Five sports factors for the Leipzig Cup coup

The sporting value of winning the FA Cup was almost lost in all the discussions around RB Leipzig and the hustle and bustle of the festivities. But when all went well against Leipzig, they overcame themselves with a 5-3 win over FC Freiburg on penalties. Mathematically speaking, these five factors were crucial to winning the first title:

expertise: Former RB Leipzig coach Ralph Hasenhüttl once issued a fitting mantra for what was then the youngest and least experienced team in the Bundesliga during his time at RB Leipzig. During the first Bundesliga season, the Austrian said: “We cannot lose. Either we win the match or experience “. All these experiences, especially the defeats in the big matches so far, have now led to the success of this cup. Penalties are known to be a purely nerve-wracking matter – and RB Leipzig were in complete control.

Amid cheering on Market Square, Defense Minister Willie Urban said: “The two previous experiences in the final have served us well – especially in the penalty shootout. When I was in the final for the first time, I was very nervous. This is normal, humans. At noon we mentioned that the people of Freiburg would now feel the same way. The penalty kicks were great, we hit the penalties with objectivity and concentration “. After losing cup penalties to Dinamo Dresden (2016) and Bayern Munich (2017), for example, when Orban was already around, RB Leipzig immediately remained calm.

Tedesco: “Super flexibility in all respects”

Mentality and will to win: Players, coaches and officials have repeatedly emphasized irrepressible willpower after the red card against Marcel Halstenberg. Emil Forsberg said: “In fact, it went well, but then the emotion and mentality emerged”. After his substitution, Swede and Kevin Campbell trained passionately on the sidelines. Forsberg said, “Domenico had two extra assistant coaches on his side in us, we saw yellow and red on the bench, but we tried to help and push”. “The title means a lot to us”.

Coach Tedesco praised his team for “Maximum flexibility in all areas”. They were not discouraged by wrong or controversial referee decisions. It is said that the big finals between balanced teams usually win the team that wants the most. Of course, Freiburg also walked to the pain threshold, but given the history of the last two games lost, the RB right-back was ready to get through this while staying focused.

“Vulcan” Train Tedesco with passion and coolness at the same time

first moment: RB Leipzig currently needs a moment in the game to release the inhibition. In the 4-0 win over Augsburg, it was the unauthorized yellow card against Forsberg that woke up the team and the fans. In the cup final, it was Halstenberg’s expulsion that made it clear to the players that they are now all in You must go so as not to leave the field as a loser for the third time. Then the team gets up and fights back with all they have.

Preparation and training: Tedesco prepared his team for all eventualities. He also designed a scenario for what happens if the player sees red in this hot game. This team benefited when Halstenberg had already had to leave the field prematurely. Right-back RB sacrificed Forsberg, filled the five-man series with Mokele and shortly thereafter played with just six players when Campbell was replaced by Danny Olmo. The plan worked, Leipzig now pressed Freiburg’s most tense best of eleven. Lucas Klostermann said: “We all threw ourselves a little bit more”. Goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi praised those who stand up front for the way they “They closed the spaces and threw in the counterattacks”. In addition, Tedesco brought incredible passion to the field from the sidelines, but remained calm and made the right tactical and personal decisions.

Team quality: With Mukiele, Dominik Szoboszlai, Olmo, Tyler Adams and Josko Gvardiol, Tedesco brought five players into the game, all of whom were present instantly and in the game. This is the product of the second half of the entire season, in which Tedesco took almost all the players with him, gave them confidence and practiced the game. Leipzig coach Christian Streiche said: “What can be added to Leipzig, that’s crazy”. He praised Tedesco: “This team not only has good players, it’s healthy too, it works!”

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