GoTV is discontinued, sports are the driving force behind ServusTV stakes

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music station GoTV Submit to him after nearly 20 years Broadcasting in a few days, which was announced on their website. Accordingly, it will continue broadcasting until June 1 at 3 am, and then it ends. Owner and general manager Thomas Maddersbacher cites financial problems as the reason for the exit. “It is no longer possible. Fixed costs exceed revenueThe head of the broadcaster told The Standard. The future prospects of linear musical television for a young audience are no longer enough. “Now is the economically good time to stop broadcasting.” By the time the broadcast ends, GoTV wants the “best videos and best songs” from the past 20 years.

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It was recently announced with eight Also a transmitter probably soon should shut down – But here because the funding from the city of Vienna will not be extended. However, the octo is now sprouting a little again hopefull On the continued existence of a non-commercial broadcaster. Because the greens and ÖVP own it Financial support for corresponding transmitters Three to five million euros. This may also benefit Okto, who recently received around €750,000 a year from Vienna. “This move was much too late and made even more urgent after the red-and-pink city government recently announced that it would cut funding for non-commercial broadcaster Okto and relinquish its media and political responsibility for Freie Rundfunk,” says Eva Plemlinger, Media. A spokeswoman for the Greens Parliamentary Club, to increase the promotion.

4 changers
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ProSiebenSat.1Puls4 He has insight into his own 4 changersThe festival, which is being implemented jointly with ORF, for the first time this year. With George Clooney They also announced a fairly prominent name right away, and it will perform on June 30th, thus the last day of the festival. It’s about a day ago future issuesOn June 28, alternately, under the slogan “4 pioneers“It’s all about Austria as a business, innovation and startup scene in the country. ProSiebenSat.1Puls4 and ORF expect about 4,000 visitors to the site.


subordinate ORF . Board of Trusteeswhich is the highest public broadcasting body, has in the past week newly formed. There were no surprises, PR consultant Lothar Lockle As expected for Chairman of Board of Directors has been selected. He got 34 out of 35 votes in the elections. Locke was the former president of “Green” circle of friendsHis election as Chairman of the Board of the ORF was deemed safe, as the so-called side rhetoric between the Greens and the ÖVP confirmed the Green Party’s right to propose the position. However, Lockl has now received almost all of the other votes of the founding assembly. The ÖVP parliamentary group in the Constituent Assembly enjoys a comfortable majority.

Norbert Steiger
Norbert Steiger

Former Chairman of the Board of Trustees Norbert Steiger (Former FPÖ Chairman and Vice-Chancellor), said goodbye again with some Controversial statements. Steiger explained this in an interview with the Kleine Zeitung newspaper. “There is no opposition” to the privatization of the ORF To be. Above all, public broadcasting in Austria does not have to have many stations, according to Steiger. “If you say that the Republic of Austria provides channels, then one and a half will suffice. But first ORF 1, then ORF 2, ORF III, Sport +, FM4, … What number do you need? This also includes the question: Does The Republic needs it, Wiener Zeitung? No, that is my opinion.”

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Just a few days ago we reported here that a file ORF in the current year Could incur a loss of 12 million euros – rather than actually balanced result. In the worst case, the loss is much greater, as acknowledged ORF President Roland Weißmann now in the new Board of Trustees. this is how it looks worst case scenario a minus 40 million euros Before. Weißmann wants to introduce concrete measures to prevent this in June. However, the ORF chief is optimistic that after implementing some austerity measures, the year will end on a positive note.

Austria in numbers

24 . pulse
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One held last week Evening Ibiza at 24 . pulse It was a huge success for the small news channel. An entire evening, in addition to the documentary, Puls 24 also relied on a talk (including with HC Strache), which gave the announcer a strong 5.5 percent market share at prime time. This resulted in a very good daily market share of 2.6 percent in the target group. that was Best day of the year for news channel. 101,000 people watched “3 Years Ibiza – The Talk”, the broadcaster also talks about “teacherThe average ranges are usually well below the 100,000 mark.

Eintracht Frankfurt
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ServusTV Had some in the past few days Sports Highlights He was in the program and with everything brilliance share show. The star of possibilities shines brightest European League Final between Frankfurt and Glasgow. There were 436,000 people in the first half, and 512,000 in the second 45 minutes. And for overtime and penalties, the range was 517,000. At the time of the decision, the market share was 33.2 percent of the total audience and 39.3 percent in the target group. Daily market shares were 11.0 (total) 14.0 percent (12-49) The third strongest day in the station’s history. ServusTV also broadcast it on Saturday German FA Cup Final Their number thus reached 139,000, resulting in a market share of 6.5 percent for everyone and 7.6 percent for young viewers. Dominic Thiem was eliminated in the first round at French Open ServusTV the next day brought in a strength of 11.4 and 13.8 percent (12-49).

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