic sports of the first order.

Pulses outward

Not only the tone, but also the target direction seems to change in DOSB to change. But there are many old themes: health promotion, democracy promotion, volunteering, the club as a space for sport and socialization, renovation of sports facilities, climate and sustainability – long-standing issues in German sport. They must all be thought of in a new or different way – above all by politicians.

Reading the research, it quickly becomes clear that the motives are outward-oriented – which can also be understood as a request for more funding. However, the sport must answer many questions itself and clarify them internally with its member organizations, for example on the topic of climate and sustainability: it is the professional associations that can contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, for example by restructuring the operations of their own league.

Associations must decide in all areas what will be implemented and represented in clubs. It remains to be seen whether the potential the sport thinks it will have will also have the desired effect on mass sport. The paper lacks references to pilot projects, evaluation, or field reports.

At least the way to the sporting tipping point is considered. Walking will take time. And it will be expensive. Sports economists like Lutz Thieme of the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences expect more than €2 billion for sports facilities and, say, decarbonization. “It would be an amount well in excess of the annual funds required for the pure renovation of sports facilities.”Thieme says. “And then there’s the rest of the grants.”

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